Locksmithing Secrets

Locksmithing Secrets

This book was authored by an anonymous locksmith expert called Alex. After the company he was working for went bankrupt, he was out of income, had direct debts and was struggling with his finances.

Alex had a lot of technical skills but with no job. That is when he came up with the idea of starting a mobile locksmithing business. He had no capital but had a few cheap locksmith tools and huge optimism. 

Although he had no business skills, he knew how to attract customers using an online store.  After getting a website, he also had to learn about search engine optimization and techniques in order to get loads of traffic to his website.

About the Program

It was after his struggles that Alex decided to compile this course to teach and mentor you into starting your own locksmithing business as a side hustle or even main source of income.

In this course, you will learn how to start your own business without having to make the same mistakes Alex did when starting up. This way, you will have an advantage over Alex because everything is already figured out for you, which means you may earn even more than him if you get everything right.

With this book, you will start a profitable locksmith business from day 1 because you will learn how to avoid costly mistakes associated with starting a new business.

You will not need an office, as this guide shows how to start a home-based or mobile locksmith business.

What is in the Course?

In this course, you will find a compilation of video instructions from the author’s years’ experience showing you everything from starting, running and growing a great locksmithing business from the comfort of your home.

This guide is accessed instantly once you join the course, and you will have full access to the entire course of videos and a list of tools and materials you will need.

Whether you want to learn how to pick locks for fun or to start a profitable al-year-round mobile locksmithing business, this course will show you the ropes.

What You Get From The Course

This course comes with lots of stuff that you will enjoy learning…

  • A very clear step by step guide on setting up the business and start earning instantly.
  • Learn how to pick the most common locks on the market.
  • A powerful truth about where you will get your customers to make your business profitable immediately.
  • How to start up the business will almost no capital without any expensive tools and years of experience.
  • Get a video coaching from the author himself. The guide will be step by step from the first day to the time you pick your first lockout.
  • You will learn the lock terminology so you can talk like a real locksmith in front of your customers.
  • A full list plus where to buy the right tools you need.
  • The “Slip Secret” that will save you hours on picking time.
  • How to get to the top of Google and rack up customers within days. This information is so valuable that you wouldn’t find it for free in some other place.
  • Discover the easiest way to set up your website and save yourself thousands on web designers and developers. Besides, you will have full access to your site to make the changes you want.
  • You will learn how to identify and maintain a base group of customers from the moment you start your locksmith business.
  • Discover how to convert potential customers into hiring you when they call you to get a price. You will secure multiple returning buyers who will use your services over and over again.
  • Cool tips that will help your locksmithing business expand and increase profits while reducing your times on jobs.
  • You will understand the easiest way to enter properties without causing damages to the door or locks.

Lesson Overview

The course is divided into ten business and practical lessons:

Business Lesson

  1. Introduction: covers building a successful business with a powerful foundation that will stand the test of time.
  2. Potential Earnings: You will discover how much a locksmith can earn.
  3. Building your Website: Learn how to set up your website and optimize it to attract customers.
  4. Tools and Equipment: These tools will cost you almost nothing.
  5. The vehicle Set-up: You don’t need an expensive van to start a mobile locksmithing business, just invest the lowest amount as possible in the vehicle.
  6. Picking Theory: You will discover how locks work in this lesson so that you can be able to visualize what is happening inside each lock when you pick them out.
  7. Getting Work: Learn how to get your first customers. This chapter will teach you secret strategies that will help you convert inquiries into paid jobs.
  8. Taking Payments: This section covers how to deal with payment dodgers, late payers and customers who will want to be invoiced so they can pay after two months.
  9. Resources: This lesson includes resources from apps to websites and information you can easily find.
  10. Your Future As a Locksmith: Learn about what you can look forward to as a locksmith, such as venturing into safe engineer, automotive locksmith and many more.
Locksmithing Secrets
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