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Dirty Tricks Of The Used Car Salesman

Any moons ago as a naive young articled clerk, I went to a used car dealership in Eloff Street Extension and purchased my first dream car. The salesman must have seen me coming from a mile away and he took me to the cleaners and back. In fact, this salesman (Tony, if I recall correctly) couldn't lay straight in bed even if he tried.

The Hardest Part About Keeping It In The Family Is Making It Look Right

Economics, however, stood in the way Even though it was the lowest-priced V-12 on the market, a Zephyr cost more than twice a new Ford sedan, and besides, most hot rods at the time were put together from junkyard parts and used cars. Typical hot rodders couldn't get their hands on a Zephyr V-12, and besides, its reputation for sluggishness and unreliability couldn't easily be cured with speed parts a V-8, on the other hand, could be made to perform just as well as a V-12 with a plethora of speed parts.

Specialty Market Support

Old bangers, were actually well-maintained legitimate collector cars and trucks *or which owners were given a fraction of their true value to put towards the cost of a new car. Thanks to persistent lobbying by the SAN and it's members, cars more than 25 years-old were exempted from the programme, but still, a sizeable number of decent future collectibles and solid project cars were lost, while essentially nothing was gained, save for a short term spike in new car sales, that is now all but forgotten.

Older Cars At Dealers

Glass's is urging more franchised car dealers to sell vehicles that have higher mileages and are more than three years old in order to combat the anticipated dramatic reduction in used car supply over the next 12 months. The company suggests there will be two million fewer used cars aged between one and five years in general use this year compared with 2008. Competition for stock is bound to intensify, added Rushmore 'It will be important to nurture those fleet contacts and ask for first refusal when cars are changed. Also, a dealer's own database of customers could be a valuable source of used cars. It would be far easier to gain the attention of a customer if the telephone conversation started Would you consider selling your car rather than Would you be interested in buying a car

Premium Solutions From Carnation

Irwo veats since Jagdish Kharrarset our on his initiarive-Camarion, .1 multibrand service outlet. Over these short years, the company has managed to achieve a great deal and move on from ust service to providing a host of additional services including car customization, pre-owned car and new car sales as well as sorting up an extensive accessories division as well In the latest development. Carnation Auto in collaboration with Magneti Marelli After Market division, has now announced the launch of Auto Premio Solutions-i sen ice solution lot premium vehicles.

Had My Kids Shown Any Interest

You see, Japanese brands are considering moving the production of some of the biggest-selling cars on the New Zealand market to the south-east Asian kingdom. Most of Honda New Zealand's range already hails from there, and it's looking increasingly likely that the production of the Toyota Corolla and Suzuki Swift will also shift to new factories amongst Thailand's rice paddies. These will join Ford NZ's and Mazda NZ's compact cars as other Thai-made products. Already, the Fiesta and Mazda2 superminis have made the shift, but when Ford fires up the Thai production line of a brand-new factory for Focus, it's a safe bet

As Time Marches Inexorably Towards

While the goal back then wasn't that audacious, no pun intended, a whole mess of data suggests the car maker is actually faring well on the numbers game, too, including in China, where it is has traditionally dominated luxury-car sales and continues to gain ground, recently selling over 20,000 units per month for the first time on record. Annualized global sales are back above the million mark (the aim is for 1.5 million units by 2015) and are up by more than 20 cent compared with 2009, doubtless aided by the launch of new product - 12 models this year - including Audi's first luxury coup , the A7 Sportback, which we have just driven in Sardinia. Other newcomers include the Ai, A8 and RS5.

State Of The Nation

Everything takes an extra year to filter into motorsport because of contracts and everything, and the effects are now clear for everyone to see, he says. But I think that what we've seen since the start of the year are signs of recovery. Car sales are already starting to pick up again and motorsport will follow.

