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seven years, all of which were Chrysler Town & Countrys. This June, my company changed to Toyota and I received my first Sienna. Now after 5 months and 20,000 miles, I can tell you the Toyota is hands-dcwn a better vehicle. Not only does the V-6 outperform the Chrysler's mill; the overall fit, finish, and handling remind me of my 1991 LS 400 I had to sell after we went to company cars 10 years ago. I knew the Sienna was the real deal when my teenage boys told me my "swagger wagon" was cool. I hadn't heard that in 10 years. Even my wife, a Land Cruiser owner who won't drive a minivan because she says they are "water heaters with wheels" (everyone has to have one but nobody gets real excited), now will opt for the van when she goes out. Jim Day Via the Internet

Your review and evaluation of the Dodge Caravan is unfair. Your were comparing last year's Dodge with the new Honda and Toyota. Your comparison could have waited until the new Dodge was available. As a longtime owner of a Caravan, I know it to be a terrific value and a rugged, dependable car. It also is affordable to when compared with the price of the other two. Jim Gardner Palmdale, California Jusi think about how perfectly the Dodge is set up for a triumphant comeback in "Family (Haulers) Feud 2, Minivan Boogaloo!"—Ed. ■

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This dynamomeser test result is just one example of what can happen with a K&N High-Flow Air Filter™ that is designed to help your car breathe easier. Actual results will vary, but we design all our reusable cotton air filters to last for the life of your car and improve engine performance.

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* This is He result of one dynamometer test comparing horsepower at the wheels when changing iron an OEM air filler to a K&N air filter for the vehicle listed. It is not meant to be representative of all our part numbers. Resilts wil vary.

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