Braided Loom

Wire sheathing is the key to cleaning up exposed wiring. We used this nylon material that expands as you push it together, like a Chinese finger trap. It grows to about double its taut dimension to allow you to easily push it along a wire and over connectors. On the small side there is sleeving meant to hold a wire as small as y32 inch that expands to about'/«inch. At the large WIRE SHEATHING PRICES* side of the scale is the sleeving that at its smallest A"prices are from the McMa5ter-Ca" catal°8 diameter is 1.5 inches but can hold up to a 3.5-inch size: Length: Price:

bundle. There are different varieties of sleeving to %-inch 100-foot $16.31

accommodate heavy-duty or high-temperature con- y4-inch 100-foot $17.40

ditions as needed. The two sizes most commonly 3/8-inch 50-foot $14.96

used in the Mustang's harness are the 'V and %-inch y2-inch 50-foot $20.39

spools. They are very reasonably priced, so keeping 3/4-inch 50-foot $29.69

this Stuff in StOCk is a great idea. -All prices are from the McMaster-Carr catalog

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