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What It Is: Trick Flow's new 351C, 351M/400 cylinder heads Why You Care: Trick Flow Is already well known for its quality small Chevy and Ford cylinder heads. The company's been busy expanding its product line, too, with the two-valve modular heads we featured in the Apr. '09 issue and now these new heads for the 2V (two-barrel) 351 Cleveland. Trick Flow says these heads combine the good low- and mid-range flow characteristics of the 2V heads with the legendary hlgh-rpm flow of the factory 4V heads. The heads are CNC-shaped and bowl-blended and come fully assembled with 2.08/1.60-inch valves. Cool factoid: With a little finessing, these heads will fit a Windsor block, allowing you to build a mighty Clevor engine.

How Much: Pricing hasn't been announced yet.

We Say: Should we build one? Learn More: Trick Flow Specialties: Tallmadge, OH: 330/630-1555:

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