Drag Radial World Record Broken

' The place: U.S. Street Nationals at Bradenton Motorsports Park, Bradenton, , Florida. The car: a '93 Ford Mustang with a 622ci big-block Chevy and twin I turbos on M/T drag radials and stock suspension. The who: Dave Hance. Dave made two separate runs for the record books—with a 6.93 e.t. and la 223.07-mph pass—on DOT radial tires and without wheelie bars. He I also made new eighth-mile records on drag radials with 4.661 e.t. and j 172.10 mph.

"We are imi their bikes and warn to take them to court so they can explain why they think wearing a calabash is good enough for their safety."

Yusuf Garba, Kano's federal road safety commission commander, to BBC about how motorcyclists in Nigeria are wearing dried pumpkin shells (calabash) on their heads to avoid a new law requiring them to wear helmets

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