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A lightly tuned, but nonetheless capable Ibi¿a that stands uut ft0111 the crowd. Spec: Forge intake and Twintercooler, blow-off valve and headsr tank, custom painted MklLeon Cuprs R wheels. Audi

TT brakes_

Power: Was: 178bhp Now: 194bhp Torque: Was: 184 lb/ft Now: 200 lb/ft We like: Nicely put toge:her Ibiza with OEM parts - all it needs is a remap!

Ibiza Blitz Tuning

Puny powerplants or the future of tuning? This pair of twin-charged 1.4 Ibizas proves performance machines can be clean, green and very mean

E co-fascists cant come high on the Christmas card list of many motoring enthusiasts. While the greenies' communist ideals control the masses on under-funded public transport, their pressure groups propose ever cleaner engines in the few cars we'll not be taxed too heavily to afford.

Yet that's exactly what's needed to move technology up another notch. In order to meet new environmental and economical rules, manufacturers are forced to come up with cunning ways to produce high performance from increasingly smaller, eco-

friend ly powerplants.

Squeezing the science is what led to SEAT's introduction of the Ibiza Cupra, a modern hot hatch with a measly 1400cc under the bonnet. Hut it's not just a measly l.+ltr - the Ibiza boats two forms of forced induction, with a KKK turbo and an Eaton supercharger, each intercoolcd for maximum efficiency.

Bags of boost and clever computer control provide the kind of clout you'd expect from something twice the size. An impressive 178bhp comes from the standard SEAT, with a whopping 220bhp available after a few tweaks.

And its not like the old days of buzzing boost monsters like ;he Renault 5 GT Turbo and Fiat Uno Turbo, itching to explode. Today's small-capacity sports hatches have all the power, torque, refinement and sheer driveability of traditional bigger-engi ned mach i nes.

To sample the eco-friendly future, a pair of twin-charged Ibizas - one standard-ish and one remapped -await our attentions on track. With tests for outright acceleration and a sample of their prowess around the twisties, these pint-sized SEATS are ready to prove they punch well above their weight. K

Redttne .January 2011145

Twin Chargers

Ross Clarke's Ibiza Bocanegra

Age 34 Occupation Skoda master technician Favourite part of the car "The wheels, tveryone thought I was insane getting them refurbed rhis colour. I hey were wrong." Plans "Anti-rcll bar and strjt brace. Possibly a remap - everything's already in place."

Above Distinctive wheels set the Ibiza apart f-om the crowd

Seat Bocanegra Skirts

Bocanegra. One word meaning'black mouth' in this SEAT's Spanish homeland. A factory upgrade based around a theme of black bits on a funky modern Ibiza Cupra. A special edition available in red or icy white.

It's a style that's been boosted by owner Ross Clarke, who's enhanced the Boca's darkened nose and door mirrors by adding a rear spoiler and side skirts from the SEAT accessories catalogue, along with black paint on the roof, rear wing and smoothed diffuser. To blitz the eyeballs, he capped it off with a set of 18in alloys from a Leon Cupra RMkl - now reworked in black and white for maximum impact. "The colour was a pot-luck guess," comments Ross, "but they looked perfect as soon as they went on."

Yet there's more to this motor than a monochrome moodiness. Despite it:- humble underpinnings, there's also bags of go. Blessed with the twin-charged 1.4 TSI powerplant plus a few personal tweaks, Ross's Ibiza packs a claimed 194blip punch. And it's all delivered in such an impeccably comfortable package that you'd never know this is a performance tuned machine.

Ross, a Skoda technician, has spent his lite working on all manner of VAG products. The Ibiza's ability and efficiency made perfect sense. "1 know my way around these cars, so I've stuck with them," he says. "I've had lots of tuned cars, including a couple of 200bhp-plus Fabia vRSs, one of which I reshelled into an estate. So when I heard about the Boca, I reasoned that if the engine was good in the Golf GT, it'd be even better in something smaller."

Ross bought his Ibiza direct as an ex-dealer demonstrator, intending to improve the package with off-the-shelf OEM-plus tricks. I lis parts-bin wisdom knew Leon wheels would

Above Same engine as the SolfGT. but ha smaller, lighter package sit snugly over Audi IT front brakes, with 312mm discs replacing the stock 288s; likewise, vented Leon rears were a direct replacement for standard solid discs.

Ross says, "I had a view of how T wanted to personalise the car, so I asked Forge Motorsport if they fancied doing a few bits.

"The intercooler was their idea. While they were doing the intake kit they poked around, then after a week it came back with the header tank and Twi ntercooler."

Running on the standard SEAT map, Ross's Ibiza chucks out a mighty lS4bhp from its miniature 1.4, providing smooth big-capacity grunt with all the refinement of a standard setup. The cabin is quiet, its black-and-red Bocanegra trim providing the reminder that you're in something special.

You simply forget about the environment, the Ibiza's cheap road tax, affordable insurance and superior economy to the similarly-powered Golf GTI. And as Ross plants his foot to a top speed of 129mph, yon can feel there's plenty more to come.