Hyundai Continues To Do Good Things In

Marketplace, where it currently sits in fourth place in the new-car sales race, having overtaken Mazda. Will it be number one by 2014, as was recently predicted Well, we're not entirely sure about that, old chap, but it's certainly a brand that continues to impress with the advances it makes with each new product.

Switching Off The Lights At Newport Pagnell

There was a family feeling at Newport Pagnell, built up by the hand-to-mouth way the company was run over the years. 'Victor Gauntlett was an incredible character. He always made it clear that we were at motor shows to sell cars and keep people in work, not just to have a presence. We worked very closely with the banks. And we always asked dealers to bank deposits from customers before 2.30pm on a Friday because we had to pay the workforce on Tuesday. It was a bit of a rollercoaster.

Key Indicators October 2010

As confirmation, car finance approval rates are on the upswing, according to TransUnion Auto Information Solutions chief exec Mike van Hone. Approval rates more than doubled since the barrel-scraping 15 in 2008 9to settle at around 30 , though this is off the previous 50 peak. Provisions of the 2007 National Credit Act mean affordability is also being assured in the right instances, with 15-20 of all contracts opting for terms of 72 months, adds Van Hone. Another spur to the new sector has been the closing value gap against used cars, a result of there being higher demand than supply.

Let Us Help You Find A Preowned Performance Bargain

Vehicles are sourced from a wide range of suppliers, providing the best chance of finding the right car. You'll get a full description of the vehicle, including the price, spec and history. If you're interested in viewing, Car Finder can arrange the necessary introductons.

Mercury Convertible Sold At

Avon blue with blue top over blue two-tone leather and vinyl interior. 112-hp, 255-cubic-inch V-8 three-speed manual. Power top and windows. Fully restored with excellent paint, brightwork, and interior. One of6759 '51 Mercury convertibles. The 1949 to 1951 Merc was a favorite of many customizers few escaped some sort of modification when they became inexpensive used cars in the late 1950s. This appears to be one that didn't

Count On Performance Online

In the winter of 2009,1 decided to change the car up instead of buying a new one , I did the five-speed install and changed the interior and the exterior color. I did all the work with my dad except the interior. But it was a fun project to work on with my dad again. Now I want to enjoy track days and autocrosses. I did the 2010 Motor State Challenge at Gingerman, Paul declares. Both men were adamant about beginning with an unblemished tub, thus saving thousands (hours as well as loot) in rebuilding the body. The Nova was a native of Fresno, California, via an Arkansas muscle car dealer, so Paul began to steer the project into a niche in his mind's eye. Do the unexpected and do it with flair and with substance. Use the props provided and encourage them to speak in strong, unadulterated tones.

Hmn Show Coverage

Noted collector-car dealer Mark Hyman displayed his Baver Craft, a replica of an outlandish prototype produced for the USGS by Henry Baverstock. The runabout was built by Baverstock's grandson from the original plans and completed in the early 2000s. It features hand-formed copper and brass, although a quiet, modern four-stroke 9.8hp engine lies beneath the Captain Nemo engine cowling. Noted collector-car dealer Mark Hyman displayed his Baver Craft, a replica of an outlandish prototype produced for the USGS by Henry Baverstock. The runabout was built by Baverstock's grandson from the original plans and completed in the early 2000s. It features hand-formed copper and brass, although a quiet, modern four-stroke 9.8hp engine lies beneath the Captain Nemo engine cowling.

At Mercury Motorsport

I We specialise in Classic Car Sales Servicing and Restoration, in particular Classic Fords. Whether its an MOT and service your looking for or a full restoration of your own car. We also offer a Build To Order service where we will source and build a classic car to your specification, be it for road, track or show, j Have a browse of our website listed below and give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Story Behindthis Bike

So what is a Japanese home market bike doing in Ireland you might wonder Well, owner Michael Coreless fell on the bike via a guy who imported Japanese machines into Ireland and the GR just happened to be in a container of bikes newly arrived. Car dealer Michael bought the bike as it was and it spent nearly two decades as the starting point for the Coreless children's motorcycling career. The bike remained faultless and ran like a watch starting pretty much first kick but as the kids had all grown up the little fella was doing nothing and slowly going off. It was decided to have the bike restored back to its original glory and it'll now sit in the owner's collection of the Japanese muscle bikes, Bimotas and strokers that all tick the right boxes for Michael.

