Where In The World Is Max Boost

Dear beloved badasses at Import Tuner. I'm definitely a little late on this question, but what the hell happened to Max Boost!? I miss seeing that guy and his crazy shenanigans gracing the pages of your mag. He and Otto even made an appearance in your 10th anniversary issue but never came back. Did they die a horrible cartoon death? Did the "boost" button fail and they got arrested because their car wouldn't go back to stock?? Did you guys enslave them to change toner and sweep floors all day!? What happened?!!! -Derrick Tampa, FL

To tell you the truth, we honestly don't know what happened to Max and Otto. Last we heard they came up on a GT-R and were laying low (illegal twin-turbo VK56 swap? Shady importation documents?? Smoked license plate covers?!), but managed to drop by and party with us on our birthday. Rumor has it they're operating overseas, under the aliases Dax andScott-O, and their only U.S. contact is Dennis Caco of Autocannon clothing. Drop him a line and tell him how much you want to see the duo back on our pages: [email protected]

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