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Frog's 1927 Ford coupe

From Leadfoot

FROG'S Latest creation comes after a long line of top hot rod builds. His salt and red pepper '38 Ford tudor was featured in NZHRM's Feb '89 issue. Also in the timeline was a '28 A RPIJ and '49 & '54 Mercury's before his big block Chevy powered deuce highboy graced the cover of our March '01 issue. Those were followed by a '49 Chev custom which featured in the October '03 magazine which brings us to Frog's latest hot rod creation.

The Model T coupe body was imported by Rusty Acres from the USA and was first put together as a rat rod by Chris Webby of Motueka using a scratch-built chassis. Frog bought it and drove it for a year while changing a few bits and pieces along the way. The front and rear got a little downwards altitude adjustment as well as adding a Panhard bar and steering damper. A smashed up '32 Ford truck grille came from Steve at

Rusty Acres and the Moon-style tank from Metal Spinners in Christchurch.

The body was already chopped when Frog t(K)k possession but another 1-1/2 inches came out of it retaining the windshield height by chopping through the header panel. The front visor was then drilled while out back the taillights were changed from '40 Ford to '50 Pontiac items. The exhaust was routed under the car, an amazing feat performed by Preston Brunell from Magoo Mufflers in Nelson. A roll bar and long shifter were added as well as steering wheel and rev counter from Kruzin Kustoms. Window winders and other components came from AntiqueFord in Hope.

The car was then blown apart for body and paint, all done in his home garage. The paint is single-stage black and orange glow left over from Pete Coulter's Nash. The F.T front wheels were imported from the States causing his meagre rat-rod budget to be well and truly blown so he stipple-painted the centres of the back wheels (donated by Pete Coulter) to match the fronts. He-added an Edclbrock manifold and his brother Gary from Christchurch gave him the carb, air cleaner and valve covers in return for painting his Lexus powered Cobra. The coupe was then reassembled. New dark-tinted glass was glued into the owner-made windshield frame from aircraft aluminium.

A Pioneer stereo and speakers were fitted, not that you can hear it though. When Frog bought the coupe from Chris, his very understanding wife Deb absolutely hated the thing and let him know on more than one occasion that she would never be seen in it. But now it has paint, glass, carpet and a stereo, she thinks it's great and rides in it often. So what's next for this prolific hot rodder? He intends to drive the coupe to the Beach Hop, then sell the car and he'll be looking for a '49 Merc coupe to do a full custom job on.

Buck Rivets Street Rods


Rivet Your Rat Rod


The Model T coupe body was imported by Rusty Acres from the USA and was first put together as a rat rod by Chris Webby of Motueka using a scratch-built chassis.

The exhaust was routed under the car, an amazing feat performed by Preston Brunell from Magoo Mufflers in Nelson.

DRIVETRAIN: Freshened 350 smallblock Chev, shift-kitted TH350 auto and Commodore cliff.

STEERING & SUSPENSION: I-beam axle and split wishbones up front with 4-bars and coil-overs out back. Suzuki steering box.

WHEELS & TYRES: Arrow and ET wheels shod with Ruffian and Michelin tyres.

THANKS TO: Chris for doing the first build, Pete and Gary for parts, Benzy from Blenheim and little Dennis for the roof. Sons-in-law Jason and Damian for paint prep help and Johnny Carpet for the upholstery. Biggest thanks to Preston from Preston and Frogs Chop and Slop Shop for all the engineering and bodywork help. Frog couldn't have done it without him.

Greg Stokes

This year's run had a friendly family BBQ or picnic vibe to it.

Report from Greg Stokes Photos by Royce Everett

DUE to the logistics of organising a fully fledged run as Southside Strectcrs have done in the past, the club decided to make it a bit more informal as a closed club run this year. With a few invited guests the low key format worked very well with more of a friendly family BBQ or picnic vibe to it, concluding at Stitches Upholstery in Clevedon. Starting at Botany Junction's annual Christmas Street Party, the run departed for the Clevedon Pub for a quiet drink before heading to Stitches where it was totally self catered with supplied BBQ's. Later in the day was a bit of paddock bashing with a grasskhana and then the day-concluded with no formal prizegiving or commercialism. As everyone gets busier in their lives these laid back events are just the ticket to get back to basics.

Doug Fergusson owns both the T coupe and early Chevy pickup.

Wayne Gibson (standing Left) watching Graham McNeil and Chris Hornblow enjoy a ride in his new/old '36 roadster.

Kelly O'Donnell having a bash.

