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11 for'11

Welcome to our new and improved 2011 Import Tuner Calendar, presented by Seibon. How exactly is a calendar new and improved? The "new" part should be self explanatory. As for improved, here are 11 reasons why our '11 calendar is better than last year's.

11. It came out a month earlier. Last year it was in our January issue, this year it's in December's. Somehow this is advantageous to you, the reader. How so? I haven't quite worked that out, but trust me when I say it is.

10. It's in our SEMA issue. Again, I haven't quite worked out how this is a positive, but trust me when I say it is.

9. The calendar is right side up. For some reason, our previous art director thought calendars should flip top-down, instead of bottom-up. How did we explain the goof to management? "It's like, JDM . . . yo."

8. Despite the screw-up, Shawn, Michael, and Mikey from Seibon liked the 2010 calendar so much they sponsored it again. I guess they have faith in our "creative vision". Suckers!


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7. All the girls in the calendar are 100-percent down for the import scene. No weird agency models!

6. We had the bestest crew, ever. Val killed it with make-up, Diana brought the heat with the styling, and Desiree was a hair master.

5. Carbon fiber. Seibon loves it. You love it. I love it. So much so that our amazing crew was able to weave it into apparel and accessories for the shoot.

4. L.A.'s finest, Officer Tan from the L.A.P.D., was on-hand the first day of shooting to ensure crowd control, hold reflectors, move light stands, pick-up lunch, and ogle models, awkwardly.

3. No animals were harmed in the production of our calendar this year. As for a few of the models' dignity, thanks to Officer Tan, not so much.

2. Hot girl-on-girl action. Alicia Whitten and Alexia Cortez? Bahara Golestani and Tiffany Toth? I've never breathed that hard behind the lens. I just hope the images make it to print. If they don't make it past our censors, check our website or Facebook fan page.

1. Thanks to the director/producer/DP Randy Ly and help from sales/second unit Derrick Yee and events/second unit assist Elliott Moran, this year's calendar has a behind-the-scenes video! You know Girls Gone Wild? Well, this is nothing like it. Make sure go to our website or YouTube page. It'll be worth checking out. Trust me when I say it is.


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