Ross agrees, "Too many people get hung up on power figures but it's all about how it feels when you drive up the road. A remap will happen at some point and I'll wonder why I didn't do it sooner - everything's already in place. "I like it to be quick, but I also love it to look good." Nothing wrong with that.

Above Distinctive wheels set the Ibiza apart f-om the crowd

461 January 2011 Rectifie sMm®& BlwShm &Bttiisw^ [yapöteiM^

Future Tuning

Black Mouth Ibiza Tuneado

Left Weitec coilovers firm up the handling nicely

Ibiza Bocanegra Tuning


0-60mph - 6.7sec O-lOOmph - 18.5sec Top speed - 129mph


Ross's Ibiza Bocanegra

Above 1.4ltr is small but perfectly formed-with a 194bhp punch!

Left Weitec coilovers firm up the handling nicely

L4ltr four cylnder. 16V. DOHC with KKK tjibocharger and Eaton M24 supercharger. Forge Motorsport intake kit Forge Motorsport Twintercooler, Forge Motorsport blow-of valve spacer. Forge Motorsport h?adertank. 294bhp

• Transmission

Factory seven-speed DSG t'ansmission ivith steering .vheelmounted paddle change

• Suspension

Weitec coil-ov»r kit

Audi TT 312mm front brake conversion and Leon 256mm roar brake convers on. Dot 5.1 fluid

Leon Cupra R Mkl 18in alloys with Falken 215/35x18 tyres

Standard Bocanegra trim

SEAT Sport sideskirts. rear spoiler, glossblack oof. spoiler and smoothed rear valance, colour-coded badges ■ Cheers to

Darren Burtor for wheel refurb. Kris at Forge Motorsport Paul at CRS Kiddeminster for bodykit and pa nt. Damian at DPM Performance for suspension. Ally at Unitl8 for servicing and tuning. Cheryl at home for puttng up with it. Simon Baker (aka Baker21. the test detailer and all-round hero)

'It's all about how it feels when you drive up the road"

Redltne January 2011147

Above Nice looking, but you'd never guess ¡1 had so much grunt

Paul Kellaway

Twin Chargers

Paul Kellaway's Ibiza Bocanegra

Age 46 Occupation private gardener Fave part of car "The engine. It's f Lawless." Plans "More work tc the brakes and gearbox. I'd like to make t lighter and stop better."

Ligero. A Spanish word for light weight. And its an attribute this Ibiza Cupra's owner Paul Kellaway is keen to continue.

"Ligero is the name T made up," grins Paul. "This car is under 1100kg stripped out, and it's an incredibly stiff shell."

Paul's pursuit of improved power-to-weight ratio has captured the essence of his Cupra. If anything, his fat-saving, muscle-building programme meets a much more focused target than Seat's attempt. There's no point in a fuel-efficient engine if its dragging around loads of flab.

For Paul, building track-spec, small-capacity VAG machines has become a habit. His first feature car - a Mkl Golf 1600 - came in 1995, followed by an eight-valve Jetta and a bright yellow Arosa, which all continued the theme.

But this time, Paul injected a little more power... I le says, "The Arosa had the same 1390cc engine but normally aspirated, so 1 knew the TSI was really interesting. The idea of a turbo and supercharger seemed incredible. "I bought it last year, had a custom exhaust made the very next day and threw the factory system straight in the bin.'"

Paul then gutted the interior, fitting OMP buckets on custom mounts, binning the rear bench and sawing off the fittings on a car that's still covered only 9,000 miles. It might be an everyday driver, but this Ibizas cockpit is firmly, ruggedly race-spec.

A few goodies came next, including a remap, Green air filter and self-made water spray for the matt black-painted intercooler; the sprays fluid reservoir sits behind a neat removable front bumper section, with a remote filler accessible under

Above Nice looking, but you'd never guess ¡1 had so much grunt

Below left Removable panel reveals tank for intercooler spray system the bonnet. A dash-mounted switch lets Paul squirt in the coolant to reduce intake temperatures before each high-speed sprint.

Paul reckons, "VW got a reliable 280bhp from this engine on a test bench without changing the internals, so my 220bhp is not pushing the envelope.

"At 178bhp it felt restricted. Now it feels like it's giving what it's got."

As Paul prepares the Cupra for atop speed attempt, he reminds us this car covered a Santa Pod standing quarter in only 13.4 seconds - astonishing for what is in essence a 1.4 automatic.

He floors the throttle with traction control engaged, ever cautious of upsetting <-£3,500-worth of gearbox. A burst of boost comes in an electronic wave, and an almost PlayStation-style propulsion sees this SEAT hit lOOniph in just over 13 seconds, blasting on to 141 mph in sixth.

Round the track, and this Ibiza's energy shines. Its combination of coilovers and Toyo 8S8s provide precision balance, hugging the right lines long after you'd expect it to understeer into the scenery.

Paul adds, "It was under-damped from the factory, so 1 set it for weight on the steering, using a spirit level on my garage floor."

I Ie continues, "It has a Virtual LSD', which brakes the wheel that's spinning. It means even the factory-optional AP Racing four-pot

Racing Ibiza


481 January 2011 RecJHne sMm®& BimShm &Bttiisw^ [yapöteiM^

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