Trade Advertisers Read Me

These free listings are for private advertisers who want to sell their cars or parts. Any firms or dealers out there who want to sell cars, parts or anything else, you need to get in touch with the Total Vauxhall advertisirg sales team on 01225 442244 and they'll do you a great deal.

Andy Douglas Hall Of Fame Lowrider Magazine

Andy Douglas Low Rider San Jose

I was still in high school, and a guy came up to me and asked how much I wanted for the Impala, says Andy, who ultimately responded, it's not for sale. Later, the guy comes back with 10,000, and I was like 'you can have it ' After selling the first car that he had fixed up, Andy decided to get a '52 Chevy truck, and restore it the same way. Same thing happened, a guy came up to me and bought my truck, he says with astonishment. I was living in the East Side of San Jose, where nobody had money, but these kids were coming up to me with money to buy my cars, he says, still in shock. I would have to say that with the money I got from building and selling cars, I started my business.

Route 66 Ripoff

Corvette's theft just after 3 p.m. on Sept. 11. The car was spotted, but heavy traffic prevented a traffic stop. For public safety, the pursuit car shut off its lights and siren. The Corvette ended up smashing into two pedestrians and a retaining wall at a former car dealership on East Route 66. It burst into flames upon impact and was a total loss.

Mulus Package

I really hate selling cars, since no matter how big a pain in the neck one might have been, I still grow attached to it like a new puppy and shed a tear watching it drive away with someone else's name on the tide. There's a reason I buy them in the first place. They all have such potential, and the eagerness with which I fantasize about the project outcome is often overrun by a lack of time, money, or motivation to actually do anything with them. The Mustang, however, was one of the cars that got built, and done nicely, and here I was showing it to some dude who, if he bought it, was going to ship it to Germany. That's probably for the best, since I would hate seeing it around.

Hilton Holloway

New car sales fell by 11.5 per cent in January, compared with the same time last year. The decline was in line with the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders' forecast and, in part, reflects the loss of the scrappage incentive scheme. New car sales fell by 11.5 per cent in January, compared with the same time last year. The decline was in line with the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders' forecast and, in part, reflects the loss of the scrappage incentive scheme.


Thafs a big jump on the 7m cars Volkswagen Group is expected to sell in 2010, with an operating margin above 5 for the first nine months of the year. But analysts preoict Toyota will still shift 7.38m cars and improve its profitability over 200S, even in its annus horribilis. Why is Winterkorn so confident Because VW Group is positioned to replicate its homegrown success on a global level. China has become the world's biggest car market - and VW is its number one player. The company has sold 1.48m cars in China so far this year not far off total UK new car sales in 2010


Designed at the Alfa Romeo Style Centre, the Giulietta has been developed to beat the best in what is known within the industry as the C segment, a class that accounts for the second largest volume of new car sales in South Africa. Initially, three models are being offered, each with a distinct character and featuring some of the most up-to-date automotive technology available today. All of the engines are turbocharged petrol


Renault, has a significant interest in the development of electric vehicles, though these are not expected to play any role in New Zealand until at least 2012, That said, the roll-out depends somewhat on peak oil. There are around 600 million cars on the planet at present, and 70 million are added each year. With Chinese and Indian vehicle growth expanding rapidly - in the first quarter, new-car sales in the former totalled in excess of 1 million - experts suggest that surplus oil production capacity could disappear within two years, and some scaremongers are predicting a shortfall of 10 million barrels per day by 2015. The upshot The price of oil is only going in one direction over the next few years, and folk will therefore be considering their options.

