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Where a is this distance from the front axle to the c of g, b is the distance from the rear axle to the c of g and wb is the wheelbase.

Effectively, the stability index components are calculated by multiplying the traction circle radius by the slope of normalised force vs slip angle. With a good tyre model, the traction circle radius is relatively straightforward. However, what do we mean by the normalised force vs slip angle plot and slope? What we mean is the slope of the following curve.

The function fn(a), shown in fig 4, is what we multiply the traction circle radius by to get the current lateral force for a given slip angle All we have to do is to calculate this slope and ensure we do it with slip angles being represented as radians.

My apologies for showing this in degrees but, in my experience, people relate better to degrees than radians. For those of you well versed with Pacjeka, all you need to do to construct the normalised slip curve is divide your force plot by the Du term.

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