Swap Header Expansion

What It Is: More LS swap headers to ( fit more GM muscle cars Why You Care: Our buds at Muscle Rods are staunch believers in the LS swap and seem to be on a mission to put one in every GM car made since 1962. To accomplish this, they need to make adapter parts for each application i f . they tackle—and they've been busy. One of their guys recently emailed us with a list of new headers they've made. The highlights include second-gen F-cars, '78 to '88 G-bodies, and '82 to '93 two-wheel-drive S10 trucks and Blazers.

How Much: It depends on application, of course. Call for prices. We Say: Coming soon: the LS-into-an-Amish-buggy swap. Learn More: Muscle Rods: Cumming, GA: 770/751-0687: brphotrods.com

This is the newly redesigned Drill Doctor base model 350X. It's about as simple a tool as you can use. The standard chuck will accommodate bits from 3/k inch all the way up to'/: inch.

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The Difference

' Creates a Smooth-as-Glass surface

• Makes waxing easier & longer lasting

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