Thai Style

The base model Neo has the full airbag choice as a 400 option and when asked by the assembled media why Mazda had not taken the opportunity to fit the same airbags. which result in a 5 star ANCAP crash rating, across the range, the perhaps overly-honest MD replied, We are in the business of selling cars, not making safety statements.

Get out there

Vermeulen said total industry reported car sales increased by 33.6 to 76 140 units in the second quarter from 56 959 new cars sold during the corresponding quarter last year, while total commercial vehicle sales improved by 23 to 38 655 units from 31 420 units in the same period.

Goodwood Bonanza

The American brand which has begun selling cars in Europe wants to reconnect with the masses with some high voltage stuff. Both of its US-built supercars, the Corvette ZR1 and Camaro were seen running in the event's Moving Motorshow and also in the supercar run up Goodwood's famous hillclimb circuit. The presence of the ZR-1 marks an emotional return for the long established Corvette name to

Taxi Tough

RON SHERMAN'S grandfather started what would become Midtown Operating Corp. back in the 1940s when he and some high-school friends invested in six New York City taxi medallions, those metal plaques that officially designate a cab as street-hailable. Sherman got into the business with his dad in the 1970s after doing time in construction and used-car sales. This makes Sherman's 23-year-old daughter, Danielle an NYU economics grad and the company's current VP a fourth-generation hack. We didn't even realize that, Sherman says, beaming at her in their shared office at Midtown's Queens headquarters, until someone pointed it out.

Ann Arbor

Before we set sail, a quick recap of Taurus history might be helpful. With its debut in 1986, this nameplate brought aero design to the masses. The Taurus topped the car sales charts for five years starting in 1992, but the egg-shaped design that arrived for 1996 was less palatable. By the end of its second decade, Ford's bull had lost its snort and was consigned to rental fleets. Following a brief hiatus, the nameplate resurfaced on face-lifted Five Hundred sedans and Freestyle crossovers for the 2008 model year. Finally getting its act together, Ford has buried the Taurus X (n e Freestyle) and most of the baggage from the misbegotten Five Hundred era to launch the 2010 Taurus, which hits the streets late this summer, followed by a twin-turbo Taurus SHO.

Trade Talk

According to a study by Carfax (a US-based company that tracks a vehicle's history), at least 1.4 million used cars in that country that were recalled but not repaired, were for sale in 2009. It warns that used car shoppers should exhaust all resources to identify open recalls and have them fixed by franchise dealers, and reminds drivers that recall repairs are free.


Trade-in values for used cars are likely to rise slightly during early 2011, the trade watchers at CAP have predicted. A scarcity of stock caused by the recovery of the used car market in general, and the increasing popularity of car auctions specifically, should make it really pay to shop around for a good price for your secondhand car. Great news for anyone trading in a used car for new who's prepared to drive a hard bargain.

Web slinger

There's no question that there are few cars on the scene that can match this vehicle's loud graphics, paint, and engine modifications. From the Euphoric Designs vinyl, S15 front end and custom PJ Bonafacio paint - Richard Tang's 1991 Nissan 240SX fills the 'attention-getter' image perfectly. You might recognize the cobweb graphics and metallic red hue as the unmistakable trademark of Kazama demo vehicles. Kazama Auto started off as a used car dealer that quickly gained notoriety in the tuning circles for producing badass suspension parts found on the top drift machines competing at the professional level. Tang knew thai everyone and their mom was jumping on this so-called drifting bandwagon , but set himself apart with his Kazama themed racer.


Timing is key to getting the most from your part-ex, according to used car gum Jeff Paterson. It's crucial to understand how the ebb and flow of part-exchange vehicles can affect values at certain times of the year, he said. In March and September, new car sales will generate lots of part-exchange vehicles, and these generally arrive on the used market a few weeks later. During this time, it can be a challenge to make your car stand out among a sea of similar models. Tony Treble from Pattingham, Staffs, is no stranger to selling cars privately, although he wouldn't necessarily


Terry keys Independent Ferrari Specialist Based at Silverstone Race Circuit for all your Ferrari needs, including servicing, parts and car sales and of course ''friendly advice''. 28 years experience working and feltling Ferrari's. Cars also wanted to buy. Please contact 01327 857368 or 07834 773081

Although Yeartodate

Sales are still 14 per cent ahead of where they were this time last year, the month of July was a slow one for the new-car market. Passenger-car sales of 4446 were down 27 units on July last year but commercials remained strong, with 1551 registrations representing 11 per cent growth on July 2009.

