Riding Shotgun With The Editors


Against my better judgment, I purchased an NSX from my good buddy Will Law (of Project Car fame). With a car necessary for the upcoming Gumball Rally and an offer that was too good to refuse (thanks, Will!), what Mr. Law casually forgot to mention was that the stock wheels were painted yellow (...thanks, Will)—Gross. Good thing Mackin had a set of Formula Silver Volk RE30s and Falken, the RT615s, in stock. Especially with only four days to prep for Gumball...


Between work deadlines and attempting to repair my Civic and Subaru on a weekly basis, I've become oblivious to seasonal change. Is it really summer already? I guess it's time to break out the shorts and wife beaters while I prepare to endure the sweltering heat wave that's anticipated to hit us hard in the coming months. Hot or cold, I'll just keep turning my wrench and crossing my fingers that the Civic's AC system doesn't take a crap.

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