Suspension And Brake Upgrades

Even the earliest '84 C4 suspension is superior to those In any '60s or '70s muscle car, so right out of the box the Corvette offers dramatic opportunities for a killer track car. But any good deal on a C4 will also include at least 100,000 miles of abuse. The best approach would be a simple upgrade of the existing ball joints and suspension bushings. Along with the suspension rebuild, we'd go with at least Bilstein replacement shocks, or you could upgrade to full-race double-adjustable shocks from QA1 or Konl, for example. Then there are the more exotic modifications that we can save for a later date, but all these simple mods will only improve handling for a relatively minor investment.

Brakes are the other big modification you can make, although even the lowliest '84 C4 came with 12-inch front rotors (11.5-Inch rear) and a decent PBR caliper. You could also step up to a

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