Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

Koonika Miidu is the author and the creator of this helpful program. The author of this program wants to show you that the Hell really exists and no one can change that reality. Though, he believes there's a way you can be saved from it and that is exactly what this program is all about. The program contains a lot of information to help you discover the confirmed facts about hell. There are testimonies from people that have visited hell and come back. Those are the people that want to show you the reality and also advise you to stop gambling with your soul. It is very easy to be convinced that this program is for Christians only. Hell is not for a specific religion. As a matter of fact, every person regardless of their religious background should take caution. The Hell Really Exists program is available in downloadable PDF formats. This means you need an Adobe Acrobat reader so you will be able to download and read it. As a matter of fact, you will get some other DVD format programs with testimonies from over 70 people that wishes to help you along the way. More here...

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Demon Carburetion Butterflies have evolved on Demon's new D-Flow Race Demon carbs The traditional round style is now a unique D-shaped configuration. Said to outperform conventional round-butterfly carbs in applications in which more cfm is needed but the end user is restricted to the traditional 4150-style carburetor mounting flange, the D-flow carbs are available with either annular boosters (980-cfm rating) or downleg boosters (1,080 cfm). Each version is offered in four different calibrations general competition, drag racing with jet extensions and a cut float, oval track with angle-cut floats, and dirt track racing. Running on Duttweiler Performance's Henan-Froude F24 dyno, we tested the D-Flow 1,080-cfm downleg drag race carb (PN 2568010DR against an equivalent conventional Race Demon rated at 1,000 cfm (PN 25G3010DR), using a 9.25 1496ci big-block Chevy equipped with RHS rectangular-port heads (360cc intake runner), a Comp Cams XR280 mechanical roller cam, and an Edelbrock...

Ramming It To The Competition

Being an engineer as well as a competitive-as-hell hot-rodder means pursuing every airflow advantage possible. Back in '98, my original Dodge High-Ram crushed the flow of the stock elbow. This established yet another path to enhanced diesel power and mileage. But it also invited a slew of imitators, offering knock-off, pretender versions. Because they've essentially copied our original, the competitors' numbers look pretty good.

Building Modern Supercars From Classic Musclecars

Fully propped Mopar World block Eagle 4340 crank (3 7 50 * 2.375 ) Milodon pan with 112 pickup Cortip hydraulic cam and litters (292CH) Forged 1010 1 pistons (1.031 pins) M5D distributor and Firecore wires Mopar Performance iron heads 2.25 x 1.94) Mopar Performance Intake Eagle H beam rods (6.860' * 1.031 ) 750 Mighty Demon cart Mopar Performance vatve covers

Performance Shootout

One on a daily basis, but we always love caning it around a track. Speed Queen Schmitz agrees, having spent numerous laps pounding the Green Hell in various GT-Rs. From the passenger seat one can feel the g-forces constantly building.The car feels planted, ALWAYS. There is a level of mechanical grip here that should not exist in a car this large and heavy it almost seems to defy physics, in fact. Unfortunately, the technoladen GT-R does not allow a driver to take it by the scruff of the neck.The electronic control systems, of which there are plenty, want to intervene to keep you travelling forward -fast. Despite this lack of driver engagement, the GT-R mons- the road. The GT-R Nismo is supposed to be a further distillation of the already impressive Nissan GT-R.The changes are subtle and we would have to spend more time with both low- and full-fat versions to gauge the real differences. It just appear to us that the Japanese firm was too focused on lap times and beating the Germans in...

The Evolution Of The Icon

Corvette engineers consider the Z06 the purest model in the lineup, because it most faithfully represents their notion of a dualpurpose sports car. Drive a Z06 like a demon on the street, and it begs for more. Toss it into the competitive mix on track day, and it leaves Ferrari and Porsche owners wondering why they spent so much to lap so far off the pace.

British Character Building

I roared with laughter reading Peter Egan's Heart of Gold, Electrics by Lucas (Feature, October 2010). I remember a couple of quips made in the pages of R&T regarding Joseph Lucas and his electrics. One article about Joseph Lucas basically said that Mr. Lucas was not a disciple of Satan but was instead driven to reduce the cost and quality of his electrics by the merciless bean counters. Mr. Egan could have taken the same trip in an old Mazda Miata and had nearly the same sensations, but it would have been much less amusing. If nothing else, Mr. Lucas is responsible for a great deal of character-building among those of us with the patience to tinker with British sports cars.

Topgearcom Awards 2010

It's hard to put into words a smell so alien, for while its ungodly putrescence evokes odierworldly visions, of Satan's bowel perhaps, or an extraterrestrial septic tank, it is also unquestionably food. Whatever cruel and unnatural concoctions are wafting our way, they are definitely being cooked.

Outside His Closeknit

A few weeks later Ferrari tried to calm the waters by announcing that Massa was to stay on for two more years. A reward for the Hockenheim sacrifice Or acknowledgement by the team that, if it wanted a driver to play second fiddle to Alonso, it was a case of better the devil you know

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The Demon carb managed to meter out the Shell V-Power 91-octane pump gas evenly, and responded well to changes on the dvno. The Automotive Machine Buick used an MSD Pro Billet distributor hooked to a 7AL2 box firing the Champion plugs. The 7AL2 provides more than enough juice to power the engine, and is commonly found on 1,000-plus horsepower dragsters, so there were no issues For the carb, a Barn' Grant King Demon with the 995-cfm sleeves was used. I've got one carburetor that I've used since 2003 in the contests, and I've got sleeves everywhere from 995 to 1150. 1 started with the 1050 sleeves on this 464, and I actually

Where In The World Is Max Boost

Dear beloved badasses at Import Tuner. I'm definitely a little late on this question, but what the hell happened to Max Boost I miss seeing that guy and his crazy shenanigans gracing the pages of your mag. He and Otto even made an appearance in your 10th anniversary issue but never came back. Did they die a horrible cartoon death Did the boost button fail and they got arrested because their car wouldn't go back to stock Did you guys enslave them to change toner and sweep floors all day What happened -Derrick Tampa, FL

Count On Performance Online

When the LS egg got cracked, Team Van Nus had Mike Hanson (Portage, Michigan) produce a 355-inch icon. Steve Tagget in Kalamazoo, Michigan, did the machining processes and Hanson began with a '71 cylinder block and filled it with the Ohio Crankshaft rotating assembly (forged crank, H-beam rods, and SRP pistons with a 12.0 1 compression ratio so 110 octane is taken for granted). Total seal ring packs and SRP pins complete the picture. A COMP hydraulic roller (0.507 0.510 lift 240 246 degrees of duration at 0.050 inch), springs, pushrods, guideplates, and Harland Sharp 1.5 1 roller rockers complete the valvetrain. Hanson tied it all together with Cloyes Tru-Roller timing gear and bolted on a kicked-out Moroso oil pan. He formed the top end of the engine with Edelbrock Performer cylinder heads (2.00- 1.60-inch valves) and companion Air-Gap intake manifold. The 750-cfm Demon Avenger is topped with a DSE air cleaner. Healthy spark emanates from the MSD 6AL box and total timing for this...

