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CARTOUCHE Classic Ford Upholstery is looking for authorized dealers and upholstery installers, if you've been looking for a source for 1909-50s auto upholstery, call the wholesale division at Cartouche, 877-470-1557, NY; or for details, visit our dedicated dealer website at: **31-YR**

COMPLETE 1930 transmission including driveshaft, $400. 508-430-2996, MA.

COMPLETE Model A catalog, $2.50. Battlefield Antique, 5054 S Broadview, Battlefield, MO 65619, PH: 417-8827923; [email protected]

COVERS: car cover inventory closeout, 100s below cost, $50-$125; special orders guaranteed lowest price, custom tailored, 8 fabrics, 67,000 patterns. 800-854-4770, CA; [email protected];

FORD Model A parts, call with your needs, too numerous to list. 814-541-8539, PA.

1913-1931 FORD upholstery interior kits, tops, carpet, springs, everything you need for show quality. 866-6696604, 763-786-9048 shop, MN; [email protected];

CRANKSHAFTS: brand new forged 4340 nontwist steel counterbalanced for 1928-31 Model A engines, precision machined and ground, balanced, ready to install, $950. [email protected];

Serving The MODEL A FORD

Restorer With Quality Parts Since 1977

Send For a FREE 197-Page Illustrated Parts Catalog For 1928-31 Fords

1606 Back Acre Circle Mount Airy, MD 21771

Order: 800-255-1929 or 301-829-9880

Fax: 800-774-1930 or 301-829-9881

ENGINE rebuilding, see babbitting ad in Services Offered. The Babbitt Pot.

ENGINE rebuilding: Model A, T, V8, etc, babbitting, line boring, computerized balancing, unleaded conversions, cracks repaired by metal stitching, all aspects of engine rebuilding. Fully equipped facility, unsurpassed quality. J&M Machine, 40 Mt Vickery Rd, Southborough, MA 01772, PH: 508-460-0733; ENGINES: 28-34 Model A&B engines, rebuilt, in stock, outright or exchange. 319-361-3424, IA. ENGINE rebuilding: Model T, A, B & V8 Fords, rebab-bitting, precision line boring, rebuild Model A steering boxes, rear differential, transmission, cast iron brake drum conversion, total running gear restorations, coun-terweighted crankshaft, lightened flywheel, custom performance work, exchange engines available. Ora Landis, Schwalm's Babbitted Bearings, 332 Georgetown Rd, Strasburg, PA 17579, PH: 717-687-6976, FAX: 717-687-6977;

ENGINE rebuilding inserted Model A engines touring or stock, rebuild yours or exchange. 847-674-6716, Skokie, IL;

FORD Model T enthusiasts around the world know to shop Mac's Antique Auto Parts, to get the most complete catalog of parts for your vintage Ford, call: 877-220-8225 today, NY; or visit us online to shop over 4,000 Model T parts at: (mention code PTN20). **31-YR**

FORD paints 1926-80, acrylic, enamel and lacquer, world's largest automotive paint library. Automotive Paints Ultd, 336-599-5155, NC. **30-YR**

FORD, 28-31 Model A parts, good frame, motors, sheetmetal, pickup runningboards, miscellaneous. 719-942-3567, CO. FORD Model A complete set of wood for speedster, new, never used, you have to pick up, priced right. 702-3781492, NV; [email protected]

1930-31 FORD Model A parts: 190-A tagged Victoria slant windshield, no rust ever cowl with gas tank and upper header, $1,000; 1930-31 coupe doors, complete with all parts, no rust ever, $1,000; 1930-31 very good gas tanks, $300 each; nice 19" wheels, $125 each; 1930-31 nice original steel coupe fenders, 1 front left, 2 rear, $1,000; have other fenders in fair condition, call; very nice 30-31 original rumble seat decklid, $400; nice 28-29 rear bumper center tube brace, $150. 626-359-2213, CA. 1928-1931 FORD Model A reconditioned, rebuilt tower shift, generators, starters, carburetors, water pumps, distributors, speedometers, rebuilt, no exchange needed, have one of the largest stocks in Nevada, complete chassis, some work done, motor is out ready to build, all parts there, on wheels. 702-378-1492, NV; [email protected]

Nabco 8500

FORD 1906-08 N-R-S rubber floor mat, American made reproduction of original mat, $155 plus shipping. Glenn Rand, 330-416-8352, OH.

