HIGH-PERFORMANCE Polyurethane suspension bushes r- 11>! >, ^ [: !-

SuperPro bushes are tried, tested anc proven in motorsport to deliver outstanding performance on both road and track.

Created by people who know about suspension tuning SuperPro products are manufactured from a unique blend of polyurethane material that maintains its performance throughout its life. Innovative design and extensive development means that, as soon as SuperPro bushes are fitted, handling and steering 'feed-back'is greatly improved This provides a more precise feel through corners and when traveling over uneven surfaces, giving drivers more confidence in all types of conditions.

Unlike some polyurethane bushes, SuperPro products do no; increase vibration or ride harshness, an attribute that makes them ideal for cars that are used for both normal road driving and track days

SuperPro manufacture a wide range of bushes and kits to fit most European and Japanese cars All SuperPro products come with a unique three-year/36,OOO-mile guarantee. For further details and to find your nearest stockist, please visit our website.

• improved handling, feel and stability

• Suitable for use with modified or lowered suspension

• Long life, low maintenance

• Precision engineered for an exact fit

• Increased tyre and component life

• No increase in vibration and road noise

SupetPio bushes are designed anc manufactured by


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me custom remap two turbocharged cars a petrol and a diesel, to see how /^j they react on the road and rollers...

Words: Stav Photos: Micheal Whites^pne f '

Ever since cars first received due to a mix of misunderstanding electronic fuel injection and poor execution leading to and ignition systems, the reliability issues. But the simple art of modifying the ECU in an fact is, without changing the attempt to improve performance settings on your car's ECU it's has existed. At times it's suffered impossible to safely improve your from a less than perfect reputation engine's performance without it.

The most effective cars to remap arc those with turbo engines, so we decided to see the differences a remapped ECU can make on two turbochargcd cars - one petrol, and one diesel. Read on to see the results for yourself...

The guys at Viezu make adjustments to the Impreza'sECU

281 January 2011 Redllne

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"A carefully remapped ECU is the | key to □ reliable and powerful ^M tuned petrol or dieseL car"

Redllne January 2011129

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We used the ECU mapping expertise and rolling road of remapping specialists Vift7ii (wwwvif>7u nam)iftr this test They use their rolling read for their own research and development, and although i:'s not normally open to the public aside from occasional rolling road shootouts, they were more than happy to invite us over for the day to conduct this test.

We conducted these tests in two ways. For the Impreza. as we already had base figures from last month's exhaust test, v/e ran it in the conventional manor on the rolling road, as well as giving our on-road opinions of the car. For the BMW however we did a simpler, but more real-world road test. The combination of both types of test, on petrol and diesel cars, shoulc give a good indication of any improvements available from ECU remapping.

For this test we used the 2006 Impreza STi Type UK from the exhaust test in issue 162. and a BMW 535d twin turbo diesel. Prior to the remap, the Impreza had a healthy 318bhp aid 331 lb/ft thanks to a front mount intercooler, 3in exhaust, and induction kit. With these breathing and cooling upgrades ta<en care of. it was in an ideal state of tune for z remap. The BMW 335d already had a generic remap that made it quicker than standard, but we were very keen tc see r a custom remap can improve on already remapped car.


Subaru Impreza STi

Last month the Impreza gained fantastic power from the custom Longlife 3in performance exhaust system, so much so that it was felt that the standard injectors and fuel pump may not have been able to cope with the requirements of a generic remap. Because of this, the guys atViezu supplied a custom mild map that was not only well within the capabilities of the standard fuel system, but as with all custom maps, tailored to suit the exact spec of the individual car.

Once the guys had made the changes to the ECU and reloaded the map to the car, it was strapped to the rollers. And the difference in performance was nothing short of phenomenal! Although the remap didn't affect how quickly the turbo spooled, in fact power and torque dropped ever so slightly at very low rpm, from 3500rpm upwards performance sky-rocketed over the standard figures and stayed over them right up until the rev limiter. Peak gains of 27bhp and 48 lb/ ft; show the enormous potential of the Impreza lump with just a few specialist tweaks.

Hut it was on the road where the improvements could really be felt. The extra torque has made it a real joy to drive, and quite a handful too. As an example of how powerful the car now is, the amount of throttle previously required to make a brisk get away from a junction now easily lights up all four wheels in the dry -despite the car running wide R888 semi-slick track tyres! The car has been transformed.

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