S15 Boot Spoiler

A world-class racing driver's interpretation of the ultimate fast road car. And with credentials like his. who are we toargje?!

Spec 2.2ltr forged SR20. GT3037S turbo, big brakes. Advan RG-D alloys, Vertex wide body conversion. Bride Low Max interior. Hypermax coilovers

Was: 210bhp Now: 500bhp Torque: Was: 202 lb/ft Now: 434 lb/ft

Awesome al round rear-drive Nissan with supercar performance.

S15 Vertex Edge

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Words & photos: D'ino Dalle Carbonare

Even racing drivers need something fun for the road, and this is Super GT driver and D1 drifter, Nobuteru Taniguchi's 500bhp S15 Silvia road car

Professional racing drivers are usually treated to some pretty interesting company cars from the manufacturers they're affiliated with. This may well be the case for most, but there's one well-known personality in Japan who prefers to do things his own way. I'm referring to Nobuteru Taniguchi, who in Japan, is regarded as one of the biggest stars of the motoring world.

Much like in his race career, No One Better or 'Nob' as he is commonly (and comically) known has shown that he likes a certain variety when it comes to choosing his cars. And joining a long string of tuned cars that include numerous S-chassis Nissans, an unusual Toyota Windom, and a decked out Nissan Elgrand people carrier is this latest project. Calling in the help of some of the best shops and parts manufacturers in Japan has allowed Taniguchi to create possibly the best and most eye catching Slo Silvia we have seen on the pages of Red line, a car that not only redefines style, but backs it up with plenty of power.

Takahiro Ueno, D1 driver and owner of T&E is the man that Taniguchi let loose on the aesthetics of his Silvia Spec-R. Ueno saw it as a great opportunity to create a whole new Vertex conversion, a series of body parts that would inject fresher, more modern lines into the already good looking Slo. The result is testament to Ueno's skills as a forward thinking designer, beginning with the one piece front bumper which sets the tone for this new Vertex Edge body kit. Large openings allow the intercooler and oil coolers to swallow as much air as they could possibly need, while smooth contou rs h igh 1 ight the

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NoQne Better

S15 Boot Spoiler

Above Subtle boot spoiler makes a nice change from large GT items integrated lower lip spoiler and side vents. The lightweight bonnet sports two ridges that work their way up from the small grille, a welcome change from the usual vented items we Ye used to seeing these days.

The front wings, widened by 50 mm, boost the visual impact of the Silvia and are joined by a series of air outlets that meet the upward flowing crease of the doors. Completing the wide-look are the rear arches boasting a similar increase in girth as the front ones, obtained by gently following the lines of the stock arches.

Everything is blended seamlessly into the bodywork and brought together with the angular sideskirts. The rear bumper spoiler is the final piece of the Edge kit giving a more menacing profile to the rear end thanks to the diffuser-like lower section. Not wishing to interfere with the somewhat drift-oriented theme of the car there are no big GT-wings to be seen, only a small lip spoiler applied to the edge of the boot along with a secondary winglet on the roof.

Since T&rF. doesn't make any mirrors Ganador aero items were chosen for this particular application and, like the whole car, were sprayed in a very eye-catching shade of pearl-white. TheT&E treatment extends to the front lights, which have been fitted with an Audi-like LED strip, as well as the full LED conversion to the taillights.

Yokohama Japan thought their new Advan IIG-D wheels would look rather good on Nob's S15 and sent him a full 19in set in matte-black.

They also threw in top-of-the-line Advan AD08 performance tyres, a perfect choice for a car that will no doubt see quite a lot of both road and track action.

Among his many racing activities in motorsports, Nob has never allowed himself to lose touch with the tuning world and has for many years been I IKS's driver for both development drifting and time attack. So its no surprise that when we lifted the T&E bonnet we found an SR20DET painted in a familiar shade of olive green. Upon closer inspection the little 1 IKS Motorsport plaque revealed all, hinting that this particular unit has been especially prepared by the same section of IIKS that builds all their demo cars and race engines.

Above Subtle boot spoiler makes a nice change from large GT items

Below Bigbrakes, wide arches, deep dish wheels, this S15 has it all

Despite this however, I IKS wanted to create a powerful, yet reliable tune by using the least amount of parts possible. This engine shows just how much performance one can obtain without going too over the top. It all starts with the I IKS 2.2ltr engine kit, which increases stroke to 91mm and bore to 87mm. This is achieved through the use of a fully counterbalanced crank, very tough 11-section connecting rods and 1mm oversize forged aluminium pistons. The increased capacity meant the head didn't need special work, and has only been fitted with very mild 256° camshafts on both the intake and the exhaust sides for maximum dis ability, and no upgrades to the valve train were carried out. A 1.2mm thick metal head gasket


"An HKS test driver; he's never allowed himself to loose touch with the tuning world"

Name NoberatJ Taniguchi Age 39 Occupation Professional racing driver So with all the professional racing you do, why a tunea road car? I have always owned and been around tuned curs sin^e I have been able to drive, I love making my ca~ individual and tuned to my needs

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S15 Silvia

Left Big alloy radiator helps keep the car cool when driven hard on track

Nissan S15 SilviaHksgt3037s

Right HKSGT3037S turbo gives quick spool arid around 500bhp

Left Big alloy radiator helps keep the car cool when driven hard on track

Right HKSGT3037S turbo gives quick spool arid around 500bhp

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