Graham McNeil wears this arty tin hat well.

Mark Barton having fun!

Royce Everett's '57 Chev and Alan Gyde's bonus-built Ford pickup.


Rivets And Hot Rods
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OBDOl 872)727/ ID8DO) US AV RWBT51)

TE Pill flETBflU CEflTRE

TE Pfll PlflCE HEflDERJOfl [oil lineoln Rd. Auckland) Admission $10, Children under 12 FREE (when accompanied by an adult)

SHOW TIMES: Friday 22nd April, lOom - 9pm Saturday 23rd April 9am - 9pm Sunday 24th April 9am - 5pm Monday 25th April 9am - 4pm


from 8am outside the event centre

All enquiries: John Murray 027 454 1078 « Rob Scull 027 222 7105

AC/DC Refine Flooring Ltd EEjEEBg TruefOflTl

'""."■"m't"* " »pa pool«

Hot Rod Rivets

Kumeu 2011

crowds were strong and had plenty to view while Sunday's numbers were off speed. Regardless, punters were still treated to a hot rod show, trade show, swapmeet, Retro Junction and an outdoor carpark show all to the tunes of live music and much socialising.

This year the indoor show was coordinated between Ken Galvin and

John Della-Mura with an emphasis on high quality cars displayed with plenty of room for public and the car display itself. Good to see a number of NZHRM feature ears and most people put an effort into the displays. The People's Choice Award went to Dave Kindberg's Lincoln Zephyr sedan delivery tucked away in the corner...

From Greg Stokes. Photos by Greg Stokes, Paul Grace, Spook and Kyle Loose

KUMEU once again proved its place at the top of Auckland's hot rod events tree as the biggie! Even though numbers were down on last year it was still another brick in the wall of hot rod events this summer. Saturday

Sedan Delivery Lance Fussell

Dave Kindberg's Lincoln Zephyr sedan delivery took home the gold. It features XR8 Falcon running gear and interior. PG.

Mike Paul's Boyd yellow Essex and Scot Robertson's '48 Chev show great contrast in rodding.

Bruce and Raelene Carter are doing every event on the calendar and scoring well with their Rods by Reid-built '33 tudor.

It was great to see Gary Rae's rebuilt '32 roadster which he's owned for a lifetime. This car was ressurected from a garage tire and was an iconic car of the era with a 283 Chev and Berry & Chung wheels.

From Wellington was Clive Taylor's all original, low mileage LHD '32 five-window that which was begging to be hot roddedl

Century Yuasa's Stu Stanners displayed his altered in the NZDRA drag racing shed. Excellent promotional tool for automotive batteries!

^uasuoi racifl

Displayed to show the fold-away root as well as the hard top was the '32 cabriolet of Lance & Jackie Crane.

Karl Bonniface's CastroI Edge sponsored Nitro Flashblack was promoting this year's Nostalgia Drags.

From Southside Streeters and Queen City Roadsters were the '28 and '32 roadsters of Neil & Pam Baker and Greg & Rebecca Stokes respectively. Greg won Best Hot Rod.

Team Squig's Top Doorslammer Falcon was on display inside with STA Parts.

Bryan Fuller Hot Rods

SHOWCASING the latest projects, products or services to the hot rod fraternity were a huge range of trade vendors specialising in the hot rod, custom and general automotive market. The growth in this area of our industry is phenomenal and here's just a few of the vendors displaying at Kumeu.

Ian Rainbow and daughter Katie of Key West.

4 Mac's Speed all-new 6' deep Model A chassis.

GSS hoses and fittings and their '57 Chev.

Horsepower is Al's Blower Drives!

A range of cool parts at Trad Speed.

Brookville '32 roadster roller from RAPNZ.

Deuce Farm's '34 five window.

Hot Rod Lane was busy all weekend.

Nicolai Stent of HPC.

Classic Cover Insurance.

Chucks - the source for Chevrolet parts/cars and shipping.

Magoo's Street Rods were busy all weekend.

West Auckland Engine Reconditioners - Hemi T.

Jacob Cave Swap Meet

THE swap meet area was down on previous years for a number of reasons, but there were still sales of ears and parts being made.

Nostalgia Blvd - a trip back in time.

Rocket displayed the three trad rods.

Flick, JR and Nakija of Rods by Reid.

Ajays have hada busy summer.

Performance Parts had a huge range at great prices.

Chris Hornblow & Larry Beck usually have a great range of parts and cars for sale. However, not for sale were Chris's recently completed '40 standard coupe with Charlie Allen pinstriping and Larry's blown SB Chev urged '39 deluxe.

