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EPA CIIY/HWY FUEL KON 21-23 /26-29 ON SALE IN U.S. Currently

EPA CIIY/HWY FUEL KON 21-23 /26-29 ON SALE IN U.S. Currently runs at some obstacles. No, it's no Wrangler, but the Compass isn't a joke anymore, either. ■ scott evans

BASE PRICE_$19,995-$26,695

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Pick One. Just One.

Save Their Life For $250. You'll End Up Smiling Too.

Ming, 6 months, China

Shiva. 1 vear, India

Ming, 6 months, China

Shiva. 1 vear, India

Mol. 13 years, Cambodia

Durgap, 5 years, India

Funmi, 8 years, Nigeria

Mol. 13 years, Cambodia

Salazar, 5 years, Philippines

Durgap, 5 years, India

Funmi, 8 years, Nigeria

Salazar, 5 years, Philippines

Flee cleft surgery which takes as little Your support can provide free treatment as 45 minutes and costs as little as » for poor children with elefts.

$250, can give desperate children not 111250s,,r*rr>- n$12r,Half8,ir,^n- n*r>o Motion*, just a new smile — but a new life.

"...one of the most productive charities — dollar for deed — in the world."

—The New York Times




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Sm i le Train. P.O. Box %211. \\ asliington. DC 20090-6211

Donate online: www.smiletrain.org or call: 1-800-932-9541


According to the U.S. Government, women should ta<e sufficient levels of folic acid <4C0 micrograns/day) during pregnancy to help prevent neural tube defects and reduce the risk for cleft lip and palate. When folic acid is taken one month before conception and throughout the first trimester, it has been proven to reduce the risk for neural tube delects by 50 to 70

per cert. Be sure to receive proper prenatal care, quit smoking and drinking alcohol and follow your health care provider's guidelines for foods to avoid during ef.

jqs; soft cheeses; unpasteurized recognized by the RS, and all donations to Smile Train are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.©2011 Smile Train

Foods to avoid may include 'aw or undercooked seafood, beef, pork or poultry; delicatessen meats; fish that contain hitfi levels of mercury; smoked seafood; fish exposed to industrial" polluants; raw shellfish or eggs: soft cheeses; unpasteurized milk; pâté; caffeine; and unwashed vegetables. For more information, visit www.SmileTrain.org. Smile train is a 501 (c)(3) norprofit

(newcomers) subaru forester 2.5x touring

new heart, same character

Can the littlest Subie wagon regain its luster?

SOON after the highly revised 2009 Subaru Forester arrived in 2008, it took top honors in our Frugal Five comparison. A few months later, we crowned it our 2009 Sport/Utility of the Year.

Last year, however, its luster began to wane. We again compared the Forester against other cute-utes, and it finished dead last. Why? In a nutshell, we were disappointed with its less-than-frugal powertrain, composed of a languid 170-horsepower, 25 liter flat-four and archaic four-speed automatic.

Fast-forward two years, and a new, naturally aspirated flat-four cylinder motivates our top-tier

25X Touring, though it still has a four-speed auto. At 2498 cc (versus the older 2457 cc), the boxer is truer to its 2.5-liter-displacement designation. Bore shrinks and stroke grows, while compression increases to 10.5:1 (from 10.2:1) and an overhead camshaft is added. (Both cams are driven by chains rather than belts.)

The result is a 170-horse engine with 174 pound-feet of torque (available at 4100 rpm rather than 4400 rpm) that returns an EPA-rated 21 mpg city/27 mpg highway for automatic and manual gearboxes; up 1 mpg riry/highway

Around town, the non-turbo mill offers plenty of smooth pull,

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