Aston Martin

Terry keys Independent Ferrari Specialist Based at Silverstone Race Circuit for all your Ferrari needs, including servicing, parts and car sales and of course friendly advice''. 28 years experience working and feltling Ferrari's. Cars also wanted to buy. Please contact 01327 857368 or 07834 773081


AVID car collector selling cars from private collection, cars are frame-off or original, all are serviced and road or show ready, all garage kept, well maintained and only gently driven, documentation 1965 Rambler 990 Ambassador frame-off, stunning & fast 1977 Corvette L-85, 7,000 original miles, a knockout 1978 Cadillac Seville, 36K original miles, fuel injection, 1992 Lexus SC400, 2nd owner, 92 Motor Trend Car of the Year 1993 Buick Roadmaster wagon, 41K original miles, great on road trips & gas mileage please call for an appointment, serious inquiries only. 540-740-4091, VA.

Ford Fairlane Rcode

FORD 1992 Crown Victoria 4-dr luxury sedan, VIN 2FACP74WXNX199363, immaculate 1 lady owner, new car dealership trade in, all leather, just turned 100,000 miles, custom wheels, white with burgundy interior, absolutely showroom, never driven in winters, 4,500. 216-475-2991, OH.

Eclectic Expands

New hands on deck ECLECTIC CARS has expanded, with new staff and a photo studio plus workshops at Weston-on-the-Green, Oxfordshire. Sid Smith joins, and Richard Percival shares buying with Stuart Kilvington, while the fully commissioned studio keeps up its reputation for clear photography (it's for hire too). Oh, and they still sell cars. Visit www.eclecticcars. for more information.

Bentley Orlando

Blue Velvet over Moccasin Starlight Headliner, Front and Rear Camera, Ipod Integration, 324,887. Founded in 1976, EuroMotorcars Rolls-Royce is the Washington, D.C. area's premier imported car dealership and sells new and pre-owned Rolls-Royce vehicles. R09006 Contact Gil Hofheimer at (888) 208-0635. 2006 ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM. Black Kirsch over Moccasin 168,767. Founded in 1976, EuroMotorcars Rolls-Royce is the Washington, D.C. area's premier imported car dealership and sells new and pre-owned Rolls-Royce vehicles. R08009A Contact Gil Hofheimer at (888) 208-0635.

Ami Nz Autocar COTY

The red ink flowed and axes were swung as car makers dealt with bankruptcy, failed takeover bids, recall woes and plummeting sales. This year, while the industry is showing signs of recovery, things are still not as rosy as they could be. Yes, car sales are up, but not to pre-slump highs. And while the development of new products has been a continuing focus for the industry, some projects have been delayed and others scaled back.

Used C

We can expect used car prices to keep falling, mainly because of improved supply. Used vehicle shortages are not as drastic as they were six months ago. Historically, used car price inflation lags new car price inflation.The used entry-level segment of the market s under the most pressure from new car competition, because consumers have a mind-boggling choice of cars available to them. Higher up the price ladder the credit situation has had less of an impact on wealthy customers. Most of the major car rental companies are owned by groups with their own dealer distribution channels.The typical small independent used car dealer is still under huge pressure to secure inventory.

