14/20 mpg

C02 emissions

1.20 lb/mile

Total mileage

6431 miles

Average fuel economy

12.2 mpg

Another reason we dig the new QX is its kitchen sink-ness. As in, it has everything.

At some point, you need tc ask yourself how you have survived all these years without second-row footwell courtesy lights. We're not sure, and we're equally unsure how we made it this long without EBD, VDC, TCS, TPMS, VSS, HID, DSW, LDW, LDP, DCA, IBA, FCW, AAFS, or ACCS, to name most of the acronyms our QX56 shipped with. And the around-view monitor is still the coolest trick at the party.

One thing we can live without are its looks. From the A-pillars forward, the QX56 just looks bad. A< associate Web editor Kirill Ojgarov points out, this Infiniti, "looks ungainly from just about every angle. The worst touch are the fpndpr vents, which look like they were picked out of the JC Whitney catalog." Harsh, but quite true. As an experiment I stared at the QX's schno7 for 10 minutes, looking for an attractive angle. There weren't any.

But the big lug's inherent athleticism really surprised us. Executive editor Edward Loh comments, "Steering is unexpectedly responsive, a lot lighter and faster than I'm used to in vehicles this size."Even though it weighs in at 3 tons, it hits 60 mph in 6.1 seconds. Credit the 5.6-liter 400-horse V-8.

We see a year of luxurious and comfortable road trips in the QX's immediate future. Thank the maker that we can write off the gas. ■

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