We Love The Raised White Letters

What It Is: New RWL tires From Mickey Thompson

Why You Care: How could you not? The raised white-letter tire Is as iconic to muscle cars as Babe Ruth is to baseball. Look at any of our back issues and you'll see a handful of cars rolling something with raised white letters. They've klnda gone by the wayside with the current trend toward larger wheels, but the appeal is still there. M/T's new Sportsman Is an all-season radial tire that Is rated to 118 mph. It is currently only available for 15-inch wheels in sizes ranging from 225/60R15 up to 275/60R15. We lobbied the M/T guys for a 17-Inch RWL tire, and they said they may consider It If they get enough requests.

How Much: Pricing starts at $95.00 for the small tire. The big 275s are only $10.00 more. Check out M/T's new "Buy Now" feature online. We Say: Raised white-letter tires look good on any muscle car.

Learn More: Mickey Thompson Performance Tires and Wheels; Stow, OH: 330/928-9092; m Ickeythompsontl res.com

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