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Adaptive LED headlamps part of bold new nose

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BMW revealed eries Coupé blasts in

O Wraps off bigger, better GT O Four-door on way, as is hybrid 5-Series

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LOOK out Jaguar XK... the wraps are off the sexiest 6-Series yet.

BMW has finally revealed the Coupé version of its all-new grand tourer, which will join the already unveiled Convertible in UK dealers late in the summer. The firm took the decision to prioritise the droptop, putting it on sale in time for sun-worshippers to snap it up.

When the Coupé arrives, buyers will have a choice of two engines. The 640i gets a 316bhp 3.0-litre petrol straight-six, which promises a 0-62mph time of 5.4 seconds. The range-topping 650i has a 401 bhp 4.4-litre V8, and completes the sprint in 4.9 seconds. Both have

Improved cabin offers more kit, while huge twin exhausts point to strong pace from the two petrol engines

a limited top speed of 155mph and come with BMWs slick eight-speed automatic gearbox.

While the smaller engine has stop-start, allowing it to return 36.7mpg and 179g/km of CO2, the larger-capacity car manages 27.2mpg and 243g/km.

Among the spec highlights are adaptive LED headlamps, the latest-generation head-up display, a rear view camera and night vision. Options will include active seats, nappa leather and a newly developed Bang & Olufsen stereo.

The 6-Series Coupe is 75mm longer in the wheelbase than its predecessor, giving extra cabin space. It is also 39mm wider and 5mm lower, for a sportier look. The new Coupe will debut at next month's Shanghai Auto Show.

A higher-performance M6 model comes in 2012, powered by an uprated version of the 4.4-litre V8 engine that will also be used in the forthcoming M5. A four-door variant, hinted at by last year's Concept Gran Coupe, is also being evaluated.

Also appearing on the German manufacturer's stand at Shanghai will be a plug-in hybrid 5-Series. Adapted from a long-wheelbase model, it will be targeting the Chinese market specifically.

Mugen unleashes mega CR-Z

ITS Honda's hottest hybrid! These sketches preview the CR-Z Mugen, which will debut at July's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

As with the standard CR-Z, the Mugen will be powered by a 1.5-litre petrol engine, boosted by Honda's Integrated Motor Assist hybrid system. However, the outputs from both sources will be increased. Bosses claim the Mugen will offer "Type R" performance. The previous Civic Type R developed 198bhp from its 2.0-litre engine, and sprinted from 0-60mph in 6.4 seconds on the way to a 146mph top speed. The regular CR-Z delivers 112bhp, and covers 0-60mph in 9.8 seconds. It hits 124mph flat-out. As well as boosting power, the firm predicts the drivetrain improvements will increase efficiency.

Uprated brakes and suspension will ensure sharper handling, while a set of lightweight alloys and a carbon fibre bonnet will be used to reduce weight. Completing the look will be a bodykit which incorporates a deeper front bumper, larger side sills and a rear diffuser. The Mugen model is being developed in the UK by Northampton tuner Mugen Euro. It's strictly a one-off - but as with the 237bhp Civic Type R Mugen, which began life as a unique project, a small production run is likely.

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Tracker failed to find my stolen Porsche

FROM: Martin Evans RE: Tracker systems TRACKER systems aren't all they're cracked up to be. Their makers should be up front about the cars these set ups lose - such as my Porsche.

In January, it was stolen following a break-in at my house. I told the police of the theft and my Tracker was activated. However, no signal was ever received. Fortunately, the Porsche was found by the cops without any help.

I made my disappointment clear to the company, and I was referred to the terms and conditions in my welcome pack which said the system didn't guarantee recovery. It should at least have worked, though.

REPLY: A spokesman for Tracker Networks UK said: "Tracker has a recovery rate second to none. However, we will investigate Mr Evans' experience to understand if and how our service can be enhanced to avoid such instances in the future."

Ifs time to get real on clocks debate

FROM: Darren Goodsell RE: Time zones MIKE Rutherford is deluding himself if he thinks daylight can be moved (Issue 1,155). We could shift to European mainland time, but the morning after a clock change, the sun will still rise at the same time. It'll be daily life that has moved, relative to the daylight.

