> This is the base kit, which retails for $1,837.45. It includes everything needed to install EFI except a fuel system.

> On the left is the fuel pump kit ($367.45), and on the right is the hose and fitting kit ($157.49). You can buy the EFI and both fuel kits by opting for the Master Kit for $2,244.27.

> The wiring is brutally simple. Every connection is labeled and all but four (oxygen sensor, serial cable, water temp, and power leads) link to the throttle body, where they run to injectors, intake air temp, throttle position, idle air control (IAC), and MAP sensor.

> The first dyno mule was this 350 with 10.0:1 compression, TFS 23-degree heads, a dual-plane Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap manifold, and a Comp Cams XE268 flat-tappet cam. With a Holley 750-cfm carburetor, it made 411 hp and 417 lb-ft. Then we installed the EZ-EFI unit and used the handheld controller to input the engine data and it fired up and idled smoothly immediately. We honestly didn't expect to see any power gain by switching to the EZ-EFI (in fact, a carb will usually make a few more peak horsepower than EFI), but within a couple of pulls, it had picked up slightly to 414 hp and 426 lb-ft.

> After the small-block had run, we lifted up the EFI unit and slid this 496 under it, then we input the new engine specs. This engine has 10.25:1 compression and a Brodix single-plane intake and oval-port heads. We didn't bother testing the carburetor on the big-block; rather, the goal was to see how quickly the EZ-EFI would adapt to more cubic inches. Again, the motor started immediately and idled at our commanded 850 rpm. On the first pull it made 553 hp and 605 lb-ft, and after 20 pulls, it made the same torque but picked up more than 10 hp to 566.

> With the dyno thrash out of the way, we installed the EZ-EFI into Abel's Malibu. It replaced the Rochester carburetor, which meant we had to use a Trans-Dapt part No. 2064 adapter to fit the Holley 4150-based throttle body to the Rochester-pattern intake.

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