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Jenatzy, nicknamed Le Diable Rouge ( the red devil ) because of his flaming red hair and beard, was the original speed demon. On a whim, he entered a local hill-climb in November 1898 and won with an average velocity of 16 mph. The rakish Jenatzy loved the taste of victory and soon concluded that racing was an excellent means of promoting the electric cars he was manufacturing for Parisian taxicab use. Considering the car's historical significance, it's no surprise that Christian Wannyn, this adventure's living hero, was denied when he asked the museum if La Jamais Contente could be released to make a few public demonstration runs. The revival was completed in 1994, and soon thereafter, Wannyn achieved his goal of demonstrating La Jamais Contente before a crowd at the Montlhery Autodrome located less than twenty miles southeast of Paris. Although this steeply banked 1.6-mile speed bowl lacked die room to top Jenatzy's record, Wannyn came close with a documented 58 mph.

Innocuous Pellet Ejected Through Exhaust System

Get with the times Fob Job in Upfront, August 2009, is about thieves getting your keyless-transmitter code and resending it to your car to gain access to it. Stop believing panic e-mails. Rolling codes for keyless transmitters have been the standard for more than 20 years on both factory and aftermarket keyless entry and security systems. I've been an installer since 1989, and no manufacturer, OEM or otherwise, would dare to not use rolling code or code-hopping technology on wireless transmitters and receivers. Hell, even garage-door openers caught on in the mid-'90s, as this was another prime target for would-be thieves with scanner boxes. The days of transmitter-frequency theft are squashed it only happens on older cars and older garage-door systems. Jon Nordstrom

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Wwwi3ournevalleyoffroad.co.uk Country Events (Marlborough, Wiltshire) www.countryevents.co.uk Cowm Leisure (Lancashire) www.cownleisure.com Dartford 4x4 (Kent) www.dartford4x4.co.uk Deepdale Off-Road (Barnard Castle, Durham) www.deepdaleoffroad.co.uk Devil's Pit 4x4 Experience (Bedfordshire) www.devilspit.co.uk Explore Off-Road (Crewe, Cheshire) www.exploreoffroad.com Essex Off-Road (Chelmsford) www.essexoffroad.com Foxham 4x4 (Wiltshire) www.foxham4x4.co.uk

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The motorcycle and rotary would come together in the RE-5, but not without hurdles. Suzuki overcame challenges in cooling the engine, and kept apex seal wear at a minimum. Hardened rotor housing plating stopped excessive wear and chatter marks that haunted others on the path to a consumer-friendly rotary. Once chatter marks grooved the rotor housing, apex seals wore out that much faster. So vexing was this problem that Mazda engineers named these the nail marks of the devil. Suzuki developed a unique material for their apex seals, which were five millimeters wide for durability.

Stielow Wins Optima Shootout And Goes Into Gran Turismo

Regular readers of any hands-on magazine know the name MarkStielow.A 3M engineer and testdriver by day and a home car builder by night, Stielow has built all kinds of cars, as long as they're first-gen Camaros set up to run and handle like Trans-Am race cars. His latest is Red Devil, an LS9-powered, factory-ABS-equipped, 100-percent trick but subtle '69 Camaro (Feb. '10, page 43, as well as on the cover). The car was invited to compete in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational in November, right afterthe SEMA show, and came away with the trophy for overall winner. Perhaps even more impressive was its selection as the next car to be included in the hugely popular Gran Turismo video game. During the SEMA show, Sony's Kazunori Yamauchi announced Mark was the winner of an annual contest to find the next car to be added to the game. It's too late to be included in On* upturning GT5 game, su Mirk will liave tu wail a few years before he can crash his own car without soendinga dime to...

Bigblock Naturally Aspirated Winner

Collin Williams' '99 Camaro SS is painted Hugger Orange, but it doesn't exactly hug the road. In fact, almost ever)' pass this car made was wheels up by a lot. The combo is as serious as a heart attack an LSX 454 with parts from Callies and Manley filling up the bottom end and a set of massaged GM L92 castings working with an Edelbrock intake and a Demon 1030 carb. A Comp hydraulic roller stick actuates the valves, and an MSD Digital 6 box provides the spark. A TH400 transfers a reported 550 rear-wheel horsepower to a Dana 60 axle.

Top Shot

Putting the mountain in mountain biking, Marc Beaumont smashes the Le Diable trail in Les Deux Alpes on one of the best non-World Cup weeks of my season. We visited this amazing alpine village with GT Bicycles to ride, laugh, train, shoot and ride some more during the Mountain of Hell race week and then again for their 2011 press launch. It's easy to see why I want to go back there this year. And I recommend you do too

Editor Sletter

That being said, there are more quality and traditional rides being featured the Raza Report is returning to our rich history once again the new segments, Original and Image, recognize the trailblazers who got us here in the first place and the Car Club pieces highlight those groups who have done their time from coast to coast but have never received the praise and notoriety they deserved in past years. The Icon, or Lowrider Man, has changed his looks a little, because we don't look like we did back in the 70s. Hell, even Coca Cola looks different now. The writing has also changed, and the new urban look that we're mixing in with old school flavor will open up in the September issue. Like the song says, I want to get what I want, but I also will do what I need to do to get what is needed. There is a long way to go, and I will need your positive feedback and help. But more on that later.

The Big Story

And what of the US, the market usurped by China 'It's irritated the hell out of them that the Americans don't like their cars,' quips Max Warburton of analysts Bernstein. So VW is getting serious. In 2011, production starts at its first US plant, in Chattanooga, of a mid-sized sedan (a stretched Passat remix). This should accelerate VW's 2010 market share gains,

Cavalier Turbo

Immaculate Cavalier sat burbling away, I wasn't holding up much hope but a couple of hours and numerous miles of single track, hairpins, water splashes and even a footpath later, we had our answer. 'Oh bloody hell, yeah ' exclaims Dave, almost shocked that the question had been asked. 'I mean, yes I'm properly obsessive about the car but it's for driving, I didn't build it just to look pretty or gather dust in the garage. Anyways, what's the point in 300 bhp if it doesn't go anywhere ' he laughs, before leading the pack off down another impossibly narrow path before waving out the window and heading for home, leaving me to face the long drive back to Bath to consider that in Dave's case, perhaps OCD doesn't mean 'obsessive compulsive disorder' but perhaps 'obsessive compulsive driving'. o