Mobiloil i uowntwwiP \

With nostalgia rods on the rise either of these two retro-powe-plants would fill the bill. 324ci Olds was S2200 while the 322ci nail head was SI 750. PG.

A flathead V8 engine clearance - this trailer had everything from stock to full race V8-60 engines.

Petrol & oil memorabilia and signs are still very sought after with many people collecting the treasured items of yesteryear.

Tim Allen Hot Rods

Tim Philps' drag-style A tudor has some NZ history while Weilsy has been making history in his A roadster.

UNDOUBTEDLY the highlight of Kumeu this year was Retro Junction organised by Whakatane's Squeak Bell and Mike Wells. The area featured an excellent assortment of fifty-odd traditional hot rods including a couple of race cars. Added to this was vendors like Rita Sue, Devel Clothing and The Teaser Ixjunge, however feedback varied. Everyone enjoyed the display, although some people didn't realise there were the vendors tucked around the corner. All in all it was a great thing and can only get bigger and better next vear.

Haydn Mitchell's Hemi powered A heads this j line-up of neat old hot rods.

Peering over Peanut s flathead engine we see Mai s Hemi and two Model A coupes.

Great to see John Parry s Model A from Rotorua alongside Mike Tripae's Hemi powered '34 pickup

An impressive line-up; the Alexander Special, Grease's midget, Jeff Matthew's channeled A roadster, Keith Golder's '34 roadster and Colin Crook's '32 five-window.

This line up shows the diversity in traditional hot rodding.

A great line-up of '39 deluxe Fords includes John Messer, Jason & Jim Hanham and Squeak's tudor.

DB & Pins handed the keys to the Twistin Pistons A coupe to DB's son Jesse on his 2tst. Shown here with Surt's hydraulic hot rod.

Colin Crook

Sean Williams' flamed '56 and Scott Davies' Model A coupe look just right.

Ron Cave's '69 Camaro convertible Indy Pace Car is awesome!

Auckland Hot Rod Club celebrate 50 years this year and were advertising their upcoming event.

KUMEU has always attracted an incredible range of vehicles which turn up on the display and park in many of the adjoining paddocks. You can walk uniil your heart is content or if it has said it's had enough in the heat. There was something for everyone with the cars on display outside.

Graham McDonald s all steel 32 tudor is ex USA and is for sale. It is well finished and well priced.

It was great to see Chris Hawkes bnghtly painted Merc coupe out again.

Raymond Smythe has persevered with mechanical injection on the blown Hemi in his '32 tudor. He bought the body at Kumeu a few years back.

This Model A sport coupe is a recent import and has a neat profile alongside Neil McAllum's '32 five-window.

A former feature car is the '39 Chev coupe of Jim & -Lorraine Rushton built by Magoo's and driven everywhere.

No strangers to long distance travelling - Errol & Val Mollet from Palmerston North.

A previous Kumeu People's Choice winner, the chain around the wheel is serious vehicle security.


An annual part of Kumeu is the

Friday night socialising and get-togethers around he BBQ's. This year's Crackle Fest BBQ pork cook-oft was highly contested by Steve Keys, Graham Clough, Jeremy Allen and Daryt Gates (winner) and the banter and rivalry has made this to be an event not to be missed. This year funds were raised for the Ritchie Peny C.x;ity

Sign Formula in East Tamaki displayed their jailbar pickup which sits just right!


Great to see Eric Jarman's '39 standard tudor out. It runs a hot flattie and Halibrand rear!


Tauranda Rodder

From John Eva

Eco-friendly rodding

From John Eva

SCAVENGERS members Paul & Lisa French have a cool collection of hot rods and classics, and they have a gluttonous appetite for all things Mopar. Their latest project is a Model A coupe (for Lisa), which Skinny Gearacheski has done a lion's share of work on.

The Skinny-built chassis is home to a '55 Chrysler 331 cube Hemi and matching trans, a Dodge diff, Super Bell front axle with HQ Holden steer.

The body was originally a sport coupe, complete with landau bars. But they'd be far too poncv for a Scavenger. So Skinny chopped the top 5 inches, making it a five-window, rebuilding the roof using metal from an FC I lolden trunklid, a '52 Chevy hood, Model A door metal and an HQ Holden roof skin. The A's trunklid was once intimate with an EH I lolden, and Skinny reckons that due to all the recycled metal, it's an eco-friendly hot rod! Paint for the coupe? I low "bout clear over bare metal!

