> Here's a vibe that smacks of the early-to-mid '70s with some genuine 15x8 Ansen Sprint slot mags (with the very cool curved lips) that we bought for $200 at a swap meet, complete with JC Penney tires. Replacing those here are some of the last raised-white-letter bias-plies, the Mickey Thompson Indy Profile S/S rubber that's now sold exclusively through Summit Racing. We used G60-15s (26 tall, 103/8 section width) and L60-15s (285/8 tall, 111/2 section width). Sadly, the 372-inch backspacing on the wheels was totally wrong on the front of the car; 43/4 is what was required with these tires.

> For rear-wheel spacers, we used these billet bolt-ons custom-made for us by old Funny Car racer Fred Goeske at WheelAdapters.com.

> The retro makeover also extended to the interior. The Grant PN 838 steering wheel is a foam-gripped, 13.5-incher that was just $25.95 at Summit Racing. It recalls the Superior 500 wheels that were on every street machine of the '70s. For gauges, we chose the Auto Meter original Sport Comp series, as those were the absolute must-haves when we were in high school. The tach is the 33/4-incher rather than the later Monster Tach, and the 27is-inch panel-mounted gauges read oil pressure, water temp, and boost pressure. Note our rare speedo delete panel.

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