It Was Beautiful

I just wanted to say thanks on behalf of the entire South Carolina Muscle Car Society (SCMCS) for your editor's letter Return of the Cruise, in the Oct. '09 issue of HOT ROD. You really hit the nail on the head with what we believe is the biggest downfall of the hot rod muscle car scene at present. We started as an excuse to get our muscle cars on the road in formation but later turned in to a paradigm of driver versus collector. There are other classic car clubs in the area, but their unifying trait is a lawn chair in the trunk next to the spare, for there is no driving at their cruises. It's sad, but a bunch of them are jumping ship for the chance of riding in formation with the 35-some-odd cruisers of the SCMCS. To the stingy collectors with the buy sheet in the window, I ask What the hell is wrong with you people Why would you buy anything with a Six-Pack if you're only gonna use two

Mark Walton

1 hate the 21st century car seat in the same way I hate the jumbo Bar One chocolate bar. I mean, on the one hand, great, double the fun, who's complaining but then again,yuck, it's excessive, why the hell am I eating my own bodyweight in hydrogenated vegetable fat and glucose syrup

Mike Connor

After ham-fisted responses to quality and safety problems and a miserable performance before a Congressional panel from the auto industry's Hamlet, AkioToyoda, the world's largest automaker is starting to turn the tide. It can partly thank Rhonda Smith of Sevierville, Tennessee, who told the panel her Lexus ES 350 was possessed, its brakes and transmission refusing to respond as it accelerated out of control. Shame on you, Toyota, for being so greedy, she said tearfully. But as The Wall Street Journal reported, Smith later sold her allegedly demonic Lexus to another family, presumably without telling them it was a highly dangerous vehicle that could accelerate out of control without warning. No shame there, then, especially as the new owners subsequently managed to put 27,000 trouble-free miles on the car Another helping Toyota's cause is one James Sikes, whose claim that his Prius surged to more than 90 mph with a stuck throttle is now widely regarded as bogus....

Comfortably Numb

The extreme left's visceral and psychotic hatred of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party is extremely troubling. They always telegraph who clearly scares the hell out of them. I can see some sort of manufactured incident staged to discredit the conservative movement in the future because the likelihood of the two ideologies existing side by side is almost impossible.

Don Stewart

Your feature on What the Hell Happened to Paul Tracy August 2010 was brilliant. He is an outstanding race-car driver who never gave up. As a high-school counselor, I would like to get this man to speak at my school. He is awe-inspiring as a driver and a businessman, and as a life lesson never to give up. He also has good taste in music Blandini, the band

Mitsubishi Motors

Driving both the LaCrosse CXS and Cadillac SRX within a week revealed these two siblings to be almost as closely related as their Camry-based Lexus ES and RX targets. Each is based on the new global Epsilon architecture, and each goes down the road with more verve and driver involvement than its Japanese counterpart does. But that sportiness differential is far smaller between the LaCrosse and the ES 350. LaCrosse's Sport-mode ride quality is much more compliant than the SRX's, there's no performance shift programming to hold lower gears when cornering as in the SRX, and the driver information center doesn't display current posted speed limits as in the Caddy (perhaps fewer Buick drivers are speed demons ).

Mls Exhaust Gaskets

After maxing your credit cards and stretching the budget to build your serious muscle car, it's hardly rewarding to crank up your new powerplant and hear leaky header pipes or collector flanges. They say the devil is in the details, and the guys at Mr. Gasket are experts in sweating the details that's why they came out with these cool multiple layer steel (MLS) exhaust gaskets. MLS gaskets have saved the day for OEMs ever since their superior sealing capability came to light their ability to maintain sealing under widely varying clamp loads over long periods of time are exactly what makes them great for a new use exhaust gaskets. Made from three


This build was a painstaking ground-up resurrection of a USDM Toyota Corolla GT-S. Not only are these cars aimost impossible to find, parts for them aren't that much easier. But when the project was done, Aono's car definitely gets attention for his sponsor Nexen Tire. With all kinds of custom fabrication, this chassis is a hell of a lot more than just a bodykit. With an elaborate cage, seam weiding, custom inners and chassis bracing, this AE86 is in a class of its own. 13

July 2009

Robert had first come to Steve after falling in love with his work on Hammer, the '70 Plymouth Road Runner Steve built for Eric Reed. Initially hell been saving and planning to build his Charger into a General Lee clone, but Hammer's artful blending of European elegance and flair with classic Detroit iron caused a 180-degree spin in thought. Robert visited Pure Vision with a small silver model of a Charger in hand and asked Steve to help

News In Brief

Bats out of hell Truck drivers and operators have been put on alert by South Worcestershire Police after a spate of battery thefts in the Worcester and Malvern areas. During January, 22 new batteries with an estimated value of 6600 were taken from lorries parked at the Malvern Hills District Council depot. A further 70 scrap batteries valued at a total of 140 were stolen from an address in Worcester.

Sam Lovegrove Buick

Sam The Hubcap Man

Had been a frantic weekend of refitting all the freshly rechromed trim, but the devil, as they say, is in the details. Nothing has been rushed, nothing overlooked. Look at the gear shifter on the column - despite being a TH400 instead of the original Hydra-Matic, the pointer indicates the correct gear and illuminates the correct lights. It's little things like this that people don't bother with, but it is the reason Mick continues to turn out nationally recognised cars.

Rip Factor

Despite the FPV losing 47kg over the front thanks to its new engine, the HSV is still the lighter car up front (Ford still sites the battery right behind the headlight ). Less weight and a wider track make the front end of the GTS fuse better with the road you can hurl it into bends and expect no more protest than a mutter of dissatisfaction. But though the new GT is better balanced and will hold on up front longer than the old dog, its rear comes unstuck under power more easily now. So much power and torque, so little adhesion. Try and fire the FPV out under the throttle from tighter bends, and only the traction control will save the tyres from frying. Try switching it off, and it won't be long before you'll need to wind on corrective lock. And it's not a question of if', but 'when' with this machine. FPV has tempered the control of its traction device well, and so it's best kept on. Even on a dry road. Makes for one hell of a fun drive though.

Great Gate

The steering, compared with the Ferrari's, feels less tactile, as if a thick membrane of maple syrup lies somewhere between the tires and the controls. Brake feel is grabby and overly sensitive it transitions from where the hell are they to whoa, now I'm stopped with barely any provocation.

Your Great Deal

I Demon Shine is a revolutionary Top Gloss Shine treatment applied straight after the car is washed - no need to dry the car first. Simply spray on to the car while it is still wet and wipe with the special Demon Shine Finishing Cloth for an outstanding, long-lasting shine.


