Efi System

By John McGann / Photos: John McGann

By John McGann / Photos: John McGann

Possibly the most frustrating thing to deal with on an ~ electronic fuel-injection car is the dreaded check engine light. Things were simpler with carburetors and distributors—you could hold the offending part in your hand and physically see the problem. Not so with computerized cars, though. Mysterious sensors and controllers contain circuit boards, resistors, diodes, and relays that can all fail, and you'd never know by looking. Still, EFI cars operate on the same principles as carbureted ones, and therefore you can diagnose any problems that arise. You just need a couple of extra tools in your arsenal and a thorough understanding of the affected system. To get a handle on trouble codes and data streams, we talked to our friends at Galpin Auto Sports, Galpin Ford, and Westech Performance Group. Fear not—it isn't as intimidating as you might think.

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