Tesla Model S

The high-profilo EV buildor novor planned to live off its Roadster sales. The Model S family sedan gets to play the rolo of the make it or-break-it car, and post-IPO Tesla certainly needs a breadwinner. It's scheduled for production in 2012 with 160-, 230-, and 300-mile battery pack options, benson kong

IF YOU HAVE ro haul 10,000 pounds of potatoes, you use a heavy-duty truck. If yon have to fly around a racetrack, yon get yourself a sports car. If you have to take six children to soccer practice, you get a mini van. And if you have to bop around the city running errands that don't require much storage space, Smart would like you to consider its Fortwo Electric Drive. But should you0

Featuring a tiny 40-horsepower, 89-pound-foot traction motor where the internal-combustion engine usually resides, the electric Smart beats walking. It's also faster thar. a Segway and much more weatherproof than a moped. I would go so far as to say that, if you really do keep the battery-powered Fortwo on the streets of a major metropolis, it's a perfectly wonderful ittle city car Yon would own the streets of San Francisco, be the king of Manhattan, or lord of London. However...

Dorothy Parker described Los Angeles as 72 suburbs in search of a city. All humorous insults of my favorite city aside, Parker raises a key point: We have lots of freeways. And when you're not sitting in soul-crushing rush-hour bumper-to-burriper traffic, you're barreling down the 101 at 8C mph or trying to merge cnto the older parts of the 110 from a dead stop. With my foot nearly melded to the Fortwo Electric Drive's floor and the speedometer just crestng 60 kilometers per hour, it struck

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