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Garrett GTX Turbochargers. All new aerodynamics, machined from forged aluminum alloy, deliver 10-20% greater air flow and pressure for more power than ever before. Step up to Garretf GTX.

Available in GTX3071R GTX3076R GTX3582R GTX4294R GTX4202R GTX4508R

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RPM EVENT irvine, ca

New for the '10 show circuit, from the creator of Hot Import Nights, is the RPM Event Series. The first of four stops scheduled for '10 went down in Chicago earlier this year. Dig up coverage of that on importtuner.com—this month we bring you coverage of their Irvine, CA, presence. Breaking M.O. a bit, the Irvine event was held outdoors, during the day. No worries—the green, serene setting of Hidden Valley Park never disappoints, and this time made for a relaxing departure from the bass-booming, fist-pumping, large-scale import events of West Coast days past. Musical acts and B-boy demonstration ensued, but we were there for the cars. And in a venue located equidistant from L.A. and San Diego, we expected more of them from the latter city's tuners—this event was heavily dominated by the L.A. crowd. 2NRs top picks are here—click our site for full coverage: www.importtuner.com / www.www.rpmeventseries.com

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While a Honda VTEC solenoid rarely goes bad, problems with VTEC not engaging properly are extremely common. Most of the time incorrect wiring is to blame, but occasionally something even smaller is the culprit. A week ago, a buddy of ours mentioned that his S2K felt sluggish throughout the upper reaches of the powerband. A quick scan with an OBD II reader showed nothing out of the ordinary (an electrical failure in the VTEC system should show as a DTC1259 code), so we proceeded to inspect all electrical connectors on the ECU and VTEC solenoid to ensure they were secure—they were. Perplexed, we removed the VTEC solenoid, inspected the small screen filter mounted on a rubber seal behind the solenoid, and found the culprit: the screen was completely encased in a thick, spent oil/blowby residue, preventing oil pressure from entering the solenoid to trigger VTEC—a common condition for high-mileage Honda engines. The filter was removed, carefully cleaned with brake cleaner, and reinstalled. A quick drive around the street verified our problem had been fixed, and the car was once again singing to the tune of VTEC.

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