Tricks On The Negotiation

1. Be ready to walk away.

Do a lot of squinting to portray this guy's junk isn't worth your hard-earned dollar. Rent a Benicio Del Toro or Tommy Lee Jones flick and practice.

2. Bring enough cash to underpay.

If the guy catches a wad of hundos falling out of your wallet and doesn't try to mug you, he will at least stick to his price. Try to bring the same amount as the ad price to ensure you don't blow it and overpay.

3. Bring a friend who is not a problem.

Your car-guy friends will get more excited about the car than you and might even bid against you. It's happened to us. Bring a girl or a noncar guy to the negotiation.

4. Say less, listen more.

Most of the time, if you've spent the time to visit the car personally, the sell -er knows you are halfway serious and will begin to talk about the car. If you stand there and listen, he will likely begin to talk himself down from the asking price. Let him.

5. Don't talk yourself into buying.

As an addendum to the above advice, you can also talk yourself into not seeing the missing one-year-only rear glass or believing you can build your own door panels. You are wrong. Tell the mechanic/seamstress in your head to please shut up. END


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Don't be a parts hanger.

With proper troubleshooting procedures you can...

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