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with three stars, and the Landwind CV9, which received a shocking two stars.

VOLVO has announced it will put a sub-50g/km. diesel-electric, plug-in hybrid version of its V60 estate into production in 2012. The Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid will have combined economy of 1.6L/100km. A 158kW 2.4-litre D5 turbodiesel engine powers the front wheels, while on the rear axle is a 51kW electric motor that is powered by a 12kWh lithium-ion battery pack. A six-speed automatic transmission also features. The car is capable of travelling up to 50km/h on electric power alone. Volvo will reveal more technical details at its unveil in Geneva.

TOYOTA will show the latest concept for its 2012 FT-86 sports coupé at the Geneva Motor Show, where its partner in the project, Subaru, will display the boxer engine for the jointly developed rear-drive four-seater. Called the Toyota FT-86 II, the second-generation concept will build on the original shown at the 2009 Tokyo show, and is expected to be close to production ready. Toyota says the concept will give 'the clearest indication yet of the final design for Toyota's next sports car'. A teaser picture released by Toyota ahead of the show reveals a re-profiled bonnet and front spoiler, with a hint of texus LFA.

BMW will display its latest technology at Geneva, innovations that focus on convenience, infotainment and safety. Examples include emergency stop assistant, remote-controlled parking, side collision avoidance, and access to entertainment apps (games, video) in

to tame the m

The new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 debuted at the Chicago Auto Show recently, a car widi enough power and torque to tame the Ford GT-500. At this stage it's just a teaser, as die ZL1 is still undergoing development and won't be ready until early 2012. Muscle cars have always been more about raw power dian finesse, but the new ZL1, named after the hi-po all-aluminium engine option from 1969, promises equal measures of each.

Power comes from the LSA 6.2-litre, its supercharger running at 0.62bar - enough for die V8 to produce 4 lOkW (550bhp) and 745Nm. Processing this is a strengthened version of the Tremec TR-6060 six-speed manual with a beefed-up twin-plate clutch. The driveline has also been bolstered, and features a stronger cast-iron diff housing and axles, and a heavy-duty limited-slip differential.

While no performance claims have yet been made, the Cadillac CTS-V with the same engine has been clocked at just over four seconds for the 0- lOOkni/h sprint.

According to its designers, the form of the 7.1.1 follows function. The

goal was 'to execute a function-oriented design witii beautifully sculpted forms, creating an imposing, powerful persona. Function becomes die aesdietic. The intent is a car diat delivers 011 die attitude it projects.'

To diat end, it gets a new frontal treatment widi a pronounced front splitter and new vertical fog lamps; the bonnet is slotted, widi a centre section constructed of carbon fibre; there are deeper sills and wider, 20-inch wheels widi specially developed Goodyears, and new exhaust tips for die dual-mode exhaust.

The rejigged suspension includes GM's magnetic dampers and revised, drop-link sway bars. Brakes rotors measure 370mm on die front and come widi six-pot Brembo callipers. New for die ZL1, and a first for Camaro, is an electric power-steering system.

Tlie enhanced interior features a unique steering wheel, alloy pedals and a head-up display. Rear parking assist and a rear camera will be standard when die production car makes its debut at die Detroit show next year. '

Mitsis new small car

This is Mitsubishi's new 'Global Small' concept, which will be seen at die upcoming Geneva Motor Show. One of 12 Mitsubishi cars to be exhibited, it previews the Japanese car maker's vision for future small cars. Although it won't name die new model, Mitsubishi says it's a'compact passenger vehicle' to replace the Colt.

Expected to be sold in all major global markets, the five-seater car will deliver C02 emissions 'in the mid-90g/km range', dianks to a combination of fuel-saving technologies. It will use an engine sized between 1.0 and 1.2 litres equipped widi stop-start technology and regenerative braking. The engine, new-generation CVT transmission and tyres have all been designed to minimise friction. Many of die car's components have been lightened, and the body styling has an emphasis 011 low aerodynamic drag.

The Global Small project follows in the footsteps of Nissan's new Micra, which is also built in Thailand. This new generation of global superminis is intended to be affordable in developing economies as well as appealing to budget-conscious Western drivers.

The showroom version will go into production in March of 2012. PC

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