Skinny is also working on Delia Anderson's chopped '34 Chevy coupe, an old Auckland hot rod in need of TLC, plus maintaining his own collection which includes his Gassers. The high-riding, big block powered '64 Pontiac is kept dry in the container, while the '52 Chevy was once a four-door until Skinny tudorised it by lengthening the doors, adding a beam axle, '51 grille and a hot 283 Chevy engine. I leaps of fun he reckons. Always plenty happening, and plenty to see at Skinny's place.

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dented passenger door, dented hood, stock floor & stock frame.

Fenders were pretty banged up. We f stock new steel front fenders and fiberglass rear fenders for Panels/ jL Suburbans. Found some rear doors v£s ^^^ & hinges. Looking for Suburban v^V interior window moldings-let us v^O

know if you have some. Clean it up!



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Rivet Competition

i1-767BRhVne 001 310190011974

Mobile 001



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From Jenny Gower

JANUARY 8th & 9th was the first of three planned meetings on the Masterton Drags calendar. The Masterton Motorplex Xmas Drag Wars attracted 138 entrants to thrill and entertain the 5000-plus spectators who came through the gates. Saturday night was also host to a burnout competition which attracted huge crowds, watching on as rubber turned into billows of white smoke.

Apart from a few minor delays and one particular car incident which grabbed the attention of the spectators, it all went according to plan leaving little time between the action to grab a drink or steak sandwich.

Saturday didn't end well for Craig Wilson and his I Iolden ute from Wanganui, at the completion of his run. (10.96 sec @131mph) Unfortunately he rolled it with a disastrous outcome. The ute is a total write-off although I believe Craig is okay, but there won't be much he can resurrect from the remains of his racer.

Sunday saw the running of the Bikini Competition and this year's Miss Masterton Motorplex is Erin Alberino from Palmerston North.

The fastest run of the weekend was 161.96 MPH and quickest time 8.017 sec both set by Dean Blackburn from Levin on two separate runs in his Altered, in the Supercharged Outlaws category. Best Modified was Paul Jacobs from Upper Hutt with 9.571 sec at 141.53 mph, best Super Street was Dave Fishwick from Wainuiomata with 13.107 sec and 102.52mph and best Super Sedan was Dion Crook from Lower Mutt with 9.993 sec and 133.28mph. For other results see www.mastertonmotorplex.co.nz .

This meeting was an awesome start to the year for the racers in the lower half of the North Island, and here's looking forward to the next meeting on 5th & 6th of March, which is also the 2nd round of the National Points score series. See you there!!

Street Rod Nationals North Photos

FAIt Dean Blackburn, fastest car of the weekend

Before and after shots - GET UTED

Evan Nicho! turned heads all weekend


K. Smith and D. Cadman line up

Alan Blithe in his recently purchased modified

Duckett's Corvette tans the hides

Corvette Bare Fiberglass Mesh

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M 11

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From Greg Stokes

From Greg Stokes

Halibrand diff and wheels all make this something which should be replicated in full size. Wonder what's next from GMP?

TRJ series finale

THIS bare metal '32 three-window coupe from GMP is the fourth and final car in The Rodders Journal series. Available from DieCastDirect.co.nz the well detailed 1:18 die cast model is sold out worldwide. 'Iliis little beaut)' features GMP's detail and tooling with The Rodders Journal input of styling and components. The SCOT blown Ardun engine, the Tiki shifter knob,

Vintage speedway

NEW in the Revell Motor Sport series are these Kurtis Midget Racers in 1:25

Kurtis Midget Racer


Powered by OHenhauser mth no,lr,


scale plastic kitset form. Available with either a V8-60 or Offy engine the detail and accuracy' is incredible. Frank Kurtis founded the Kurtis Kraft Company in the late 1930's and built 1,100 midgets over a twenty-year period. Some of these cars made it to New Zealand and are still around today. So if you were to get one of these kitsets - how would you build it? Like the box or like the Gordon Watson-owned 76 car or the Offy powered Fussell & Cartwright car? The kit also comes with a period style race car trailer too. Available from Stoker Models.

