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Making a modern version of an iconic racecar is never an easy task, but Chevron seems to have done it with the all-new CR8

t is easy just to resurrect a charismatic name that shares nothing with its predecessor, but director of operations at Chevron, Helen Bashford-Malkie, and the current team understand that indefinable something that is a Chevrcn, and have ensured it can be found in the GR8. Ask any aficionado of the marque and their favourite Chevron will almost certainly be either the B8 or B16 coup├ęs. The GR8 is their spiritual successor. 'We started by thinking we would just make a B8 and update it a little bit; explains Bashford-Malkie. That didn't work out, but you can still see the styling influences. Like the B8, the car is simple, with a spaceframe chassis, but uses considerably less, and modern-sized, tubing. 'We needed to be able to manufacture it quickly,' she says.

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