The fact that a race car is faster than a street car is nothing surprising. What shocks the senses, though, is to see just how far the gap between two seemingly near-identical machines can be. The Ferrari F430 and the Michelotto-prepared F430 GTC share common unit-bodies and drivetrain configurations, but the devil is in the details and it's these details that

Torched By An Angel

BLUE DEVIL and Blue Angel are close up to about 80 mph, when the afterburner-fed F A-18 pulls away with awesome, nearly linear acceleration. are clear. It's taken a supersonic fighter jet to do it, but the Blue Devil is finally beaten. The ZR1 isn't done eliciting wows ' though. AfterWalborn lands and I congratulate him on his win, we climb aboard the Blue Devil, this time with me in the passenger seat. Walborn gives the gas a tentative poke, then plants the pedal. This thing really goes he says, grin as wide as the runway. After another minute or two, his confidence climbing fast, he's gunning past 130 mph and loving it. In fact, the ZR1 has the entire Blue Angels team doing oooohs and aahhhhs. Clearly, testing hot cars for a living is one of the few jobs in the world (maybe Playboy photographer too) that can make a fighter jock envious. five seconds we're at 7000 feet. And we're only getting warmed up. Soon we're well out over the Gulf of Mexico, andWalborn uncorks some Blue Angels...


Name change did nothing to halt the sales slump. Desperate promotion plans were hatched, including a competition to win a pony at Edsel dealerships (Edsel sponsored the then popular Wagon Train cowboys and Indians show) leading to dealers finding themselves clearing up pony manure from the 'stables' created in the showrooms and furious parents demanding 'what the hell are we going to do with a pony ' when Junior, who had badgered them into going to the showroom, won the prize. In the end, the ponies all had to be sold back to reputable ranches, leading the dealers to joke they were making more money selling ponies than Edsels


The engine is purposefully compact to fit inside the Speed Demon's streamliner body. The Turbonetics 117mm (4.6-inch) turbo is mounted behind the engine. Duttweiler says he twisted the turbo up to 20 psi to make the 1,450hp number. One pound of boost is worth about 60 hp, Duttweiler says. The Tur-1 bonetics compressor map indicates that this turbo can deliver up to 50 psi, which means an additional 10 psi would be worth another 600 hp and there would still be room for more. Keep in mind that the car ran 390 mph pushing only 1,050 hp last year.


If you're going to build the very best, why strangle creativity and expression by allowing yourself to be limited by bureaucratic rules Why not just build it and to hell with the law-makers What you see here is Pagani's car for customers demanding the absolute. They may not get to drive it often, but, on the rare days they do, they'll have a peerless automotive experience. As they say, you only live once


So what has ten years of Sukh-refinement produced An utterly reliable ride that runs like a rocket, with a magic-carpet ride that sounds like the devil and looks like a wet-dream. Next time you're working on your car, don't be in such a hurry to get it done. Take your time to come up with an enduring machine.


The Arrows team was formed ahead of the 1978 season by a breakaway from the Shadow operation. In a court case, Fi journalist Alan Henry was called as a witness and asked Is it true that when you first saw the Shadow DN9, you exclaimed, 'Bloody hell, it's an Arrows ' or words to that effect Arrows was found in breach of copyright, forcing it to replace the 'counterfeit' FAi.


Take his .30-30 and go out there and shoot it up. This went on for several years. And then my father got curious to see how much damage he had caused. He went down to the Model T, pressed forward the spark arrester, or some technique we don't do anymore, and, for the hell of it, went over and cranked it. It started right up. 1 le swore the Model T was the greatest car in America.

Modman Manifolds 6.1

Edelbrock 2x4 Hidden ooil kit for new Six pack apps carts on the Mod care with SRT8 cast available with Man manifold wllti aluminum intake Demon or Holley coils mounted manifold carta 5.7 6 1 Mod Man intake i barrel 750 Mighty Demon Hlb tl.144.00 5.7 6.1 Mod Man intake. Demon Six Shooter 2119.00

Los Angeles

Brock joins the I70, levering off gravity with the Challenger's 540 Newton metre-strong supply of torque. Within minutes we're on the receiving end of moreCB compliments. 'Hell, son - that's one helluva ride. I can't resist grabbing the microphone, adopt an appalling American accentand replying, 'Thankya.good buddy.' Stony silence. Brock starts laughing. The CB crackles again, 'We don't say that around here.' Brock's in hysterics. 'You realise you just called him gay, right ' Umm, no. I did not. 'When you say good buddy to a trucker it sorta means you want to hook up with him.' How awkward. I suggest we pick up the pace a bit. Brock chuckles and Bramley cries with On arrival, Steve 'Yogi' Behr sidesteps traditional greetings. 'Why the hell d'you get a car in arrest-me red ' Tall, slight and dressed in a bright blue cookie monster T-shirt, 1971, '72, '75 and '79 veteran Steve is exactly who you'd imagine being attracted to the Cannonball, with the sort of charmingly barbaric...


Count over 30 different asphalt surfaces along the way. The track is narrower than most country roads, and you go into most of the curves blind. The Nordschleife was carved out of the mountains 79 years ago and was quickly recognized as one of the most unpredictable, twisting and treacherous tracks anywhere. Over the decades, hundreds of thousand of fans have flocked to this part of the track, which drivers know as the Green Hell. Lauda's crash in the 1976 Grand Prix, in which the world champion almost burned to death, brought about the end of the Formula 1 era at the Nordschleife. Today, the course is used only for testing and driver training programs. But the mystique remains. BMW Driver Training courses for various levels of ability take place here several times a year. The two-day Nordschleife seminar is sold out quickest of all.

Coulda Had A V8

Are implements of the devil, at least according to Ralph Nader's Unsafe at Any Speed diatribe. Paul Siano, the creator of the mid-engine Siano Special, doesn't buy any of that. He has owned, modified, and drag-raced Corvairs for more than half of his seventy years without suffering a single unintended spinout.

Club Of The Year

What an amazing show Hands down, this was the easiest year selecting my choice for Show of the Year. Jeffrey Dillard, his amazing wife, and his crew threw one hell of a show that I won't dare miss, and neither should you It's held in the early spring, so everyone comes out of the woodwork for this one perfect weather, perfect location, and perfect people. If you can only attend one show in 2011, check this one out so you wont be sorry.

Att Year To Forget

If you believed all the smoke that was blown up your arse during the TT then you'd be done for. Certain riders do, they have a mega year and go out and buy motorhomes, buy cars and don't go back to work afterwards and all that. But that's what I don't do, I like getting back to reality and bringing back a bit of normality to the job. If you believe the hype around the TT then, bloody hell, you'd think you were a superstar. That's just not my cup of tea at all.

Frlken Rzenis Rt615k

IrThey say the devil is in the details, and following my recent purchase of a '11VW Golf TDI, I wanted to see if such slight changes could really affect performance. I decided this was a great opportunity to test the effects of a tire-on ly upgrade on this vehicle's handling and braking. I swapped out my stock 17-inch Porto wheels for a set of 18-inch Detroit wheels from a '11GTI. Both setups feature a 225mm width, but the real difference came from the 5 percent decrease in sidewall for the larger rim. Between the two there was a slight difference, noticeable but not dramatic, especially since both sets of wheels were wrapped in all-season rubber.

