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Ron Ayres, chief aerodynamicist to the Bloodhound project replies

Franklin, your query has been passed to me, so I am happy to help.

It would seem that you are doing a simple scaling exercise from Wingfoot express to the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car. If only! You do not mention drag, or the fact that drag coefficient increases significantly when going from sub-sonic to supersonic. That immediately throws out your scaling. You also make no mention of rolling resistance and spray drag. These can make a significant difference, and I am currently researching both of them, with the help of Swansea and Southampton Universities.

Of greater importance, however, is the fact that you cannot scale engine thrust to ever-higher Mach numbers. You can either optimise the engine / intake combination for low speed or for high speed, but not for both. If you are really wealthy (and that rules us out), you can go to the sophistication of a variable geometry intake. That ameliorates the problem to some extent, but certainly does not solve it completely

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