Continental Hot Rod Association



Sunday March 20th

10AM - 2PM

Edwin Feist Place, Masterton

Free Admission Tour the Workshop Mini-Cacklefest Spot Prizes & Shop Specials Hot Rod Parking



RiititHii mills*, mil inn BEBSB




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Classiccover Insurance

Classic Cover Insurance over 25 years of insuring NZ's finest vehicles

Geoff Cottle

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Tel: 07 575 7606 Fax: 07 575 7454

Address: PO Box 454. Tauranga Email: [email protected])irod.org.nz



The 1st Amendment

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Tti firat* ZtoMy eS Tüfm /Ulf

Tti firat* ZtoMy eS Tüfm /Ulf

From Bruce Taylor

THE Grand National Roadster Show is marketed as "The Grand Daddy of Them All" and is entirely appropriate considering the line-up at this year's event.

John Buck of Rod Shows, the promoters of the event, and his permanent staff of just four people are to he commended for their achievements at what I would term a historic occasion in 2011. I'm referring to the feature event: Customs, Then and Now. IjOgistically, it would have been near "mission impossible" to assemble 75 of the most historic, famous and influential customs ever in one building. The magazine cover cars, the forgotten, and the famous who've influenced people for the last 50 years. It was a walk through history which may never be repeated again, and to top it off the builders of a majority of the cars were there in person on the Saturday for a Meet and Greet: Dean

Jeffries, Bill Hines, Sam Foose, George Barris and Gene Win fie Id to name just a few.

But if we are talking numbers they are all big at this event. 590 entries displayed in nine buildings and 250 trade exhibitors. There were 98 trade exhibitors in the main building ;ilone and 53 in the Suede Palace. Our National Hot Rod Show would possibly fill one building yet the standard of our vehicles is right up there with the best of what I saw. Not forgetting the 800 cars which turned up on Saturday for the Drive In, or the Cacklefest and Pinstripers Reunion held each day.

This year's show entertainment included Lee Reherman "Hawk" of American Gladiator, Courtney I lansen, Nathan Kress, Bryan Fuller with "The Impaler" and a line-up of bands which included the Surfing Safari band.

America's Most Beautiful Roadster Award was first presented back in 1950. It has always been awarded to the vehicle which displayed new technology and innovation. Yet when I entered the building with the contenders for AMBR this year it was (juite obvious there was a huge variation in the style of vehicles. How could you compare a flathead powered "23 T roadster built with a cut-off date of 1963 with a "designer roadster"? But unbeknown to me at the time, changes in the judging had taken place this year. In a move to "level the playing field" show promoter John Buck introduced for the first time a totally different approach to determine AMBR. While all other vehicles were judged by ISCA (International Show Car Association) standards the AMBR vehicles were assessed using a new format based on what seems to be criteria important to die line-up of judges. A panel of judges was comprised of industiy builders, magazine people, three ISCA representatives and previous winners.

The 2011 AMBR trophy went to Daryl Wolfswinkel's '34 Ford roadster with grille by Dan Fink, Kugel Komponents suspension pieces and a Terry Hegman-built hood. The 650hp, 427 FE engine has a Dart aluminium block and heads. Brushed nickel details and Real Rodders Wheels complete the winning look.

Real Rodders Wheels

Hollywood Hot Rods-built, Brooklands-inspired roadster. Very much a "Bentley" type car with woodgrained dash, English headlights, large knockoffs, mesh-type grille and Duniop racing tyres...not forgetting the fact it is RHD.

In an exclusive interview with NZHRM legendary' designer Thom Taylor, who incidentally was humbled to be included as a judge, said they viewed the stance as if it were parked in the street, the sound...does this sound like a hot rod, ease of entering and exiting from a driver's perspective, and just how the driver was positioned in the vehicle. As Thom mentioned, often when a driver sits behind the wheel they look like Mickey Mouse propped up in a cartoon-like stance. The judges watched the owners drive up in their cars and the owners also had the opportunity to present their car to the judges. This process of appraisal commenced on the Wednesday prior and continued until Sunday morning with group discussions in between. Thom mentioned this judging process was a big step in the right direction and would like to see it move to a more even playing field by introducing a two-award system. There will always be an AMBR award but to have alternate years whereby one year would be for traditional cars and the following would be for contemporary' cars. And when you have a look at recent contenders they almost always tall into two distinct categories: 'Vintage" or "Designer". And as a matter of interest if there was sports betting on picking a winner I would have lost my money even if I had put money on a win or a place. But knowing what I know now, they probably got it dead right. A hot rod won die 2011 AMBR.

The Grand National Roadster Show is a bucket-list event and if you are a deuce fan you might as well make the 2012 event the one you travel half-way around the world to attend a hot rod show. 2012 is the 80th birthday of the '32 Ford and John Buck promises there will be a line-up of the most iconic, influential and memorable '32 Fords of all time. A third of the cars will be roadsters, another third will be coupes and sedans and the remainder will be stockers and race cars. Allow the three days to take in this event and if your partner starts to get "scratchy" the West Covina shopping mall is just a few miles west down the 10 Freeway.