Volkswagen Jetta

An extra-cold winter left us grateful for fast-heating seats, especially since the Jetta's dlesel takes a while to provide warm air from the heater on frigid mornings. Highways have been the preferred habitat for this German sedan, where even a diminutive 14.5-gallon tank delivers 500-mile Intervals between fuel stops. Around town, a few drivers, Phillips being the most vitriolic, have complained about relaxed throttle tip-In when pulling away from a stop. Mechanically, the Jetta has been flawless despite two unscheduled stops for unexplained electronic demons.

Ie Mrttwinner

Not getting over-excited is the biggest key to it, I think. You've got to take your time and treat the place like a lot of different sections. There are some sections where you have to ride into them quite slowly to be fast through the whole thing. I think that's been a big lesson for me. I would normally be going through knocking hell out of the corners, but that can cost you a lot of time. I was lucky enough to do a lap behind Bruce Anstey and it was a lesson in that way because I

Driver Spec

With the new mods fitted, he engine was holding together nicely and Chris at Torque of the Devil felt that it could easily take more power, explains Simon. That's when he suggested ntting nitrous Unlike in the films, where Nitrous Oxide is just used to enhance top-end pcwer, its benefit is also useful at the bottom of the rev range, where it can act as an effective anti-lag solution for engines running large turbochargers. The NOS really helps to spool the turbos, meaning lag is much reduced, comments Simon. It then comes in again at high revs to give the top-end a boost.

All The Specs

The hood, signifying that it was engi-neered and developed by an elite group of power-hungry speed demons In Warren, Michigan. The Camaro SS, however, will be the swan song for GMPD the same people who rebuilt Project X as the iiber-division was officially disbanded in February, right after Detroit's execs were hauled in front of congress for their bailout hearings. Those who buy a 2010 Camaro SS will be getting a small piece of history right under the hood, attached to the radiator core support. These plaques will be collector's items sooner than we'd like.


Torque of the Devil for the engine work and dyno testing, Auto Torque for the exhaust, Jack at TX Autosport for his products and knowledge, Red Dot Racing, Edmunds Tyres, Imagination Creations for the bodywork, Finch Auto detailing. SD Norgate Mobile Mechanic Services, the guys on Berkshire Modified, Trimmania. co.uk for the retnm, Mike, Jamie, Ben and Skinny for their continued support and last but no means least, my parents for putting up with it all.


Kenny Bernstein and I ran into each other, all hell broke loose, and I almost died. If that wasn't a sign, I don't know what is, says Force. I woke up in the helicopter with bones sticking out of my feet, my wrists, my knee, and the doctors told me it was over. I lay in that hospital bed and my daughter, Ashley, and my wife, Laurie, they stood there and told me, 'This is exactly what happened to Eric. If we wouldn't have fixed the cars after his crash, you would have died.' I realized then that Eric Medlen saved my life.

Land Rover Chassis

Range Rover Chassis

Not only did we work out a deal at the show, for Pilgrim's bulkhead to be repaired and galvanised, but also I was offered Kevin's services for a weekend of bulkhead extraction, engine removals and anything else we could fit into two solid days of toil at my yard. Kevin is an absolute demon with the spanners and tools and on the Saturday morning we soon had four or five bulkheads stripped and ready for shipping to the Ashtree Land Rover yard in Andover. All of these bulkheads I would've said were largely


Demon Graphics Decals Not being your average vehicle wrap we needed to head to the specialists What some said couldn't be done had the Demon Graphics team clambenng all over this project, wrapping her up In perfectly printed vinyl. Demon Graphics went the extra mile tor us. so if you're In the market for decals or a complete vehicle wrap give Steve a call on 09 577 3687 Hella New Zealand Jghting www hella co nz


The different ways teams are using them is also rather surprising 'They have bad characteristics as well as good ones, and I've seen some teams use them to beat the hell out of the front tyres to get them up to temperature. The rig can tell you how much the tyres are being heated and it does significantly change the heat in the tyres.'

Steel Mega Wide Body

Wicked Mega Wide Porsche 996

Each of Wicked-7 Porsches are adorned with exclusive Wicked-708 design body enhancements parts, which are exclusively produced for their numbered Wicked-7 Porsches only and are not available for sale separately. These parts consist of the Wicked-708 Design front Bumper, which has a haunting and demonic look with huge gaping intakes which are lined with Carbon Fiber, an amazing contrast against the background color of the vehicle as well as an arrow dynamic guide for airflow to the cooling system. The LED blinker lamps are recessed back into the intakes to give the entire bumper an aggressive look and stance. The lower valance is also made in Carbon Fiber to add to the Carbon appointments. The ends of the front bumper have Shark fin like openings to accentuate the side profile of the bumper as well as allow for the air to flow in-through-and-out of the bumper so as to reduce wind resistance as does the GT3 Style top vent.


A) Demon Motorsport www. demonmotorsport. co.uk) has a combined turbo, manifold and wastegate kit for just 699. It's a very big turbo, though, so we hope you want mega power A) Demon Motorsport www. demonmotorsport. co.uk) has a combined turbo, manifold and wastegate kit for just 699. It's a very big turbo, though, so we hope you want mega power


To do that, Porsche engineers have a couple of challenges to meet. Since this is technically a hybrid car, it has to be cat quick and capable of doing high speeds. The prime target of engineering is to work on the car to get its top speed up to the 320 km h mark. With this figure in hand, theoretically, the 918 Spyder could do a lap around the Nordschleife track, otherwise known as the Green Hell, in under 7min and 30secs.


These days, never has this 'OEM* styling and tuning trend been so apparent, especially within the Vauxhall srene. These days ran with hig bndykits, massive wheels and several tons of audio all of which cost as much as a decent semi-detached house in Dunfermline are a rare find. Instead, cars that look almost factory are the ones that are quickly becoming the leaders and as more of these cars are built, it's becoming clear tha there are some seriously talented individuals behind them. One such man is Paul Goode from Kidderminster. Paul is an IT Technician and is responsible for more subtly modified Vauxhalls than ou or I have probably ever been in. 'What's my car history 1 he ponders. 'Rlnody hell erm, well I started with a Nova when I was 17 and then got interested in engine conversions. I had my first 16V Nova when I was 18 and since then I've had countless Novas and Corsas, Cavaliers, Calibras and more recently, it's all been Mk3 Astras.'

