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The 7710 was the biggest tractor in the Series 10 range until the introduction of the six-cylinder 116hp 8210 in 1982 which was followed later by the 7910, a six-cylinder 103hp tractor designed with the needs of French farmers in mind and a machine that was never a great seller here in the UK.

Then 1985 saw Ford introduce an uprated version of the Series 10 called the Series 10 Force II which now featured the option of the new Super Q cab and the demise of the Rubik's Cube gearbox in favour of floor-mounted levers with a more logical H shift pattern. This was still very much an evolution of the original 10 Series as was the last incarnation, the Generation III models of 1989. In 1991 the Series 40 Ford tractors appeared based on an all-new design with new cabs, electronics and now under the ownership of the Italian Fiat organisation.

Ford tractors had led the British market since the days of the Fordson Major and the original Series 10 range continued to dominate the tractor sales tables despite that rather nasty transmission layout. Today it is surprising just how many 10 Series models can still be found out there working for a living on farms up and down the British Isles and of course today they

The 10 Series looked different to their predecessors, with redesigned bonnets that included a llftable front nose cone to gain access to the air cleaner.

are becoming something of a collector's item, especially as their numbers grow fewer. Thirty years on and the Series 10 Ford tractors are still at work on farms all over the world - not a bad accolade at all really! ■

The low-profile LP cab was built for Ford by Sekura.

Sekura Cabs

The 4610H was specifically built for use by councils as a highways version of the agricultural tractor - but since then many have found themselves working on farms.

The 72hp 5610 was the smallest four-cylinder tractor in the new range.

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