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BRAKES: Bendix, Treadle-Vac & Delco Moraine power units rebuilt, 53-70, all units complete, disassembled, parts cleaned & inspected, all units pressure tested & vacuum tested to ensure total quality, all work guaranteed. Power Brake Systems, 820 Poinsettia St, Santa Ana, CA 92701, 714-2459800; FAX: 714-245-9269; email: [email protected] BRAKES relined for almost anything, over 25 years' experience, restore your baby with its original parts, built to OEM specifications, heavy duty options available, competitive prices, great warranty, friendly service, call today. Automotive Friction, 800-545-9088, Damascus, OR; www.autofriction.com

BRAKES: power brakes rebuilt, 53-60, 48-hour turnaround. Ed Strain, 6555 44th St, Unit #2006, Pinellas Park, FL 33781, 800-266-1623, 727-521-1597. *25-YR*

BRAKE shoes relined, over 50 years' experience, guaranteed quick service. Antigo Auto Parts, 1025 Fifth Ave, PO Box 140, Antigo, WI 54409, 800-472-0089, 715-623-5128, FAX: 715-623-5018.

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DIY Battery Repair

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