Ferrari 599gtb Fiorano Successor

Following the 612's replacement is a new GT coupe to succeed the current 599GTB. Further removed from the 612's successor, performance could eclipse the 599 GTO's. The basic layout remains, with a front-mounted V-12, aluminum structure, and two seats, though a dual-clutch gearbox will be added. Expect a 2012 debut, rory jurnecka

THE LIGHTS ARE back on and factory floors arĀ© buzzing Hot metal is pouring out of car companies that are leaner, greener, and meaner than ever. We've driven many of their offerings, tested a fev\i and looked ahead to the next 18 months for the rest .What's now? What's next? It all starts right here...

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to my left. That's right, baby, AWD burnout.

Welcome to the world of electric snpercars True, the STS AMG Fl-Gell is still a few years from mass consumption. Er, a couple years from the very wealthiest kings of Europe being able to afford its probable $500 000 price tag when it goes into production come 2013. Still, if the thuggishly fast E-Cell is any indication, driving enthusiasts have little to fear from the eventual, inevitable demise of the inter rial-combustion engine, an occurrence Mercedes-Benz predicts will mostly take place by 2050.The future,like this 155-mph fluorescent electric supercar, looks bright, jonny lieberman

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