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THE EXISTENCE of the crs v

Sport Wagon—a brazen, wonderful, and bewildering thing—is a miracle. A manual transmission? Yeah, we got that. Room for the wife, kids, and the groceries, too? You bet.

Tliis 556-horsepcwer Cadillac offers 58 cubic feet of cargo volume with the second row folded, 25 with it up. That's smaller than a Mercedes-Benz E350 Wagon, but the Caddy's power means you can do the same journey twice in the time it takes the Benz to go once.

Maybe three times, actually. Acceleration results suggest the Cadillac doesn't realize (or care) it's carrying 110 pounds more than the Coupe. Sixty mph arrives in 4.2 seconds. Five-and-a-half seconds later, you're doing 100 mph. At 114.4 mph,you pass a quarter mile, a distance that requires 12.5 seconds to Travel.That's 0.2 second slower than the lastV-Coupe we tested, and 0.1 second behind theV-Sedan.

Around our figure eight, the Caddy put down a 25.3-second lap, and average lateral acceleration at 0.91 g. That's 0.2 second behind the last M3 Competition we tested, but the Cadillacs driving experience is something else entirely.

The supercharged mill keeps a frenetic pace, insistent that you always go faster. Dive-bomb the middle pedal and the rotors—15.0 inches up front and 14.7 inches rear—work the Michelin tires for all they're worth. A jab at the steering and the v/agon— the wagon—pounces into the corner like a frenzied terrier. It demands careful throttle control, rewarding you with a slight rotation on corner exit that points you right at the next apex. After a few laps, you exit the car with shaky palms and a sweaty brow You need a deep breath. And then another.

Cadillac is building the CTS-V Wagon to order, and its production will be in the hundreds. For you few insane adopters, one recommendation: Cet a cargo net for the groceries. Five-point harnesses for the kids, too. carlos lago

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