Even in complete and utter darkness, you can't take your eyes off it.

Night it's the great equalizer. One car blends into the next. Which is why when we designed the new A8, we started witi the very first thing you see. Its LED headlights not only demand your full attention, they are also the closest re-creation to daylight of any car on the road* Not to mention the most efficient* See how the rest of the A8 will demand your attention at The new Audi A8 is here.

Luxury has progressed.

•Based on brightness comparison to the sun and 5,500 K burning température rLED lights .-re more efficient than standard xenon lights hased on light* emitting diodes for all light functions. Full LED headlights ore an optional upgrade "Audi." "A8/ the Audi Sing.leframe grille design, aid the four rings and Audi emblems are registered trademarks of AUDI AG. "Tf-uth in Engineering" is <y registered I rademark of Audi of America, Ire. ©2010 Audi of Anierica, Iru

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