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The Man Behind The Most Watched Automotive Online Videos Is Back With A New Ride

In '08 and '09, DC Shoes co-founder and now the Monster World Rally Team driver Ken Block released two YouTube videos that became notorious around the world. Block's Gymkhana films mesmerized millions with their rally-style driving around human obstacles and figure-eight drifting. The online clips racked up more than 30 million views and made him a household name.

Online Video Installation

In an effort to demonstrate the cutting-edge, self-tuning attributes of FAST's EZ-EFI, we have produced three short broadband videos that are available on HOT ROD's video player (www.hotrod .com multimedia 02 hot_rod_vid eos index.html) as well as at the HOT ROD YouTube Channel (www hotrodmagazine).

Pioneer Avh Series Head Units

Avh 5300bt

New for 2011 is the AVH range of headunits from Pioneer that bring in-car multimedia to a whole new level thanks to the new App Mode. There are five units in the range the 6300BT and 5300BT single-DIN units and the P4300DV0, 3300BT, and 2300DVD double-DIN units. The 6300, 5300 and 4300 feature 7in screen, while the 3300 and 2300 feature a s.8in screen, and all units are fully motorised and touch-sensitive, making them very slick and easy to use. They have the usual goodies you expect from Pioneer, like a powerful built-in amp, full CD DVD DVX playback and iPod iPhone USB 32GB SD connectivity, but it's the new App Mode that has caused a stir. App Mode combines with the units' iPod iPhone connectivity to allow you to use YouTube, digital TV and radio station sites, and much more, allowing you to check out live TV, listen to radio stations from around the world, and, of course, watch all your favourite YouTube clips. Until now, in-car TV was seen as a luxury, but when you can have...

Lamborghini Gallard0q2352

An unmodified Gallardo will run less than 160 mph in the mile, but Richard Holt's twin-turbocharged Gallardo set the record here last year at 250.1 mph with no advanced safety equipment. He spun out at the end of tha run-just as he did on many earlier runs, so officials required him to install a roll cage this year. They probably saved his life in doing so after crossing he mile narker at 235.2 mph. Holt deployed his parachute. It's hard to tel for sure what happened next, but It appears that the chute forced the twin-turbo, 1900-hp Gallardo sideways and off the track. Once in the dirt, the number UU13 Lambo flipped end-over-end five times, at one point hurtling itself more than twenty feet in tie air. It was caught on video, of course, so you can see it for yourself on YouTube. The Lamborghini disintegrated in the accident, but Holt was uninjured except for a scratch on his thumb. The crashes are bigger in Texas-but thankfully, so is the luck. Even for number 13.

Tech For The Tron

I'm sure that most of us refuse to check our email Twit-VjF tcr Faccbook while waiting at the checkout line gas pump stoplight, but for the small minority out there who indulge in such micro-tasking, BMW brings you the Micropause App. Working with Germany's traffic authorities in efforts to begin adapting smart traffic signals that would allow signal-to-car communication, among many other things, your car could soon know exactly how long you'll be stopped (or paused). Knowing this, your BMW could then launch an appropriate length Micropause App (i.e., a quick game of Pong, a dictated email, a YouTube video) for the given time frame. Say auf wiedersehen to idle time.

Audia6 I First Drive International

A high-speed data connection downloads Google Earth imager)' on to the satnav display so you're actually seeing the terrain you're driving through on the screen in real time. Since the A6 is now also a wireless 'hotspot' on wheels, either through a data-capable SIM card integrated into the vehicle or a user's own mobile phone via bluetooth, you can connect up to eight devices (iPad, iPhones, netbooks, laptops) while on the move. This means passengers can check email, Facebook, Twitter or watch YouTube on their mobile devices.

