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Randy hit the nail on the head with his Off the Line for July 2009. This column needs to be read by every American. We did do this to ourselves and we should fix it ourselves. I run a small auto repair shop outside of the Houston, Texas, area, and I do my best to buy locally—although it can be hard to resist temptation to buy cheap. We as a country will always succeed as long as we don't get too greedy!

Phil Gessner, Spring, TX


Randy, your latest editorial (July 2009) hit the nail right on the head, and in my opinion, it wasn't political (at least not that much). While a number of people may not want to hear it, this is the type of message we all need to digest while taking a good look in the mirror.

In regards to your question, ". . . When did we as Americans develop an 'it's not my fault . . . and someone better do something mentality,' " this has been going on for years, and it's been slowly eroding our society ever since. We call it WAM Syndrome, or "What About Me?" syndrome.

For the past 10 to 15 years, we, as a society, have mostly been in our own bubble or our own little world. Proof of that is as easy as how inconsiderate we've become in regards to how our actions affect others and ultimately ourselves.

My wife and sister work in the educational and social service sectors, and this "what about me" mentality is rampant—from school children of all ages to adults in their 50s. I manage an auto parts store and we see it every day. Outstanding customer service doesn't even count anymore, because customers have taken that extra mile we give, and they've taken 100 miles.

We've known about jobs going overseas for years. Companies who wanted to make even more profits during the financial orgy of the '90s that ended abruptly a year or two ago can be partly to thank for that. But again, times were good for many, so it seemed that many of us just looked the other way . . . it didn't affect "me." But now that unemployment has crept over double digits in several states and things are tight, we're screaming, wait a minute here!

I don't like getting political either, so I'll get off my soap box. Your comments and suggestions are 100-percent correct in what we need to do. Let's just hope that there's still a good amount of people who 1). Remember who that famous president

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you quoted was, and 2). Take that advice into action.

Dave Langdon via

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