An Ambitious Start

The new car market is doing quite well, thank you, but be wary of those tricky used car salesmen Meyer Benjamin has been successfully active in the South African used car market for his entire professional life. He was the founder and owner of Rand Stadium Toyota (one of the biggest Toyota dealerships in the country) in 1980 and sold his interests in 1999, but stayed on as managing director until 2006. Currently he owns a new car dealership (Suzuki) and has joined the iPop pre-owned car franchise. TWO months into 2011 and it looks like the new vehicle market has started the year revving strongly with sales showing growth of more than 24 per cent, which reflects a three-year high. However, used car sales are on the back foot and merely plodding along. The knock-on effect is that used car prices are going to drop by at least eight per cent - and quickly, too. Clearly, trade-ins will be equally affected. A used car dealer or rental company with, let's say, inventory of R10 million in the...

Secondhand Gems

Point being, these are highdollar, niche vehicles for a continually shrinking slice of the automotive pie. It's hard to justify more than 50,000 for a used vehicle that's not an investment or a specialty weekender, so that's where we'll set our price point. A performance benchmark of 400 horsepower should deliver plenty of straight-line thrust, and with the filters in place we find three well-qualified candidates to vie

Business Opps

Enjoy financial security and tax benefits helping clients buy new & used vehicles. Financing and leasing, handle consignment sales. Aftermarket accessories, w no inventory. Internet supported, local & nationwide. F T or P T, full support. START UP, HOME BASED OR ADD TO AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESS. Unlimited income potential. Free information package infbpack.htm or call 24hrs. 800-676-4527

Or Email Your Ad

These free listings are for private advertisers who want to sell their cars or parts. Any firms Of dealers out there who want to sell cars, parts or anything else, you need to get in touch with the Total Vauxhall advertising sales team on 01225 442244 and they'll do you a great deal.

The Sa Market

The purchasing and ownership experiences will be very different for the Joule. We know what people don't like about the traditional car buying exercise and can address some of those. There will be no car sales people, no having to drive into a quasi-industrial area to test drive, no service hassles. You will be able to buy the Joule online or even in Sandton City mall - because it is a zero-emission vehicle, it can go into shopping malls. And when required, the vehicle will be collected from your house. We know we need to give people lots of value.


Analysis of the eNaTIS and new car sales statistics highlight the fact that of a live population of 5.5 million cars and 1.9 million LDV's, over 6 million are older than 3 years. (eNaTIS June 2010 statistics) Furthermore, analysts seem to agree that it's going to be some time before the new car market recovers, with cash-strapped motorists increasingly choosing to buy second hand cars or driving their existing vehicles for longer. A trustworthy solution for motorists, car dealers and workshops

Jo Putsch

RALPH NADER has a lot to answer for - his book Unsafe at Any Speed was the catalyst that helped coerce the US Government into introducing a whole raft of passive safety regulations. Good for driver and passenger life expectancy bad for taste and style. By the mid-1970s, impact bumpers had become a reality for all producers selling cars in the USA. and it saw all manner of sports cars being defaced.

Another Year Over

That went quickly But it's been a good year for classics, with new shows, strong sales and a number of significant restorations. All the signs are that 2011 will continue in the same vein, despite a slight slowdown in classic car sales during autumn this year. Anyway, we've marked the year-end with a few of our highlights, from highly important to utterly trivial, on pages 12 and 13.


XE-converted Novas are generally fitted with a tough F20 or close-ratio F16 five-speed gearbox, which is weaker but better suited for track days. Occasionally they will feature a Vectra-sourced F18 or six-speed F28, the latter of which is unnecessarily heavy and needs many modifications to fit a Nova. As usual when buying a secondhand car, listen for gearbox rumbling or whining and rhprk fnr oil Ipaks. Othprwisp, there's little to report.


The most likely fault you'll find is juddering through the steering wheel and brake pedal when slowing down, even with relatively low pressure. Cossies of RWD and 4x4 forms are prone to warped or contaminated front discs, especially if they've been used hard or overheated. Although RWD Sapphires were equipped with superior four-pot front calipers, they can be prone to sticking rears on all models can suffer from seizing up too. As with any second-hand car, be sure to check the braking system for leaks and corrosion

January 2011


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