Testing The Nanny Has Nothing To Do With Kids

Manufacturers have been trying to win back sales from defectors to SUVs and crossovers, Toyota's recent ad campaign for the new Sienna is evidence of that, using YouTube to post videos of the youngish mom and dad, and their Swagger Wagon. And it's a challenge to get buyers to look beyond the stigma associated with minivans as being mommy-mobiles. But for anyone carrying a lot of people- with or without sippy cups the minivan is the quiet champion.

And Teaser Unleashes Next M5

IT'S not all about electric power - BMW is keeping its core customers happy with a new M5, seen here in an official teaser on video sharing website YouTube. Power is expected to come from a 570bhp 4.4-litre V8, which features a pair of turbochargers. It will be the fastest car in BMW's line-up, as there are no plans to build a more potent version of the i8 with a conventional drivetrain. The M5 is set to debut at September's Frankfurt Motor Show, before going on sale in the UK by the end of the year.


Yeah, he's delighted us with his viral video antics in his Subaru rally car. Now, though, Ken Block is with Ford, and he's exceptionally busy in 2010, competing in get this the Rally America championship, the WRC and the X Games. Can it be done We'll just have to see. In the meantime, check out this video for an up close and personal look at his dramatic Ford Fiesta rally car. If we choose your video to run in Revved-Up, we'll send you a Road & Track cap E-mail a YouTube video link or image to RTLetters and be sure to include Revved-Up in the subject line.


Jim Beam Racing boss Dick johnson.asmall man with a big handshake who's been involved with Ford Australia since 1975 - YouTube Dick Johnson, Sierra Cosworth, Bathurst - reckons any number of teams can win. 'We can win,' he says cautiously, 'but we're working to maximise everything-very small adjustments make a big difference these days.'

Figoni Et Falaschi

Ford 1923 Model T, frame-off restoration, 1923 model running gear with 1915 chassis, runs and drives great, 19,500 obo visit YouTube to see car 1923 Model T Speedster by MrCOMMAND-ER576. Pat Hardy, 409-385-8888 TX slh1314 Ford 1923 Model T, frame-off restoration, 1923 model running gear with 1915 chassis, runs and drives great, 19,500 obo visit YouTube to see car 1923 Model T Speedster by MrCOMMAND-ER576. Pat Hardy, 409-385-8888 TX slh1314

Triumph Tr6

Rolls Roys Mobile

Owned by Tampa Bay Buccaneer Mike Alstott. Built by S&S Motorsports of Sarasota. Features a custom build 565CID, 675HP 5 Speed beast with leather interior, power windows, cold A C. Very drivable Less than 500 miles since full frame-off restoration. See video clips at Call (941) 440-8536 for more information.


Valves are opened and closed via a high-pressure oil chamber between the exhaust cam and the intake valve, managed by a solenoid valve connected to an electronic control unit. By varying the amount of oil in the cylinder, the lift and timing of the valve operation can be controlled to suit the driving conditions. The system can even open and close the valves twice in a single stroke. This precise control, independent of engine speed, means that the ECU can tailor the operation of the inlet valve to suit the task. We could go on, but suggest that those with a thirst for more head to YouTube, where you'll find an excellent animation showing the inner workings of the system.

Good Exposure

We're doing something a little different this month, and shining the spotlight on motion pictures instead of static photography. If you're a car enthusiast (obviously) and haven't heard of the video prodigies Andy Sapp and Will Roegge, then you probably haven't heard of YouTube or Vimeo either. Before you embark on your magical trip down Al Gore's information super-highway, peep these frames pulled from their videos. Send your shots to This month's winners receive fresh t-shirts courtesy of

Online Exclusive

Enter PeakBoost of Glendale, AZ who are forced induction crazy to the core. Not only do they offer turbo kits for Hondas and Acuras, they have kits for the EV08 9 X and the S13 14 15 SR20DET. As the prices for AP1 S2000s dipped tantalizingly low, they made movements to get a turbo kit designed for the S2K aswell. After countless hours of R&D, they have unleashed their top-mount turbo kit on the market with high acclaim. A scan of their website shows all of the details of the kit but the real magic happens on YouTube. Their first client is an AP1 owner known as Irish-Flame27 who installed the kit and the results are impressive. With some weaksauce 91 octane fuel Ken Peak tuned the AEM EMS to perfection on the stock engine. When the dust settled, the 2.0L F20C cranked out an impressive 454whp at 14psi. These