Mike says Scotland could adopt school and office start times of 10am, not 9am. We could just as easily keep the same time zone and start at 8am. Why have we not done so already? Maybe because people don't like getting up in the dark? Yet this is just what we would have to do if we shifted our clocks forward.

Government off the pace on faster limits

FROM: Richard Allen RE: 80mph motorway limit SO the Government is now backing 80mph speed limits (Issue 1,156) - what a joke! Haven't ministers realised that an 80mph limit has unofficially been in place foryears? When was the last time anyone was booked for doing 80mph on a motorway? Upping the limit will only make the average motorist think they can do 90mph and get away with it.

Our motorways are bad enough already, with undertaking, middle-lane hogs and overseas drivers who flout every rule in the book. Upping the speed limit will only increase emissions and the potential for accidents.


Fascinating facts behind the top stories

Speed llmt make-m-w wilt make-m-ways more dangerous, claims reader


I'VE been driving diesels for more than 20 years, and I have yet to find one where the gear ratio is designed to match the UK's speed limits. For example, at 30mph my current car isn't comfortable in third or fourth. In the former, the engine revs too high - around 2,000rpm. Yet in fourth gear it revs at l,500rpm and feels like it's labouring.

This is crazy: motors should be designed so drivers can observe the speed limits at the ideal ratio. Do makers not consider this, or are UK cars set up for European speed limits? Either way, it's time they did something about it! Dave Evennett, E-mail

WITH worldwide sales passing the million mark, the 'Cashcow' might be a better name for Nissan's Qashqai. But the Almera's successor hasn't only been a phenomenal sales success, it's created a whole new class: the compact crossover.

It's had a huge impact, too - you'd have been hard pressed to find a manufacturer at the recent Geneva Motor Show who wasn't launching or talking about a Qashqai competitor. And it was at the Geneva expo, back in 2004, where the original concept was launched. It was the first model to be created by Nissan Design Europe's London office, with engineering development led by Nissan Technical Centre Europe in Bedfordshire.

By the end of 2007, the first year the Qashqai was available, Nissan had sold just over 18,000 models in the UK. In 2010, that annual sales figure had increased to 39,000, making it the 10th best-selling car in the country -the first Nissan to crack the top 10 since the Sunny in 1983!

Advice O

Street, London W1T4JD

Retro styling is a step back for big cat

FROM: Shaun34 IF this Jaguar was to make production, it would look nothing like the model here. By the time the doors have been turned around and headlights added, it would seem like a previous-generation X) - or a slightly better proportioned X-Type.

There's no doubt it's beautiful, but it's stuck in the past. Jaguar has finally started moving forward, and this would be a step back. The XF and XJ's modern styling direction is the way to go. This design might make sense for a limited, hand-made luxury car, but not as a mass-market BMW 3-Series rival.

Beauty could make Jag a world-beater

FROM: Corsamani JAGUAR has come out with some nice concepts in the past: F-Type, R-Coupe and RD9 to name a few. All stunning models - but none ever made it into production. I would hate for Bertone's car to suffer the same fate.

Yes, it is a bit retro and, with the exception of the grille, it doesn't really fit into the rest of the current range. But I think that's a plus. This car has its own unique character and feel, and it stands out - something none of the top German marques has achieved. It's stunningly beautiful to boot. It could be just the car to make Jaguar a world-beater!

"Pretty but extremely retro. I think this style of design would work well as a Bentley rival, but not as an X-Type replacement."

Trade-in 'deal' was not by the book

FROM: Jim McLaughlin RE: Valuation tricks I WAS recently quoted a low trade-in price for my 8,000-mile, three-year-old car, which is in superb condition. The dealer said his database was "infallible" and always gave accurate valuations.

I pointed out he had selected Bottom Book Price, Poor Condition and 30,000 miles, instead of the true condition and mileage. Corrected, the valuation jumped by £700. The dealer then said: "We'd not give as much as that anyway," - so I left the showroom!

Equality is fair, but why the price rise?

FROM: James Milner RE: Insurance I THINK the EU is right to ensure that women pay the same amount in Insurance premiums as men (Issue 1,156). Society demands equality in everything else, so why not insurance?

Yet it's hardly surprising that cover providers then warn the move will mean a price increase; is there any event or circumstance that doesn't merit a hike in the insurance world? This industry will use even the flimsiest of excuses to ramp up prices. P98: Julie Sinclair's view

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