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Break the 200MPH barrier at World Class Driving's 200MPH Challenge event. You'll reach speeds of 1 football field per second: a rare accomplishment normally reserved for professional drivers. We'll equip you with a private airstrip, a selection of supercars, and personal coaching. Turn your dream into reality.

Become a member of the 200MPH club at select dates and locations in 2011.

Learn more at or call (877) 979-3748

World Class Driving offers the world's top selling supercar driving events. Our collection includes models from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Audi, Mercedes-Benz McLaren and more. Life is short. Just drive.

Release: StoreMags & Fantamag. Magazines for All

Release: StoreMags & Fantamag. Magazines for All what Matters to You ?

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Today, America needs fresh leadership io lead us as a nation out of this economic crisis. Leadership must come not only from our political leaders but also from the average citizen. The exporting of American jobs is a trend that must be stopped and reversed When 1 walk into my local hardware store, I typically find 85% of the goods for sale are manufactured 7,000 miles away. Recognizable American brands have been forced by shortsighted management and buyers at large national chains to build factories overseas just to save a lousy S.50 on a tape measure. To these ruthless buyers, it is all about the money. Rarely are product quality, the political system, human rights, animal rights and environmental costs to the planet considered, not to mention the cost to our society of exporting not only jobs, but an entire factory!

At MacNeil Automotive, we are doing our part for the American economy and for our 300 million fellow citizens and neighbors. My philosophy is that if my neighbor doesn't have a job, sooner or later I won't have a job either. For example, we used to have our All-Weather Floor Mats manufactured in England by a company that used antiquated, inefficient equipment. They made a decent floor mat for us, but we thought we could build a better floor mat for our customers using modern American technology, American raw materials and skilled American workers. So in 2007 we transferred all of our (loor mat manufacturing back to the United States. Today, we build the best fitting, highest quality automotive floor mats in the world, right here in America.

Our machine shop is equipped with 17 CNCi machining centers including four 4 axis mills and one'5 axis milWhat produce between 30 tfo.50. injection and therqioforming molds per month.,We have opeshift of highly "skilled American Journeymen • toolmakers and apprentices, but our machines run ^ f *■ '"24'houis a day/7 da^s a week. There is not a more x -

Our New American Factory

Furthermore, all of our CNC mills are manufaetured in Oxnard, CA by Haas. Our 1,000 ton injection molding machines are made in Bolton, Ontario of American and Canadian components. Our thermoforming machinery is made in Carol Stream, IL. The raw steel and aluminum billets which make lip our tooling are sourced from American steel and aluminum mills such as Vista Metals in Fontana, CA. The raw materials that make up our All-Weather Floor Mats, FloorLiners, Cargo Liners and Mud Flaps are manufactured in Bellevue OH, Arlington TX. Wichita KS and Jasper TN. Our forklifts are made in Columbus IN and Greene NY. Our warehouse racking is manufactured in Tatamy PA.

At MacNeil Automotive, we are also very aware of sustainability and our responsibility to the environment. We are proactive in controlling waste and recycling all of the unused raw materials from the manufacture of our tooling and products including: aluminum, steel, rubber. TPO, TPE, paper and cardboard.

As you can, see. we are as dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing the finest automotive accessories for our consumer and OEM clients as we are passionate about supporting the American economy, preserving the American industrial infrastructure, and keeping the "money" in our family, a family of 300 million people from all over America.

Life is simple; be good to your fellow man. be kind to animals and the environment, and place building a quality product, supporting your country and your fellow American worker before profit. And, one last thing - let's all do our best to balance family time with work time as our children are the future of America.

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