Baffled Sump

I've got a Peugeot 206 GTI which I recently took on track, and while it was great fun and the car survived, the engine bay ended up covered in oil and spectators said at times my exhaust smoked like hell, too. Since then people have said both problems are due to oil surge when cornering and I should get a baffled sump. Is this correct, and Id so. where could I get one from Kevin, Plymouth

Joanne Kapua

Engine 406ci (6.7-litre) big block FE. standard 390 FE camshaft, standard 390 FE rods. Ross forged pistons. 1964 Thunderbird cast heads. Crane roller rockers. 56mm Ferrero intake valves. 41mm Ferrero exhaust valves, custom ground cam. ported heads, lightweight followers. Edelbrock single plane intake manifold. Race Demon 750cfm double pump carb. high-volume Hollev mechanical pump, JAZZ fuel cell in original tank location. MSD 6AL ignition, Mallory electronic distributor. Mallory coil. MSD leads. 4-1 headers, two three-inch pipes into single four-inch exhaust, custom-made muffler, aluminium radiator, oil cooler, transmission cooler, power steering cooler. 2.0-litre oil catch can, smoothed firewall

Test Conditions

Reykjavik, is said to be the nightclub capital of the north, or so we were told. The north of what it the end of a long day on the road the only late beer we could find was in a Beatles-themed pub called Obladi (appropriate suffix hell'). JCELAND IS GOD'S NATIONAL PARK. VOLCANOES -active ones, in case you haven't heard. Tectonic plates grinding beneath your feet. Jets of water, or red-hot steam, fired through boreholes in the mountainside. Streams almost as hot as Satan's bathtub. A beach of black sand, made up of infinite grains of basalt. Iceland is a geologist's wet dream.


For a couple of days prior to Christmas everything was going swimmingly. The water was uncharacteristically warm, and the sharks were jumping. Truly. The golf clubs and trundler fitted handily in the load bay of the ASX, and the swing was almost holding up. But a day later, the holiday plans were shot to hell. Accidents naturally happen at inconvenient times. Like at the beginning of annual leave, or in this case, on Christmas Day. Should have taken more notice of the newspaper article that suggested this is a 'high-risk day'. As the ladder started to topple, I had a slow-motion moment of looking down at the concrete and thinking, 'Doh, this is gonna hurt ' Just as well the ladder broke my fall then. All hell seemed to break loose in my general chest area, but at the time I was thanking my lucky stars I could move, and that no limb bones were protruding awkwardly. I'd sprung a few minor leaks here and there, but nothing looked too serious. The main concern was that I wasn't breathing...

Ford Six Firepower

Performance Distributors' new V-6 Screamin' Demon Coil Truck Firepower ignition kits put serious zap into your motor. The Screamin' Demon coil allows plug gaps up to 0.065 inch. The ignition coil is epoxy-filled for improved heat transfer and vibration resistance. The Live Wire plug wires deliver the high-voltage sparks to your plugs. The system works on '90-'07 3.0, 3.8, 3.9, 4.0, and 4.2L Rangers, Explorers, Sport Tracs, and F-150s. INFORMATION Performance Distributors, 901.396.5782, www.performancedistributors.com

Rocky Audenried

The Dart features Wilwood disc brakes on all four corners, Bilstein shocks, and power steering. Out back is an 8 -inch rearend filled with 3.55 gears and a Sure-Grip. These components work together to make the driving and riding experience very enjoyable. The right foot controls a forged 408 small-block with a DISC ProCharger and 9.20 1 compression. The rotating assembly consists of Eagle I-beam rods, coated JE pistons, and a 4-inch stroke Mopar crankshaft. Spinning inside is a hydraulic roller Comp camshaft rated at .523 .523-inch lift and 236 238-degrees duration. Sitting on top are aluminum Edelbrock RPM heads mated to port-matched tti headers and a ported Edelbrock Victor intake manifold with Demon carburetors. The engine is backed by a Trans Craft automatic transmission with a 3200-stall Yank converter.

Marque Veteran

The first attempt lasted just two laps before Kathleen Sherry spun at Devil's Elbow, collecting the hapless Mary Lindsay. Both cars were beached so a halt was called, giving Wurr the opportunity to atone for his tardy getaway the first time out, when he dropped from pole to third, behind Andrew Thompson and Andy Green.


This thing is not just fast for a wagon it's straight-up rapid for any vehicle. Punch the throttle on the freeway and the car lurches forward with the whine from the supercharger acting like a devil on your shoulder, encouraging you to go just a bit faster. It isn't a challenge to go fast in this Cadillac, it's a challenge not to. If you drive civilly, though,

By John Mata Jr

Dually owners are a special breed, especially those who love to drag the hell out of their trucks like Carl Pyeatt, from Sweetwater, Oklahoma. His '99 GMC Crew Cab is riding on Contitech 2600 'bags, features a rear two-link, and is set up for 22-inch wheels. Carl has also rid his dually of its door and tailgate handles, antenna, and anything else that was fit to shave. Inside the cab, Boa constrictor skin smothers the dash and trim pieces and a B.A.D. steering wheel has been added, which has also been covered in snake skin. Carl is currently shopping for a new roll pan since he lost the one he had during his last dragging session now that's how we like to see dualies being driven

Its Existence

But all hell doesn't necessarily break loose like with many turbocharged cars instead, there's a relendess, linear surge of power all the way to its 7000-rpm redline. Huge swaths of terra firma are consumed through each gear while the rear tries to coulter the weight transfer.

Your Phoime

But then, both of these numbers and most of the niggles were forgotten when our red devil was fired up and sent out for a gallop. Said assistant web producer Carlos Lago, This new WRX is softer than previous iterations, not that it's a bad thing. The car is a fun daily driver potholes and bumps don't rattle the spine and the onset of power is just a hoot. Jurnecka agreed, The WRX continues to shine as one of the more spirited cars in the fleet. I'm always reminded of its gusto as it rockets up the local freeway on-ramp on my commute home. The power is still impressive, even more so for a 'practical'sedan that starts in the mid- 20,000s. How lovely. What a difference a year makes.

This Week In

It was nice to win the first Race of Champions. We were all there racing like hell. And it was good to beat so many world champions It was bea utiful to get backi nto those ca rs, he says. I rememberthefirsttimel tested the Lancia after Group B ended. I thought, 'Bloody hell This is going to be a longyear.' It was great to drive the Audi Quattro I came from a corner in third gear and went for fourth gear in the Quattro, recalls the Finn. But instead I got sixth gear. I thought, 'Fucking hell, that's notgood ' Butit didn't matter-the engine had so much powerlcould just leave itin sixth and still win the race. Incredible That ca r was so powerfu I. It was nice to win thefirst Race of Champions. The circuit was wet, muddy and slippery, but the competition was good. All the time we were all there raci ng li ke hell. And it was good to beat so ma ny world cha mpions. Everybody was there Vatanen, Mikkola, Salonen but I won. It was very nice to do it i n memory of Henri too.

