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I am the proud owner of an '03 350Z. Its VQ35DE is a great engine, but I'm stuck at a crossroads between forced induction or natural aspiration. I wouldn't mind turbocharging it—I love boost and I miss the FC3S I sold a few years ago—but I want to be different and see what kind of power I can make with a stroker build using ITBs.

My friends say to go the forced induction route, and so far the best solution I found is the Power Enterprises twin-turbo unit, but it's a bit pricey. Plus, I know I would eventually have to build the engine's internals to handle boost. Others have suggested the Vortech supercharger, which is more within my price range than most turbo kits on the market. I want 350-400whp. What should I do? -Chris M.


To be honest, a big-power, naturally aspirated build is expensive, can hamper street drivability, and is generally loud without turbo(s) to silence the exhaust. To make 400hp naturally aspirated, you'd need camshafts, head work, high compression pistons, and bigger displacement, all which will add up to big bucks. Back in '08, Cosworth built an engine for the CastroI Syntec Top Shop Challenge that made 439 naturally aspirated bhp, but the parts alone cost nearly $16,000—without labor. The PE twin-turbo kit uses IHI turbos with the capability of delivering 500whp while offering excellent boost response. But like you said, it would be ideal to build your engine first. Another option is to keep the boost down on stock internals, and the power at or below 400whp with good tuning. The Vortech kit is a good option for this. Unfortunately, it all comes down to how much your wallet can handle, before your engine.

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