Mitsubishi Outlander Gt

THE OUTLANDER GT is another value-minded crossover in the garage, this one with Qvo-like personality and styling. It's also one of the very few vehicles on the market today with a tailgate that uses a flipdov/n bottom half-door, making it easy to load gear. But editors are not thrilled with the head unit. Why can't Mitsubishi use knobs? The buttons that are there don't seem well organized. In addition, the iPod system is unpredictable; sometimes it isn't able to reac the iPod, sometimes it takes 15-20 minutes to start playing music, and sometimes it works just fine after about a minute of "reading"—but when you get back in the vehicle after it has been shut off, the system has to start reading all over again.

■ Months/mi in service 11/19,310

■ Unresolved problems None

■ Maintenance cost $255.65 (2-oil change, inspection, rotate tires, replace cabin air filter)

Xjabco-maggi one year anniversary

State College, PA - Jabco-Maggi Motors, Inc. celebrates their one year anniversary this month as a Motor Trend Certified Advantage dealer.

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Magg' Todd Kagg. VP et vatxc-Kaggi. ,o-"*abcc. President ct ,.;bcc-M?ggi and Marty Walsh FasyCs-e

Jabbco-Maggi Motors, Inc. serves the central Pennsylvania area and launched the Motor Trend" Certified Advantage program in March of 2010.

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