FORD T parts: fat man steering wheel; front fender irons, $35 pr; steering columns, doors, firewalls, 21" & 30"x3-1/2" wheels, rims; TT truck parts: cab, rims, flatbed, express box; parting several Ts. 970-686-2926, CO. **23-YR** FORD Model A woody wagons, maple bodies, $5,000. Send $2 for info & pictures to: Pleasantville Mfg Co, 5534 Centralia Hartfield Rd, DeWittville, NY 14728. FORD 1931 coupe, complete running frame, everything except body, all in perfect working order, $6,500. 954-7917288, FL.

^FOUR-TITUDE: Ford Model A & B performance parts:^ I iron Lion Speed Head III is 93 hp; new aluminum Lion I 1IV, dual plug, max hp; Roof 101 Cyclone (F-OHV); Ri- B I ley 2-Port (F-OHV); 5 intake manifolds; the new cast ■ iron Y header kit; hi-speed crank pulleys, front ignition timing cover, 6 side & valve covers, plus many more * new unique parts & assys; also home of the Secrets of ®

I Speed Society's award winning quarterly Secrets Mag- ■ azine: get 18 fabulous back issues of Ford Four-Banger i

I Speed & Sport for $114 p/p; Sign up and get 2 free ■ issues and 10% discount on all parts. Hey, you might as I - well have more fun than the other guys. New free cata- .

log available. Scalded Dog Speed Parts, 513-724-0700, ^OH; [email protected]; or

GAS tank restoration & repair using patented process, one million tanks completed; UPS available. See display ad in Services Offered. Gas Tank Renu, 800-997-3688, MI. GLASS: flat, teens thru 60s, reproduced from original patterns; windshields available, 50s thru 80s; quality service since 1984, call us for a quote. Vintage Glass USA, 800-889-3826, 860-872-0018, CT.

MODEL A and T wood kits; mounting blocks, top and body wood seat; backs and bottoms; truck beds and floorboards; whole kits or parts; over twenty-five years' experience with Model As; call or email for prices. PH: 409-749-0909, TX; email: [email protected]

MODEL A Ford restorations, full or partial, show quality, since 1981, roadsters available. 574-773-7189, IN; visit our website:

MODEL A engine: completely rebuilt and assembled, never driven over 40 mph, mains tightened at 5K miles, approx 7.5K since rebuild, $2,100 plus freight and crate. Harold Pope, 559-730-6652, CA; or email: [email protected]

MODEL A parts: hood, light bar with headlamps, running-boards. A to Z Parts, 928-727-8945, AZ. MODEL A restorers: original style Pyroxilyn cloth fender and gas tank welting, correct head nuts and 300 other original type fasteners, available in kits, catalog $2. Roy Nacewicz Ent, Box 544, Carleton, MI 48117; 734-654-9450; **32-YR**

MODEL A windshield frames, 1928-1931 steel unfinished frames, A400 & cabriolet chromed frames. Gene Bunce, 978-857-9130, 978-897-9418, MA; [email protected]

Model a Tires



475/500-19 & 440/450-21


475/500-19 & 450/475-21

BFG Silvertown

475/500-19 & 440/450-21

HALOGEN bulbs for Model As and other cars, double the light of your old bulbs, 6- & 12-volt, nothing to change, a must if you use your car at night. Bill Hirsch, 800-828-2061, NJ.

HUCKSTER wagon, depot hack, truck box plans and hardware, SASE for brochure. Wagon Works, 213 SW Kline St, Ankeny, IA 50023-2639, 515-964-5085 evenings; email: [email protected]

HALOGEN bulbs for Model As and other cars, double the light of your old bulbs, 6- & 12-volt, nothing to change, a must if you use your car at night. Bill Hirsch, 800-828-2061, NJ.

HUCKSTER wagon, depot hack, truck box plans and hardware, SASE for brochure. Wagon Works, 213 SW Kline St, Ankeny, IA 50023-2639, 515-964-5085 evenings; email: [email protected]

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