Honda Accord Crosstour

WHILE NOT the most exciting vehicle, it's a good crossover alternative. Testing director Kirn Reynolds logs,"This car's only problem is its design—specifically, exterior design. It's amazing that, when many manufacturers can only dream of building cars of I londa's quality and excellence, Honda is struggling. For damn sake, Honda, hire designers!"

The wagon that isn't a wagon went in for service at a little over 17,000 miles. The dealership changed the oil, drained and refilled the rear differential fluid, checked all major fluids, rotated the tires, and checked tire pressures. We'd noted a shimmy while braking, the techs determined the best thing to do was replace the front pads and resurface the rotors.

■ Unresolved problems None

■ Maintenance cost $288.83 (2-oil change, inspection, rotate lires, plus 1-replace rear differential fluid)

■ Normal-wear cost $225.92 (replace front brake pads, resurface front brake rotors)

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