Lot No 38846

REG. PRICE $32.99

HAHBUR FREIGHT TOOIS • LIMIT 1 Thh »huM« c(u;<m n ijoot t*i«\#t y Harto' FreigM Tools (reta<l stores, artine 01 M % Cjnnel to attd with any orto? éicoanl ar coopon C«mi ari nM 00 priei pxefcates cam»! be boughl s*M, <r iransterrtf 0'¡olulco»ponnmtbt; order lort\. »• »mai orAv In neu»»* II» umn eise0jf. Valid tnr»j|n (t/tl liai it one caapae pei wdow and Ml Mpaa per 0*1 1 »<x»n«a-*r

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