Good Exposure

Can you believe this year's more than half over We sure as hell can't, as our project cars sit in the same spots in nearly the same condition as they have for the past year (decade for some, not naming names . . . cough, Carter, cough). In the event that we're not the only ones in need of a little mid-year motivation, we have a trio of motion shots and the interesting perspective of one Honda roadster to re-ignite the project-car fire under our asses. Now get out there and enjoy the season longshots importtuner.com

Ormance Parts

Every now and again a movie comes along thai scares the living bejesus out of us, and the original Paranormal Activity certainly raised the bar for modern horrors. The second installment Is now available on Bluray and DVD and is just as disturbing as the original. The movie picks up with Daniel and Kristi welcoming a newborn baby into their home, a demonic presence begins terrorizing them, tearing apart their perfect world and turning it into an inescapable nightmare. Security cameras capture the torment, making every minute horrifyingly real. And be prepared for a shock in the final scenes. Paranormal Activity is released onto Blu-ray and DVD on 23rd February 2011. The guys at Paramount Pictures have given us five Blu ray copies to give away and all you need to do is tell us, what date will the Paranormal Activity 2 DVD be released in New Zealand Submit your answer at

Hemi Charger Rtse

Dodge 1972 Demon, 340 V8, auto, ps, a real H-code 340 Demon w original factory fender tag, factory snorkel hood scoop, Go-Wing, sharp Mopar, 22,500 financing & nationwide delivery available, other Mopars available. 512-863-5721, TX www.texastoybox.com Dodge 1972 Demon, 340 V8, auto, ps, a real H-code 340 Demon w original factory fender tag, factory snorkel hood scoop, Go-Wing, sharp Mopar, 22,500 financing & nationwide delivery available, other Mopars available. 512-863-5721, TX www.texastoybox.com DODGE 1971 Demon 340, 4-speed, disc brakes, buckets. Cars With Class, 310-656-3444, Santa Monica, CA photos at www.carsclassic.com DEMON 1971, 340 V8, single 4-bbl, automatic, ps, plum crazy purple with black interior and stripe pkg, runs and drives fantastic, solid body with excellent paint & chrome, 14,500 can deliver. Mel or Dan Hayes, 607-739-9626 or 607-739-1538, NY. **25-YR**


PACKARD 1924 1-36 8-cyl runabout roadster, original CA car delivered new by Earl C Anthony, it spent its entire life until 1990 in Santa Barbara County it has only 10,600 miles showing on the odometer it still has its original Spanish grained leather, in excellent condition, on both the front seat and the rumble seat it is a rear mounted spare model, so it looks very long the coolest thing about it is, early on this car was turned into a sleeper hot rod of sorts it has what is believed to be a dealer installed last real version of the Super Eight engine (1936) along with the matching later transmission this boosted its original 84 hp to 150 hp hard to believe but this engine fits like a glove, without any modification the car runs and drives beautifully and goes like hell it just had a major service and its gas tank was properly cleaned it has other special factory features including special order CM Hall headlights and taillight this is a one of a kind Packard, price 85,000 museum...


The Willys-designed, side-valve, Go Devil four-cylinder dates to the mid-1930s. Making 54 horsepower from 134 cubic inches (2.2 liters), it fires off a rapid rat-a-tatt-tatt from its single mid-mounted side pipe. Running on 68-octane gasoline, the mid-grade in 1944, the original government specs list a top speed of 65 mph in its top gear, third. But a jeep is far happier trundling along at 45 to 50 mph.

The Top Time Trophy

On the very first pass of the week Saturday morning, the Poteet & Main Speed Demon set the standard at 369.462, then 369.814 on Sunday. The same day, the Spirit of Rett showed a real threat at 366.689 and on Monday morning ran 369.584, just 0.230 slower than Poteet & Main. The race was on. George Poteet was new to the Salt just 10 years ago. He got involved first with three roadsters and a '61 Ford, then with the Blowfish 'Cuda, and with Ron Main's Ecofire, which got George into the 300 MPH Chapter in 2006. These days he's thrilled to be in the Speed Demon. See more at www.cameltoe.net. Here's the Poteet & Main Speed Demon with the HOT ROD Top Time Trophy and the crew, from left to right George Poteet, Ron Main, Mark Mcaw, Roland Russ, Kenny Duttweiler, Rudy Martinez, Dave Daviak, Gary Thomas, A.J. Smith, Ian Mann, David Main, Bill Guzenski, Paul Green, and John Aitken. We also spotted Chris Rachke of ARP and David Farwell of Goodyear lending a hand (the latter being the engineer for...


We borrowed an '11 Ford Mustang Shelby GTS00 Super Snake, a 750hp demon of a car that costs around 90,000 and has enough rear-wheel power to break loose a set of 275 35ZR20s from a 50-mph roll. The Super Snake is Shelbys limited-production car that starts as a GT500 and gets a bigger Ford Racing supercharger, suspension bits, and other stuff to make 750 hp at the crank, and it comes with a warranty. Our test car had a six-speed stick transmission, as a manual is more repeatable on a chassis dyno than an automatic.

Octane 1q3

McQueen was to play the lead and, although he was passionate about fast cars, he had never driven anything so powerful as a Porsche 917 so he was appointed two professional racing drivers as tutors - one was Derek BelL and the other was Jo Siffert. They later told me that they scared the hell out of McQueen on the track by putting him under just the sort of pressure you'd get in the real race.

Mark Williams

Which explains my delight at visiting India for the first time recently, because on the mean streets of Udapuir - and they were mean, as in poorly- or flat-out un-surfaced - I was slung back some 35 years to a time when our large cities teemed with small, single-pot two-strokes being ridden witn a certain devil-may-care lan by perhaps the last generation of kids that had truly taken to motorbikes as their transport of delight. However this was no sel'-indulgent sweep down memory lane, for thanks to the largesse cf 20th Century Fox, I was there to ensure that no harm came to my ladyfriend, one of whose novels was being filmed there see, my rough tough biker image hasn't entirely deserted me.

Sierra Xr4x4

To some Nitrous Oxide is seen as the best way to gain big power, to others it s a cheaters way of tuning that'll damage your engine. However, do a little research and you'll find that Nitrous is not the demon many make it out to be and, used ccrrectly, can be a great way to gain power and torque. Simon has used a NOS system to great effect by using it primarily as an anti-lag device to help spool his two huge GT28 turbos, but its applications are suitable for forced or naturally aspirated cars.


WILLYS Jeep parts new, used, hard to find, NOS, rebuilt, manuals, bought out many dealers, dismantled many vehicles, shipping nationwide daily, try us. Obsolete Jeep and Willys Parts, Div Florida 4-Wheel Drive and Truck Parts, 6110 17th St East, Bradenton, FL 34203, PH 941-7567844, PH FAX 941-756-7757. **36-YR** WILLYS shop manuals 1946-50, 51-57 wagon, truck 1948-50 Jeepster parts book 1948-49 Jeepster. Auto Book Center, 800-448-6244, 941-505-7675, FL www.autobookcenter.com **33-YR** WILLYS cars weatherseals, window settings, restoration items. Pat Walsh, Box Q, Wakefield, MA 01880, 781-2463266 www.patwalshrestorations.com **35-YR** WILLYS Jeep parts, your one stop shop for NOS and high quality reproduction parts for MB-GPW, M38-M38A1, CJ-2A-3A, send 2 for list of choice. Peter Debella, 1319 Pulaski St, Riverhead, NY 11901, 631-8748660 visit my website www.debellajeepparts.com 1951 WILLYS Jeep pickup drivetrain, 134 ci Go-Devil engine, 4-wd transmission, front rear axles, springs,...

