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As part of our continued improvement for 2010, we're opening up our Readers' Rap section to those of you having a hard time getting an answer to a tough truck question. Send in whatever is stumping you and if we can't answer it, or if we think your question is going to help out other people with a problem, we'll send you free truck gear. It's just that easy. Also, if we did something to tick you off, did something that you liked, or even if you want to make a suggestion, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we'll do our best to respond. This month's free giveaway is a pair of Mechanix gloves to protect your mitts while turning those wrenches. For more info, check out


I was going through some of my issues from 2010 and I reread the article on David Lamanno's supercharged 7.0L LSX engine. What were the final power numbers for that engine? Did you ever see the dyno chart? Let me know, I'm curious to see how much power it made, and it will help settle a bet I have with my friend.

Chris Swanson,

Cincinnati, Ohio


Dave has a dyno tune session scheduled to get everything fully dialed in, and we'll be there when it's done. We could take this opportunity to throw him under the bus and call him a slacker, but he's got his hands full with other projects and has been cruising his truck to local shows with the conservative tune for the last several months (and he's a large individual, so making him mad isn't smart). So far, we can only give you a seat of the pants dyno, which isn't at all accurate, but has proven that Dave's truck is really, really quick.

Dear Truckin',

My son and I love the magazine. We take turns reading the issues and talk about how we could use ideas for our truck. We have an '01 Chevy S-10 crew cab and we have talked about adding a small lift, bigger wheels and tires, a light rack, and well you know how it goes. That said, we never seem to find any articles of anyone who has beefed up an S-10. Lots of articles with lowered ones, but none the other way. We still want it street legal, just beefed up. Any articles or sources you suggest?


We're glad to hear that you've been enjoying the magazine and that it has inspired you to work on your S-10. You didn't mention whether your S-10 was 2WD or 4WD, but either way, lift kits are hard to come by. We'd suggest looking for a set of torsion keys for the front and a shackle for the rear if you just want a little bit of extra ride height from your 4WD. There is a small market for prerunner 2WD S-10s, but Ford Rangers and Toyota Tacomas dominate that market. Check out for some ideas.

Truckin' Staff,

I have a 2000 GMC Sierra that I recently added an '02 Denali front end onto. I'm tying up loose ends on it and therein lies the problem. I am looking for a front bumper lower valance grille insert that matches the factory OEM Denali front main grille. The GM dealers near me have never heard or seen this grille and the internet searches are becoming chaotic at best. You guys did a feature in Vol.34 No.8 Page 58 entitled "Street Sleeper" that was owned by Mark Helmandollar and written by Brandan Gillogly. It was an '04 Sierra Denali with an LSX block that had twin turbos that, unfortunately succumbed to a freak garage fire a little while after the article was published. However, that Denali sported a front lower valance grille that matched the factory OEM main grille. I would very much appreciate any kind of help or direction in this matter. Thank you from a longtime reader.

Keep it custom!

Christopher Kilpatrick

Aston Pennsylvania


We checked out LMC Truck and found the factory lower bumper grille for a Denali, it's part number 31-3390. The exploded view is small, so we can't be sure it has the round holes like the main Denali grille, but rt is the correct factory replacement, so we hope that's what you're looking for.

Good Luck

The Ford SVT Raptor is an exceptionally tough, high performance beauty.

And that's the exact premise SNUGTOP engineers maintained when they designed the perfect hard tonneau for it...the SnugLid. Check it out and you'll agree, it's one tough tonneau 1-800-768-4867

compiled by BRANDAN GILLOGLY I [email protected]

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