If you're interested, enter E-Shift Performance into YouTube and see these monsters in action. They're also continuing to work on the conversion kits - this will provide the major parts to carry out the swap yourself. You will need to send your BMW engine wiring harness to E-Shift, but they'll return it mated to the Supra loom, and will give you tech advice over the phone to help with the installation.

Cruising Madtown

That's why Ford, taking a page from President Barack Obama's campaign strategy, is pitching its European Fiesta directly to Generation Y, with plenty of Twitter and YouTube pages devoted to the cause. And that's why Automobile Magazine's youngest editor yours truly drove the car to Madison, Wisconsin, home of more than 30,000 undergrads, as a way of measuring the truth truthiness, Gen Y'ers say in Ford's claim that it has a legitimate subcompact contender.

The Agreement

Before you run off and try to swamp-buggy race your hired Aveo, take a look at the rental agreement's fine print. The rental agency hands you a sheet of paper stating terms and conditions. You won't read it, but you should. No amount of supplemental insurance coverage will save you if you violate these rules. Some clauses are obvious, such as warnings not to drive while intoxicated. Others are more curious. Driving on unpaved roads, towing or pushing anything, using the vehicle as a gypsy cab, or partaking in a race or speed contest-all of these violate the agreement. Go figure. Also, you cannot with willful disregard allow damage to the car. Now, the term willful disregard is a slippery beast, but if you've spray-painted racing numbers on the doors, you've pretty well sealed your fate. And for the love of all that is good and right, do not post the video of your antics on YouTube. -ma

Oily Bits

Despite this, Derek didn't skimp on the motor. It's a 1776cc Scat engine with dual Weber carbs. Along with the red engine cover, the spotlight is visually on the Yoshimura carbon muffler mounted on tubular Bernie Bergmann headers that were modified for this application. It looks as good as it sounds (see the video at or eurotuner).

Season Review

Typing Pastor Maldonado's name into YouTube reveals a lot of the same stuff you get if you search the site for any driver plying their trade at a fairly high level clips of victories and crashes in roughly equal measure, occasionally accompanied by comments from previous viewers of varyingly skewed judgment.


The power delivery of these early turbo brutes requires patience, as it takes the first 4000 revs for the little five-cylinder to generate enough exhaust-gas flow to spin the huge KKK turbo. From there, the engine lunges to its 7200-rpm redline in a rush that must have been thrilling to the first rally drivers testing it in the forest. The feverish snore of the five-cylinder isn't quite the wailing, backfiring banshee cry of the full race version you can hear on YouTube today, but it's still pretty exciting.

Your First Turbo

Sometimes we have to won-der why anyone is trying to make N A power anymore. We concede that there are a zillion racing rules to prevent power-adders from dominating, and turbos look kinda complicated. But you'll need to get over it. We realized this after getting hooked on watching those turbo small-block guys on YouTube beat the hell out of Vipers and any sportbike jockey willing to risk the road rash. Forget the big cam and loose converter you won't need 'em. You don't even have to wonder how to stash a big-block under the hood or where to cut the blower hole. All you need is a turbo or two to make obscene power, and we're going to show you how to get one.

Inside Mines

Chris Bergemann is never satisfied with his BMWs. In a short time frame, the President of HorsepowerFreaks has broken several milestones of M3 performance. It seems only recently he broke 600hp, then 700hp but this time they should have the record firmed up for a while. This Fortune Magazine's Fast 500 Award-winning company has defined how much horsepower can be extracted from BMW's 3.2L mill. And that number is topped UOOhp HPF has created the highest horsepower kits around and they aren't about to give their competition any hints on how they do it. The competition will just have to spend time and money reverse engineering it if they want to decode the mystery of over 1,000 usable horsepower. Hit up for any number of mind-blowing Horsepower Freaks antics in their ground-breaking E46s.