Chevy Blazer Lt

DODGE DEMON 1971, coupe, auto, 360hp, mags, original Plum Crazy car, good running, driving car, black interior, California car, in good condition all round. V1N LL29G1E138708 (JCM2337481) 0401 204 727 SA 19,000 DODGE DEMON 1971, coupe, auto, 360hp, mags, original Plum Crazy car, good running, driving car, black interior, California car, in good condition all round. V1N LL29G1E138708 (JCM2337481) 0401 204 727 SA 19,000

Missed Opportunity

The frustration is obvious all around Dallara, and there is a clear feeling that the firm simply did not get to fully show off what it could do. 'I think that if we went on, the level of effort was going to be much higher, because we care. Mr Dallara does not like being last. We are a company that must make profit, like any company, so we do things only if we get paid for them normally. But in this case, we would have made extra effort. If we were to be paid 100, we would have given 150 worth with no discussion. Everybody here would push like hell to show that we could do a good job, but the problem was we did not ha e the opportunity,' Pignacca says.


Willys pickups had the four-wheel drive option right from the get-go in 1947. They too bore the flat-nosed, very CJ-like front end. These trucks were very generously rated for a 2,000-pound payload, even though they were Go-Devil powered. This stupendous '48 was restored by Willys America. (Photo courtesy Willys America Jane Barry.) The Willys Wagon made its debut in 1946 but wasn't available in four-wheel drive until 1949. That year, they still had a flat nose and the two-tone faux Woody paint. The only engine available was the 60 hp Go-Devil, but this rig was useful to a lot more people than the original jeep. This one belongs to the Chrysler Museum. (Photo courtesy Chrysler Group LLC.)

Superior Automotive

The shop made three more tests, which was considered a baseline dyno session with no tuning involved. The cost was 75, and haci we only been interested in obtaining a peak number, it would have been a hell of a deal. But a problem reared its head when the Super Snake produced more power and torque on each successive test. Pull number two netted 564.40 lb-it torque at 5,629 rpm and 638.77 hp at 6,070 rpm. After a seven-minute cooling session, the third pull generated even greater numbers, 585.3 lb-ft of torque at 5,368 rpm and 653.7 hp at 6,100 rpm. The Super Snake sat with the cooling fans blasting the radiator and heat exchanger


Buzz Bundy has been at it since the late '50s, working stunt shows. He figures it was around 1960 when guys locked up the rearends in ski cars so they could power them for distance instead of just running as far as momentum would take them. At the 64-'6S New York World's Fair, Buzz v as part of the Dodge-sponsored Hell Drivers, jumpingthe same Dodgetruck night after night and skiing in Darts. He claims to have driven during 4,DUO shows for that gig.

Your First Turbo

The turbo kit we are using for this story is the Hellion Heat system. It is designed to fit '79 to '93 Fox-bodied Fords and make more than 500 hp at the wheels with the right tune-up. Sometimes we have to won-der why anyone is trying to make N A power anymore. We concede that there are a zillion racing rules to prevent power-adders from dominating, and turbos look kinda complicated. But you'll need to get over it. We realized this after getting hooked on watching those turbo small-block guys on YouTube beat the hell out of Vipers and any sportbike jockey willing to risk the road rash. Forget the big cam and loose converter you won't need 'em. You don't even have to wonder how to stash a big-block under the hood or where to cut the blower hole. All you need is a turbo or two to make obscene power, and we're going to show you how to get one.

Seeing The Light

It The days of dual-filament bulbs are over. Effective as they were, 80 percent of their energy was converted into heat. Today's Luxeon light technology is nearly 80 percent more efficient than conventional filament bulbs with minimal heat output. Plus, th look a hell of a lot more

Blackberry Presenter

Giving PowerPoint presentations is painful enough without having to worry about how the hell to screen them. And while it can't alleviate public speaking anxieties, yon accessory (designed to work with BlackBerry smartphones) at least makes controlling and displaying slides a snap. Just connect your mobile handset via Bluetooth, attach the widget to a projector or monitor, and voil . You can set automatically timed slide transitions, freeze images while lecturing, and even preserve most mindlessly cheesy animated special effects. www.rim.com 199.99

Dyno Results

Replacing the heads, cam and intake on the Demon low-buck 454 resulted in some serious power. Where the original low-buck combination offered peak numbers of 445 hp and 542 Ib-ft, adding the aluminum Profiler heads, XE284H cam, and Edelbrock intake upped the peak numbers to 564 hp and 542 Ib-ft. Even more power is available with wilder cam timing and or more compression, but the increased cam duration would sacrifice low-speed power, mileage, and throttle response. The big-block offered more than 500 Ib-ft of torque from 3,500 rpm to 5,800 rpm. Had we loaded the modified combination lower than 3,500 rpm, the torque production would have exceeded 500 Ib-ft well below that engine speed, possibly as low as 2,800 rpm. That, my friends, is one impressively broad torque curve. Is it any wonder enthusiasts choose big-blocks

S10 Front Suspension

I have a '91 S-10 that I am currently working on. Instead of straight-line performance, I'm looking to be quicker on the road course. I've already settled on a Hot Rods To Hell truck arm setup for the rear I just can't find good front-end parts. I've heard that the front end was literally lifted from the G-bodies, but I've also heard that early A-body control arms work. Is there any validity to either of these statements knuckles and brakes. Negative roll means the suspension geometry generates negative camber in a turn, ideal for a hard-core handling application. Note that the larger brakes and steering knuckles may widen yourtruck's track slightly, so order any new front wheels and tires after you receive and install the kit. Hot Rods To Hell also offers front suspension kits. Aftermarket dropped spindles are another possibility, but on

Efi Vs Carbs

Jeff Smith There's a lot of confusion around these different types of intake systems, Karl. All things being equal, It should not matter which way you introduce fuel and air into the engine as long as equal amounts of air and fuel are delivered to each cylinder. But these three systems actually differentiate the three popular forms of normally aspirated induction. The devil, as they say, is in the details.


Only for those of us who love to ride the trials, but for those of us who would like to do something in addition to wheeling. We began by offering two afternoon tours to showcase the area- one to the Wintergreen Vineyards and the other to the Devil's Backbone Brewery. While the vineyard didn't get much attention from this Land Rover loving bunch, the tour of the Devil's Backbone Brewery was a blast. I mean, what's not to love about trying out some locally brewed beer with your friends after a day of wheeling

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The best part is you do not have to wait for Hell Really Exists to come in the mail, or drive to a store to get it. You can download it to your computer right now for only $3.40.

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