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55-56-57 FORD original wire hub, replated, show quality. 954-772-9966, FL.

FORD 1954 NOS front fenders, excellent, $1,500; 1954 hdtp power windows, complete, $495; can deliver to All Ford. 518-797-3139, NY.

1954-1959 FORD NOS 58 full rims, retractable mufflers left & right, 58 clock, 58 front fender ornament, 58 battery cover, 57-58 polar a/c, steering wheel, 58 waste basket red,

56-59 yellow top coil, 4-barrel carburetor 332-352. Mike, 217-429-1216, IL.

FORD 1965 Galaxie XL complete black interior, plus long armrests, also hood, other parts, Galaxie 500 fender scripts, $175 pr. 914-245-5683, NY.

FORD Galaxie parts: 1961 Starliner back glass, $450; 63 dash, $100; 63 small block manifolds, $50; 61 Victoria trunk lid, $100; other parts. 770-883-8674, AL. FORD aluminum Cobra T10 transmissions: T10L original concours restored, $9,995; T10L new case and tail, $7,995 Shelby GT 350 T10M original main case, new tail, $8,500 new case and tail, $7,995; cast iron close ratio, $3,995 T10M GT 350 type with new case and all new wide ratio gears, $7,995. 920-434-3645, WI; FORD 55-58 die stamped metal fender skirts, like originals, $119. Big Jims, 254-694-5830, FAX: 254-694-6880, TX; website:

FORD 1961-62 Galaxie: original Ford stainless steel fender skirts, stored since 1965, excellent condition, $200 plus shipping. 603-742-5945, NH.

67-72 FORD pickup frame, takes 6' bed, script, sandblasted and painted, $400. 740-323-0232, OH. 292 FORD engine, total remanufactured, nothing spared, as good and looks new, guaranteed, $1,800. 714-321-8546, AR.

1955-56 FORD cruiser fender skirts, 12x60, new, top quality fiberglass, $250 pr. Jeff's Customs, 520-575-8479, AZ; **19-YR**

1957-58 FORD cruiser fender skirts, 12x60, new, top quality fiberglass, $250 pr. Jeff's Customs, 520-575-8479, AZ; **19-YR**

57-58-59 FORD Ranchero gas tank, exc cond, $250 + shipping. 954-772-9966, FL.

;-1964 FORD

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