Scale Smallblock V8

Moyer builds all his scale engines himself at home in Boyds, Washington. It's a hobby he first started in 1964 with a four-cylinder overhead cam design of his own called The Coyotee sic , Moyer even has YouTube video of his latest creation (shown), which sounds pretty much like a hyper-active chainsaw on a rampage. All the parts in the miniature small-block are exquisitely crafted, and apparently work as well as the original full-sized pieces. Moyer also does work for hire, including welding and machining fabrication for prototype development and small-batch production runs.

Autosport Says

Why was it so terrifying Not only was it seriously bumpy, but the white lines all over the roads were like ice and the positioning of some of the walls left many wondering how the track had been signed off. A quick YouTube search for 'DTM Shanghai 2010' will reveal a multitude of crashes from practice and qualifying.

Pinks For The Masses

When the timing gear at Memphis Motorsports Park was taken out of action by rain last September during a production of Pinks All Out, Rich Christensen didn't let that stop him. Thinking on his feet, he decided to run the entire event arm-drop style, with spotters at the finish line holding flags to announce the winner. The improvised format was such a success, Christensen is taking the idea, called ArmDrop Live, on the road for 2009. The ArmDrop Live tour will not be televised like Pinks or Pinks All Out, but it will allow for all kinds of whacky racing, including bikes, mopeds, snowmobiles, and ATVs. Oh yeah, and cars too. Christensen says come on out, and bring your video camera. He expects lots of bragging fodder to end up on YouTube. Interested Check it out on www. Here's the tentative list of dates remaining for the 2009 Arm Drop Live tour

The Sponsorship Game

The recognized desire for enthusiasts to obtain sponsors has even led to spawn business organizations such as Car Sponsorships and Car Sponsors of America. Bob Egizii from Car Sponsors of America says they are very big on the digital sponsor approach, leading the way in online video sponsorships. They are the originators of this new concept and have started transitioning many of their sponsors into this type of sponsorship. The Sponsors are gaining more exposure and better results by having their members promote their product videos across social networks and car related sites, rather than at car shows. Sponsors can now easily track their sponsored members progress and enthusiasts are backing it because they are now able to promote their sponsors from the comfort of their own home, not car shows. Back in the day getting traction for your project at car shows was king, as you could easily rub elbows with potential sponsors and reach thousands of consumers. Today, enthusiasts can...

Hybrid Torture Test

The electric power from the generator is then sent to the A C traction motors located at the front and rear differentials.There are videos that capture the LCV in action. It's intimidating to hear this vehicle go down the racecourse because it sounds like nothing you've heard before. Instead of an engine screaming and struggling to negotiate rough terrain, the LCV just hums along without a change in demeanor.

By Steve Baur

MICKEY THOMPSON Performance Tires & Wheels is proud to announce the launch of a branded online video site MickeyThompson This online video player, produced by PowerTV, is stocked with a variety of video content on Mickey Thompson strip, truck, motorcycle, off-road, and Bonneville racing that includes recent video as well as some vintage

Mickey Thompson

We are very excited to introduce a customized online video player to the friends and fans of Mickey Thompson, says Ken Warner, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels. This new site has been designed and developed with the input we have received from loyal Mickey Thompson fans and racers from around the country. We are very excited to provide a place where race fans, racers, vehicle builders, staff, dealers, installers, friends, and family can connect online and develop a unique Mickey Thompson community. We are looking forward to bringing some really great stuff to our members that they won't be able to find anywhere else. It will be a lot like having the Mickey Thompson version of YouTube

YouTube Saturation

YouTube Saturation

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