November 2010

to-back re-engineered Mustang with every system designed to make a good driver great and a great driver even better."

A revised intake and cam grind bump the already potent 412-bhp 5.0-liter V-8 to 440 bhp and 380 Ib.-ft. of torque. The intake contains internal velocity stacks that should make wonderful noises when revving high on the new cams. But thanks to the engine's twin variable valve timing, the idle should remain smooth and the and comes shod with even stickier tires than the regular Boss. Every Boss 302 comes with 5-way adjustable dampers that require only a small screwdriver to change settings—just like in 1969—allowing for a compliant ride to the track, but more precise handling once you get there.

A unique feature on the Boss 302 is the quad exhaust. The two outlets powerband broad.

Rounding out the drivetrain improvements are a tougher clutch, a short-throw shifter, 3.73:1 final drive and standard limited-slip differential with carbon-fiber plates. For those who want just a bit more race in their Boss, a torque-sensing differential and Recaro seat package are available. Taking it even further is the limited-production Laguna Seca edition that removes the rear seats, tweaks the suspension and aero a bit more, at the rear come from the Mustang CT, but two extra outlets have been added on the side of the car, just ahead of the rear wheels. To remain legal there isn't much exhaust flowing through them, but they can easily be opened up for increased performance and are designed to accept electronically controlled dump valves. This was done for those who want to modify the car for pushbutton sound amplification.

As for the car's new styl ing: "The look of the Boss is recognizable to anyone familiar with Trans-Am racing," Chief Designer Dar-rell Behmer says. "We've taken design cues from the 1969 Boss street car and the menacing Bud Moore/ Parnelli Jones race cars and carefully updated them to give the 2012 edition the proper bad-boy attitude that is unmistakably a Boss Mustang." We agree; just wish it hadn't taken more than 40 years.

—Shaun Bailey

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