Innovation Unleashed

The All-New Nissan JUKE"

Don't be fooled by its stature The all-new Nissan Juke nay park small, but it drives very big. Its turbocharged. 1.6 liter DIG (Direct Injection Gaso ine) engine churns out 188 hp while sipping 27 mpg city /32 highway: Variable valve timing on both intake ard enhaust valves improves low-end response. Torque vectoring AWD" reduces understeer and enhances response for sports-car like cornering by providing up to 50% of the engine's torque to the outside -ear wheel. Three drive modes" - Ncrmal. Eco and Sport - adjust throttle response, steering feel and transmission mapping in milliseconds, And its des gn was inspired by rally cars and motorcycles. In other words, bring it

I he al -new turbocharged sport cross. Nissan JUKt Innovation tor all.

*2011 EPAtue economy esltnarc-s 27 city/32 highway ireq^or 2011 Jufae FWD w th CVT. Actua. miliiaqcmay vary with driving condticas-use tor ccmpa-ison only "AsQilabetaalure. A1 ways wear youi seal bell and please dcn'l di nk anddrrve. c 2010 Nissan Malh Ameoca Inc

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