Ford Deluxe Kingpins

3 -Upgrade 37-48 Ford


SOO 979 Ol 11


SOO 979 Ol 11

nis, 1845 S 48, Lincoln, NE 68506, PH: 402-489-3036, 8 am to 8 pm; **30-YR**

KEYS, lock cylinders, locksmithing, Classic Key Sets. Jesser's Classic Keys, see our ad in Services Offered. 330376-8181, OH; 49-51 LARGE stock shoebox parts. Baxter Ford Parts, 785842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30, KS. **35-YR**

MAC'S Antique Ford Parts has everything you need to buy for your 1932-48 Ford, from new upholstery kits to sheetmetal to a full line of accessories, call for our free 300+ page catalog for your classic auto by mentioning code PTN22. 877-220-8225, NY; or visit us online at: **31-YR**

NOS engine, trans, rear end and chassis parts, large stock of parts. Baxter Ford Parts, 785-842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30, KS. **35-YR**

NOS lock cyl and keys, 51 trunk lock cyl, $40; door, trunk, glovebox, ign. Baxter Ford Parts, 785-842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30, KS. **35-YR**

NOS 41 restored speedo & instrument cluster, 41 pair mint replated lower grilles, original, $275; mint replated grille guards w/stiffeners, $200; NOS 11A7650744A worm gear & bearing for top screw; restored hood center trim; many other nice 41 parts. Baxter Ford Parts, 785-842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30, KS. **35-YR**

NOW available, fuel additive which contains real tetraethyl lead, add 12 oz to 16 gals of 93 octane, will boost to 99.5 leaded; you can achieve up to 103 octane with this product, only adds pennies a gallon to price of pump gas. Jack Podell, 574-232-6430, IN; more information available at: **36-YR** PARTING all models of Ford, 1930s-1980s, excellent body, trim, mechanical, electrical, also many new parts, shipping anywhere, credit cards accepted. Collectors' Choice Auto Parts, 941-923-4514, Sarasota, FL.

PARTING hundreds of old cars and trucks, 1920s to 1950s, mostly Fords and Chevys. 970-686-2926, CO; **23-YR** PARTING 1946 Ford convertible. Mark's 1941-1948 Ford Parts, 607-729-1693, 7-9 am/pm EDT, NY; website:

PARTING Fords 1924-1953, good sheetmetal, good bright-work, 4,000 cars. 208-536-6607, ID. 1942-48 PARTS, large stock of nice original parts, fo-glights, grilles, backup lights, speedometers, gauges, clocks, horn rings, trim, door latches w/regulators, all mechanical parts. Baxter Ford Parts, 785-842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30, KS. **35-YR**

1934 PARTS, restored speedometers, gauges, dual-temp gauges, steering lock assemblies. Baxter Ford Parts, 785842-9256 weekdays 9-5:30, KS. **35-YR**

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