Hot Rods by Dean built this Ardun powered, chopped and channeled '34 coupe. It's one of John Mum ford's collection.

1939 Cadillac La Salle Opera Coupe sits on an Art Morrison chassis with a blown 2005 Northstar engine. It actually has a 2-1/2" chop in the front, 2" in the rear and the body has been sectioned 1-3/4" in the front tapering back to stock height in the rear.



1927 Cadillac Coupe Info

Gordon Tronson formally from Napier and now a resident of Las Vegas built this well engineered 1927 T roadster himself with twin B&M blown all alloy 4.6 litre DOHC 32-valve engines which have one starter per engine yet both start simultaneously.

See it running at doubletroublehotrod.com.

1940 Mercury coupe had what was described as the most perfect chop on this model of car.

One of the world's greatest guitarists also owns one of the best looking 1950 Chev pickups. Roy Brizio Street Rods built this for Eric Clapton and it was entered in the radical pickup class.

'Wild Thang". 1931 Chev Coupe with a 16:71 BDS blower sitting on top of an Arias engine.

Roy Brizio Street Rods

1935 Chev has one-off 17"x7" and 19"x14" Budniks.

Gary Meadors' 1948 Town and Country Woody convertible was a bare metal work in progress displayed by the 2011 Builder of the Year Scott Bonowski. The bodywork is absolutely faultless.

409 powered '34 coupe looks the part with chrome rims and slicks.

Starliner With Supercharger

It is what we do in retirement. Spend 4 years building a fully tendered all steel '27 T coupe.

This is one of the original Lions Drag Strip banners.

All the way from Harrington Park in New South Wales: Mario and Catriona Colalillo wowed the crowds both here and at last year's SEM A show in Las Vegas with their low '59 Coupe DeVille.

The all steel Ratster was built as a 21st century tribute to the heritage of hot rodding.


Dan Fink Steel Woody

The Atomitron 1949 Studebaker pickup was still at Kiwi Kustom Upholstery the week leading up to the show and was getting an early Barris type interior. Check out the size of the tail lights which were the work of Gene Winfield.

The Futurama Forty is a 1940 Ford custom.

Roth's Mysterion was known as the wildest of the '60s show rods, powered by two FE Ford engines with two driveshafts turning two tlathead diffs joined beside each other.

Bam find '36 cabriolet was built as a custom in the 1940s. It's been chopped with solid hood sides, chrome dash and '37 De Soto bumpers.

1932 F0rd H0tr0ds

Richard Munz' 1932 coupe is a virtual time capsule. It was built in 1956, featured in the June 1958 issue of Car Craft and nothing has been changed since. Still has the '53 Olds engine and Cadillac / LaSalle gearbox.

Street Rod Interior

This car featured on the cover of the April 1952 issue of Hot Rod.

A dual quad 409 powers this 60's style 1931 Ford Victoria Gasser.

Ford 1931 Victoria Street Rod

Kiwi Kevin Perry has lent a hand doing this Henry J Gasser.

Jerry Magnuson's 2010 Goodguys America's Most Beautiful Street Rod. This car is driven and did the 2010 Power Tour and has never had any touch-up done to the paint.

Interior detail on Jerry Magnuson's roadster.

George Poteet owns this pair of 1961 Starliners, a convertible and a coupe. Both sit on Art Morrison chassis and both have 427 Holman and Moody cammers shifted by Tremec 5-speeds.

This is not what you would call a subtle flame job. This '41 Willys is on fire.

Chester Osgood built this '26 T roadster in the late 1940's and raced it until 1958. It was powered by one of the first Arduns and is a work of art and a true survivor. It has never been altered and never been painted.

Dick Dean's last chop Merc features an interior by the boy from Gisborne Craig Hopkins of Kiwi Kustom Upholstery.

Nice two tone. Check out the sports type wire wheels. Squeak built the chassis a few years back.

For results go to www.rodshows.com/gnrs

And opinion at wmr.nz-hotrod.com/rbulietin/showthread.php?t=6038&page=2&pp=10

Specialty Carito

Kt Mil C/T7TMM


Kt Mil C/T7TMM




rirwyiiui mac JAMB


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    Who won people's choice award at the kumeu hot rod show?
    7 years ago
  • Patricia
    Are gene winfield bill hines and george barris married?
    4 years ago

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