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Here's the majority of the build crew with the partially finished car. This was on Wednesday, the midpoint of a five-day buildup.

looks intimidating, but every single step is illustrated with a photo and explained in detail

The monstrous FFR instruction manual looks intimidating, but every single step is illustrated with a photo and explained in detail for the annual kit car show at Knott's Berry Farm. The only advantage the team had was that the body had already been painted by Jeff Miller, as we covered in last month's issue.

As stated earlier, seven pages cannot possibly cover even a fraction of whats involved in building the FFR hot rod kit, so don't look at this as anything resembling an instruction manual. Rather, this story is intended to show that it's not an overly difficult kit to assemble (and in fact is easier than FFR's straightforward roadster kits) and that with enough people who know their way around a wrench (and even a few who don't), you can build one in a short amount of time. No lying, it only took five days on this one. And the best part is, you can have fun with a group of buddies while doing it.

Next month we put the finished car to the test, but we'll tease you a little hereā€”it's really fast.

D^HThis was the scene at LK Motorsports when the kit was first delivered. Owner Langley Kersenboom set aside the area next to his new four-wheel dyno so everyone had enough elbow room during the build.

> The front suspension is the first area of attack. The kit uses inboard-mounted Koni coilover shocks mounted just behind the radiator.

> At any one time there were three or four areas of the car being worked on, which allowed us to build it in a week. Here you can see where the MSD 6AL box and starter solenoid are mounted. The aluminum firewall should be mounted while the body is fitted to the chassis since it is a locator for a bunch of other parts. We painted the body before the build, so the firewall had already been positioned and marked.

> That big box on the frame is the fuel tank. It's mounted behind the seats and is concealed when the body is on.

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