Nissan Eyes Only

I own a 2009 Nissan GT-R that blew its engine while lapping at Virginia International Raceway. Six weeks later Nissan called and said my warranty claim was denied. They cited all the warranty information in the book about modifying your car. I was well aware I was taking a risk and take full responsibility.

The purpose of this letter has to do with the flicker information that they have retrieved. When I asked if I could review their findings, I was told that the information was for their use only. I know this has been discussed before but it's my car and the data was in my car. Do I not have the right to this informa tion? I want to know what happened, as the car has the technical ability to give me this information and I paid for this technology.

Does Nissan have the right to withhold the information? I am sure this will become a bigger issue in the future.

David Graham


We're dangerous with tools, much less as legal counsel, but our limited research shows the field of information ownership is still in transition. Some data are considered the property of the person to whom the informatbn applies, other, to the entity that gathers the information.

Other thinking embraces the idea that the information—that is, the intangible data—may be yours, but the hardware that collects it is not or may be controlled by another party. You can thus

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